This is going to be like a TMZ report! Enjoy!

TMZ: Justin Bieber and Y/N Bieber’s new baby boy puts on a smile for the world.

Incase you havent heard, Hollywood’s cutest couple recently gave birth to their brand new baby boy who may we say, Is absolutely adorable! Jace Dexter Bieber - ‘JDB’ just like his daddy - born on the 23rd of May 2017 is as healthy as can be according to the new parents.

The couple recently came out to twitter admitting they are thrilled to have their baby boy present and healthy, and can’t wait to experience the great journey of parenting. 

Justin seems super ecstatic for his new baby boy and even came out to talk to the media directly outside the hospital, in exchange for no photo’s to be posted of the three until after baby Bieber and Y/N are discharged. 

“Were really happy.” he admitted. “He’s an absolute blessing and is really adorable.”

When asked about Y/N he replied, “Shes healthy, very happy. A little in shock though but it’s expected.”

But only yesterday, Baby Bieber, no less then two days old has already brought a smile to the world with a video the couple shared yesterday. 

Baby Bieber - no less the two days old - caught the world by surprise when deciding to let out his first laugh right in the hospital room which he was born in. And Y/N was lucky enough to have caught the moment on tape.

The video shows a very little Jace closing his eyes near seconds after the video begins in an act of pretending to sleep, Y/N’s voice is then heard talking to the boy in which Jace realises he has been caught in action and smiles wide.

The giggle of the boy has no doubt sent joy to not only his mother who is heard laughing afterwards, but to the world of beliebers everywhere who have all made there own comment on it.

Even if you aren’t a belieber, there is no doubt that this video will make you smile and laugh in adoration. For sure, baby Jace Dexter Bieber is an adorable blessing to the parents, media and world.  

Well done Justin and Y/N, you’ve created an adorable little child. We congratulate you on the new addition to the Bieber family and can’t wait for more to come. 

Keep us updated, yeah?