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Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Secret Santa!

Zuzanna, where do I even start? 2016 was a shitty year all around but there’s one good thing I have to be thankful for and that’s you. When I first saw your edits and gifs I was blown away. You were so incredible talent in everything you did that I knew I had to say something. So I did. I didn’t take me long to realize you weren’t just a talented gifmaker, You were also an amazing human being and one of the kindest, most humble and honest human being I’ve ever met. This year I was lucky enough to talk to you constantly and even luckier to get to call you my friend. I’m so sad we are so far away but I KNOW one day we’ll meet in person and then we’ll watch all the movies lol I made this one BIG gifset, for reasons you already know (look at his form!)<3 I love you forever!! 

anonymous asked:

There used to be a master list of Jeff's films and where to watch them floating around, do you by chance know how to find it? I really wanna watch desierto

I don’t remember any list like that but maybe you’re talking about @ladylorelitany awesome JDM filmography project.

Desierto is already out on DVD and blu-ray. I don’t know where you can watch it online. You’ll probably find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime (depending on where you live).


Had an awesome time at Asylum 14 this weekend with caughtupintheriptide (she’s the blonde and i’m the ginger) Everyone was amazing and we have tickets for 15 already :3

Edit: If I gave you my tumblr or met you at the con send me a message :)