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1. Do you think your parents are good parents?

my dad tries, so yes

2. Alcohol or weed?

alcohol (but weed smells better)

3. If you have one, what is your dream car?

a chevy impala ( obviously ) :p

4. Day or night?


5. What is your favourite place at home?

my bed :3

6. Did you find good friends on tumblr?


7. What is your favourite country?

Grenada in the carribean ^^

8. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

cat (i dont like cleaning up after dogs) 

9. Favourite actor and actress?

actor : Ben Barnes actres: Me :p

10. What do you look forward to the most right now?

starting cooking school in september :)

11. With how many pillows do you sleep?

three is the magic number!

my questions: 

  1. sherlock or the hobbit?
  2. how do you drink your coffee?
  3. favourite book (or manga/comic)?
  4. what are you talented at?
  5. do you still watch cartoons?
  6. favourite band/singer/wrapper?
  7. whats your biggest turn on?
  8. bros before hoes or hoes before bros?
  9. your dream job?
  10. what countries have you travelled to?
  11. when was your last hug?