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13 Reasons Why Preference: Kissing

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❤ At the start, Clay is a slightly nervous kisser, but as he gets more comfortable and realizes that when he’s doing is okay, he becomes slightly needy and excitable, like he wants more but doesn’t quite know how to get it. He can get worked up really easily, but can always come back down just by the right touch.

❤ Most of the time, he loves to have his hands of your face, but if he’s feeling a little risky he’ll hold you low on the waist and pull you to him. When his hands are on your face, he’ll run his knuckles gently along your cheekbones. He just loves the feeling you you under his skin, knowing that you’re right there.

❤ When he starts to get in the mood, his way of telling you is by keeping his mouth near your ear, occasionally pressing quick sprays of kisses along the side of your face, holding you to him with an arm wrapped tightly around your waist.


❤ Hannah’s kisses are hard and fast most of the time, followed by a devilish smile and a wink. She isn’t that confident but pretends to be, because she knows it draws you back in.

❤ When your alone, her kisses are just as deep and fast-paced, but much more passionate. She grasps both of your hands and holds them between you, occasionally swaying slightly, making you laugh with her little dances. She loves to laugh when kissing, she thinks it makes the whole thing more intimate.

❤ When you’re sleeping in the same bed, she kisses the tip of your nose. Even in your sleep it makes you smile, and she adores it.


❤ Justin wastes no time with the kisses, he’s all over you the first moment he has the chance. His hands rest easily on your hips, occasionally running one hand through your hair or lightly along your arm. If he can make you shiver during a kiss, he’s satisfied.

❤ He’s a biter, for sure. His teeth tug at your bottom lip, your tongue, anywhere he can reach. Every so often he’ll pull away and make a face that conveys the message, ‘I know you like this’.

❤ He doesn’t really filter the difference between kissing in public and in private, which often leads to awkward situations as you two make out in plain sight.


❤ During an average date, Alex’s kisses are short and soft but much more frequent, making up the difference. However, he likes to hold your hand close to his mouth over the table so he can kiss it at his leisure.

❤ Alone, his kisses are focused around your jawline. He draws a little map with his lips along your jaw, up your cheek, and circles your mouth before finally landing square on your lips.

❤ He’s a bit of a messy kisser when things get heated, but when he’s in control, his kisses are precise and direct, making you wait for his full mouth on yours until he’s sure he’s in control.


❤ Jessica is a seasoned kisser, and just when you think you know her kissing style, she’s trying something completely new- a new pace, a new spot, a new place to grab you. Despite her occasional changes, she has your preferences down to a science, and she kisses you sweetly in a way that pleases you in the way only time and practice bring.

❤ She tends to gasp a lot during a makeout session, but you know that’s just her way of asking for you to take control. Her hands rest on your shoulders and her lips move skilfully around yours, pulling you into a position of control.

❤ In public, her kisses are lingering- a moment’s brush across your cheek, a surprise second kiss on the lips as she heads off towards class, a wink thrown over her shoulder.


❤ Zach doesn’t have quite as much experience as his friends, but his bravado and confidence quickly make up for it. His initiation of the kiss is slightly aloof, a bit stumbled, but once you start to respond, he finds a good rhythm.

❤ His one hand holds your hip, the other your face, his thumb rubbing tiny circles on your face. His lips will occasionally roam along the perimeter of your face, but always find their way back to your lips.

❤ When it comes to making out, Zach is very feisty. He is quick to initiate a tongue kiss, but doesn’t invade your mouth too much; he’s struck a good balance between lips and tongue. He also tends to moan into your mouth a lot.


❤ Kissing Tony is like a fine art, slow, soft, and sweet, but also overflowing with passion and heat. The first few times, he asks permission to kiss you, and when you enthusiastically say yes, he slowly falls into position, pausing for a few seconds just before your lips touch to really build the suspense.

❤ His arms wrap snugly around your back in a tight embrace, leaning you backwards ever so slightly, making you grasp onto the lapels of his leather jacket for stability, though he’ll never let you fall.

❤ Making out isn’t much different; almost achingly slow, like you’re becoming one.


❤ Jeff knows what he wants and how to get it. His kisses are extremely long, so long you cant tell if you’re dizzy from excitement or lack of air. Jeff always laughs a little when you gasp as you pull away. “You can breathe through your nose, you know.” He teases lightly.

