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Hilarie, Jeffrey & Norman + Gus singing happy Birthday at La Cantera Biker Bar in Spain [x]

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Mod, are Norman & JDM filming RIDE today (Saturday)? Since the photography exhibit is probably Tues or Wed, would they hang around until AFTER that to start filming? I'd think they'd start now & then just take the day off for the exhibit if needed. Imo its doubtful they'd wait until after the exhibit when they have families to get home to. What do u think??

I think that they may rest for a few days. They’ve been going on stop since London. His cameraman was still in NYC as of last night. So they may start filming soon

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I believe that NR and DK are just good friends and she went to see him. The visit doesn't appear to be romantic. She hung out with him for awhile on Sunday and then he was out alone at night. He wasn't trying to hide her during the day so she would have gone out with him at night too. He worked all day Monday when she was photographed. She didn't attend his art opening to spare him the drama. He is filming Ride with JDM today. And aside from the bike pic, they were not seen out alone together.

Umm ok