Getting soaked in the January rain, I walked through the city
The people coming and going, everyone looks so busy
Does it look like I’m crying so much that it soaks through, clinging to my back?
All alone…soon, the cold winter will end
Just the memories of being with you
Are all the rain can’t wash away, not even one
In that season, far too short
You’re still laughing


“A m I not right for you?”
“Don’t you care for me anymore?” You were trembling so much
“So we won’t meet again?”
“Can’t you say anything?” As you couldn’t stop crying
“Don’t go anywhere…”
“I can’t be alone…” You clung to me as you wept
I can’t see you anymore
I can’t breathe anymore, since I began to kiss you sadly
“Don’t look back…”
“Don’t make it seem like you’ll come back to me…” you laughed while crying
You wrote in the sand
Our names can be heard quietly in the waves.