❤ He wraps his arms tightly around your waist, giving little rubs to the small of your back as he kisses you. His hands circle the lower half of your back in a loving mini-massage.

❤ He loves to kiss your shoulders, especially when they’re exposed. Doing this in public gives him a certain thrill, showing everyone that he of all people gets to kiss you wherever he wants, whenever her wants. 

❤ He’s a sucker for Eskimo kisses.


❤ Sherri leans deeply into kisses until you’re almost holding her up, her arms wrapped tightly around your neck. She treats every kiss as if it’s both the first and last, savoring the feeling of you pressed up against her, completely in tune with her.

❤ Her very favorite thing is when you both lean in for a kiss at the same time without asking. She feels like it means that you’re very in tune with each others intimate feelings, and every time it happens, she gets blushy and smiley for a few minutes.

❤ Her favorite place to make out is her car, she gets a slight rush knowing that anyone could potentially see you at any moment while also feeling safe as long as you’re there. Her lips flutter across your collarbones, smiling and sighing the whole way.

anonymous: can i make 2 preference requests? one where they take care of you when you’re sick/sad/stresses/or whatever, the other where they confess that they like you?

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❤ You’re sleeping over at Clay’s house when you suddenly wake from a violent nightmare. Your body jerks upwards and you gasp in a breath, still not sure if you’re still in the dream. The darkened room fades in around you, and you quickly realize where you are, that you’re not still in that terrible dream, and a sob is torn from your throat in relief.

“Sweetie?” Clay groans as he too wakes up. “Are you okay?”

You can’t speak, you’re breathing and crying too hard to answer. A few nondescript noises come out, but nothing substantial.

“o-okay, it’s okay, I’m right here my love.” He sidles up closer to you and takes you in his harms, softly whispering shh in your hair. When your breathing finally regulates, you’re able to choke out the details of the dream.

“Oh, hon,” Clay pulls you tighter to him, “that’s awful. But it wasn’t real, okay? You’re safe, I’m right here to protect you, no matter what.” He gently lays you back down and continues whispering sweet affirmations in your ear until you fall back into a deep, dreamless sleep.


❤ It’s been one of those days. One of the days when your mind has gone inexplicably silent, unwilling to feel the bad or good. Your body feels like white noise. You have gone completely numb.

Your phone dings on your bedside table, but you don’t roll over to see who is texting you. You’ve been in bed all day. You didn’t even make it to school. You simply couldn’t find the motivation.

“(Y/N)!” Your mother called from downstairs. “You have a guest!”

Moments later, footsteps pounded up the stairs and your door flew open. “(Y/N), shit,” Hannah sighs, closing the door and stepping up to the foot of your bed. “Is it bad again?”

All you can do is nod. Before you know it, Hannah has climbed into bed next to you, spooning you from behind and smoothing your hair. She presses soft, innocent kisses to the back of your neck. “I brought you something.” She mentions.

“What?” You choke out, your voice horse from hours of being unused.

“This.” She says, and wraps her arms around you in a tight embrace. You grab onto her arms, and finally emotion overtakes you. She rides it out with you, never once letting go.


❤ “Hey, (Y/N), how about you swing by my place later tonight and we’ll share some chemistry.” Montgomery snides, snatching your chem textbook from your bag.

“Give it back, Monty.” You groan, but he holds it above your head, and he’s got at least a few inches on you.

“Montgomery!” A familiar voice booms down the hallway. You both turn around to see your boyfriend, Justin, storming towards you both. He grabs the textbook and whacks Mongomery across the shoulder with it. “Fuck off, dude, or this textbook will be somewhere else real fast.”

Montgomery raised his hands in self-defense and backed away, taking off down the hall. Justin handed you your book back and enveloped you in a hug. “I don’t get why he’s such a jackass.” He mutters. “If he tries shit with you again, he’s dead.”


❤ You quickly pluck at the strings of your cello, trying to practice for the upcoming jazz band concert. When you get it wrong for the seventh time, you toss your sheet music to the ground in frustration. “God damn it!” You shout, burying your head in your hands.

“Whoa, whoa, what’s going on?” Alex whips off his guitar and is at your side in a second, cupping your face so that you look at him.

“The seventh fucking bar, Alex. It’s just not coming out right. I’m going to let the whole band down!” You exclaim, your throat tightening.

