gothicpluto  asked:

is there somewhere, ghost, young god, strange love, gasoline <3

  • Is there somewhere: is there a place you would really like to visit? Ever since i can remember I’ve wanted to travel the whole world (that’s gonna be difficult but not impossible) but some of the major ones are greece, italy and just lots of different parts of mexico that haven’t been to
  • Ghost: do you believe in ghosts? Hell yes i do! I’ve had quite a few experiences with spirits. Tbh I believe in almost everything paranormal
  • Young God: who do you trust the most? Oh yikes, i dont know who i trust the absolute MOST (shoutout to my trust issues) but i do trust my mom, my cousin and sam ( @speedydanvers ) a hell of a lot just cause i’m so comfortable talking to them about almost everything and they’ve always been there for me 
  • Strange love: do you believe in love? I believe it’s the only thing that’s kept humans alive for this long (and not only romantic love, i’m talking about love for family and friends and animals and hobbies and places and yourself)
  • Gasoline: what motivates you? Already answered!

jdawg-express  asked:

I love your bumblebulk drawing!!! It's so cute!! I wish there was more bumblebulk things out there, it's a very cute ship

Thank you!! Ahh!! (´▽`ʃƪ) You’re right indeed!

Sorry for not answering sooner; the last part of the semester is always the most hectic.

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Name: Jordan

Nickname: Joey, JDAWG, and Josephine (I answer to all of them lol)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5'3

Ethnicity: White (American)

Orientation: Straight

Favorite Fruit(s): Strawberries, and oranges

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Book(s): The Awakening, and IT

Favorite Flower(s): Lilacs, and cherry blossoms

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs, pigs, and pandas

Favorite Beverage: Lemon/lime seltzer

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-7

Favorite Fictional Characters: Sakura and Gaara

Number of Blankets: 1-2

Dream Trip: London, England to visit an old friend

Blog Created: About 2 months ago

Number of Followers: 13 lol

What do I post about: Narutoooooo

Do I get asks on a regular basis: none but that’s ok

Aesthetic: depends on mood

Favourite band/artist: Currently obsessed with All American Rejects

Fictional characters I’d date: Gaara, Sasuke, Kakashi (pretty much any of them lol)

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff @gaara-nara @suna-yodo @redhairgaara




Aww isn’t @thomassanders such a dad to @jdawg.19 Lol little shaky sneak preview of what’s to come this fall! @montipride_ on #youtube

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