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Stories where Justin has a daughter he doesnt know about? (:

Hi honey, you can read:

  • Begin Again by igomezfever - Justin has no idea that he has a 4-year old daughter called Kaylie with his ex-girlfriend Selena (sequel to The Story Of Us)
  • Streets Of Heaven by rebelwithhalo - When Justin receives an desperate call, he has no idea that he is about to meet his sick daughter
  • Broken Pieces by jelena13 - After 3 years, Justin finds out that he has a daughter called Emma

Enjoy (:

Fic: #DadGoals

Just a little drabble inspired by the pic Stephen posted of him and Mavi on Sunday :)

Author’s Note: Oliver as a dad makes me stupidly happy and seeing all the adorable photos that Stephen posts with Mavi… wow I sound like stalker.  Weird. Anyway… here’s just a little drabble based on a cute photo. J

Dad Goals

Felicity stood back and took in the scene before her.  Oliver had dropped into a crouch and Robbie stood in front of him, his small body leaning against his daddy’s knee.  One small hand gripped Oliver’s thumb.  With his free hand, her husband pointed at the waves that rolled towards them, crashing against the shore a few feet away.  He was whispering softly to their son.

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