Justin's Daily Music Rant 10-06-13

Today’s social media hours in the van traveling from Clifton Park, NY to New Haven, CT were spent listening to the following Bands/Albums:

Heresy And The Hotel Choir by

This is perhaps my favorite Maritime record to date. All are great, but this is nothing but hits! Davey from the Promise Ring fronts this outfit. If you liked them, you may dig this.

Powder Burns by
The Twilight Singers

Every album by this band is its own beast. This is their 2nd to most recent (I think) and it is really good. My favorite, for sentimental reasons, is Blackberry Belle, but this one is really fantastic and more rock centric. Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs fronts this outfit and their (Whigs) last album is the closest thing to what this is. You may think you’ve heard people emoting, but no one belts it out with as much feeling as Dulli does. Total soul. Gut wrenching. Painful absolutely.

Fast Stories…From Kid Coma by

I stumbled upon a double LP by this band in the mid ‘90’s, and if memory serves, I heard it featured ex-members of Soundgarden? I also read that the late great Jim Carroll wrote lyrics for the band. Whatever. This album is AMAZING! When Tommy and I were starting Farewell Continental, this was one of the bands I made him consume in order to explain what I was hoping to do musically. This is the sludgiest shit I’ve ever heard. So angsty and gnarly. Totally beautiful.

Thanks for reading. I hope you check out these bands and their albums. I now have to go warm up for the how tonight. Tune in tomorrow for more music recommendations.