“Hey, no. Don’t talk like that. You just need to slow it down a bit, okay?” He says softly, collecting your music off of the ground. He gives you a chaste kiss before replacing the music on the stand. “You can do this. I believe in you. We can do it together, okay?” He puts his guitar back on, and you resume your position with your cello. “And, one, two, three, four…”


❤ “Holy shit, are you okay?” Someone cries. You open your eyes to see a gaggle of concerned cheerleaders hovering above you. Jenny drops to her knees beside you, helping you sit up. “(Y/N), I am so, so sorry I dropped you. It was a complete accident, I swear.”

“What the hell happened?!” A shrill voice calls out across the gym. The circle of cheerleaders parted and you saw your girlfriend Jessica rushing towards you. Jenny moved out of the way and Jessica took her spot, pulling you up onto her lap, supporting your head in the crook of her arm.

“Jenny accidentally dropped (Y/N) during a stunt.” Someone explains. 

Jessica brushes your hair out of your face. “Holy hell. Are you okay?” You can tell she’s beginning to freak out.

“I think so.” You reply. “It was just a little fall, nothing serious.”

“You could have gotten seriously hurt!” Jessica exclaims. “If something ever happened to you… I just- I don’t even want to think about it.” She shakes her head.

“Well, you don’t have to.” You cup her face in your hand. “I’m okay.”

“Good.” You can tell she doesn’t quite believe you, but she kisses you before helping you up anyways.


❤ Its late at night, and you’re knocking on Zach’s door. He answers in his pyjamas, hair mussed, sleep in his eyes. Nevertheless, he looks happy to see you.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” 

“I- can I sleep here tonight?” You ask in a weepy voice. “Things at home aren’t… aren’t great.”

His expression turns from one of sleepy contentment to alert worry. “Of course, shit, come in.” He opens the door wider and guides you into his living room with a hand on the small of your back. You two settle on the couch cuddle in, not even bothering to turn on the light. Before you fall asleep, you hear him whisper something.

“You always have a family with me, baby.”


❤ As you exit the doors to leave school, you see it. The iconic red mustang. Shit. You had made a point of avoiding you boyfriend all day, as you knew he didn’t approve of you coming to school sick. But it was too late, he had seen you and was now marching towards you.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” He asks you, pushing his sunglasses atop his head to look you in the eye.

“I’m sorry babe, but I didn’t have a choice. I had a French test today.” You shiver, but towards the end of your sentence a coughing fit overtakes you.

“Okay, that’s it.” Tony pulls off his leather jacket and drapes it around your shoulders, leading you to his car. “I’m taking you home to my place. I’ll make you up a bath, and ask my mom to make a batch of her chicken soup.”

“I’m fine, really.” You try to explain as he buckles you into the passenger seat.

“Mi amour, let me take care of you.” He runs a hand down the side of your head, smoothing your hair, and kisses your forehead. He quickly pulls away in alarm. “(Y/N), you have a fever! We’ve got to get you into bed.”

“What a shame.” You weakly flirt, poking him gently in the chest. Despite all his bluster, he smiles.

“Come on, let’s got you taken care of.”


❤ It’s been a long, challenging semester, but school is finally out. You and Jeff decide to celebrate by burning all of your old homework in a big bonfire in his backyard. As you snuggle up close, tossing pieces of paper into the fire, Jeff turns to you.

“Hey, you okay?” He asks. “You’re not usually this quiet.”

You take a deep breath before speaking. “I’m scared, Jeff. I’m scared of the future. Everything is changing so fast, and I feel like I don’t know what to expect.”

“I hear that.” Jeff agrees. “But you know what? I can promise you one thing will never change: us. We’ll figure it out together. I’ll be right beside you the whole way.”


“Promise.” And he sealed it with a kiss.

He never did break that promise.


❤ You and Sherri stood outside of Sherri’s front door, making one final check on each other’s appearance.

“You look wonderful, (Y/N).” Sherri said, reverently touching your collar.

“I’m so nervous, Sher,” You confess, “I really want your parents to like me.”

“They’re going to love you! She assures you. “They’ve always said that as long as I’m happy, they’re happy.”

“And I make you happy?” You ask sheepishly.

“You do.” She says, kissing you softly. “Now, shall we go in?”