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Books I’d like to see be made into a movie (or soon to be)

the catcher in the rye by j. d. salinger; invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk; kafka on the shore by haruki murakami; after dark by haruki murakami; ready player one by ernest cline; the night circus by erin morgensten

okay hey does anyone wanna analyze jd’s character in heathers with me?? bc he was an extremely interesting character – i would venture to say he was the main spokesman of the movie’s message (teenagers are exploited and meant to be seen as barbie dolls, there for drama and entertainment, and the more they try to fight it the more dramatic things get) – and i feel like his character wasn’t fleshed out as much as it could’ve been (not in a 2d character way, but in a mysterious, intriguing way).

can we talk about how he only ever got sexual with veronica when trying to pull off a murder or manipulate her into continuing to help him, and why he didn’t seem to be sexually attracted to her otherwise? can we talk about his dad: why they switch nicknames (his dad calls him pop and he calls his dad son), how he follows in his dad’s footsteps, how his mother committed suicide by walking into one of his dad’s traps (i bet there’s a lot of tangled emotions there – i guess the fascination for suicide comes from his mom’s choice, but his fascination for it crossing the border into murder comes from his dad’s part, but then again, i’m no psychology expert). can we talk about his political standing? (he seems like an anarchist to me – he said the school would self-destruct because it was society, and i think that’s pretty anarchy-ish – but again, i’m no expert in anything.)

just. .. someone please talk about this with me bc i’m very curious and i want to analyze all this very deeply.