jd daniels

I was born In KentucKy and lived there for the better part of three decades.

As schoolchildren we were taught that the word Kaintuckee came from Ka-ten-ta-teh, which meant, in Cherokee, “the dark and bloody ground.”

Later they said Ken-tah-ten meant “future land” in Iroquois. In high school, they claimed it was Wyandot for “land of tomorrow,” and I recall a field trip to see a documentary with that name.

Before long historians were telling us it could be Seneca for “place of meadows,” or it might be a Mohawk word, Kentah-ke, meaning “meadow.”

And from time to time there was an expert, often but not always on a barstool, who argued that the region in its pristine state had seemed to its settlers to be nothing but wild turkeys and river canebrakes: Kaneturkee.

It was clear that no one had any idea what he was talking about—and, in this manner, the most valuable part of our education was received.

—  J.D. Daniels, “Letter from Kentucky,” The Paris Review No. 203

This sweetie is JD aka Jack Daniels - he is in urgent need to be helped out #NEWHOPE ONLY PLS HELP!!! Owner has pers probs on himself JD is INNOCENT #deathrow 5/10

He’s a active TV watcher, loves to lay around, lived with cats

His Helperdog is TITUS on #deathrow too

JD aka Jack Daniels is a three year old American Bully wholikes to lay around all day and watch tv with his owner. Socialization: Around strangers Jack Daniels is friendly, outgoing, and plays somewhat rough. Jack Daniels has lived with a four year old and aroun them he was relaxed and played somewhat rough. Jack Daniels has never been around any other dogs so it is unknown how he will react to being around them. Jack Daniels has lived with two other cats; around them he was relaxed and respectful. Jack Daniels has never bitten another person but has bitten another stray dog in defense who attacked him. Behavior: Jack Daniels doesn’t have any behavior issues but gets nervous when he hears loud sounds and will hide.Jack Daniels is friendly when someone touches his food or bow while he is eating, takes a treat away or takes a toy/object away. Jack Daniels doesn’t jump on the furniture so his owner never had to push/pull him off of th furniture. Jack Daniels becomes afriad when when he is being given a a bath and it is unknown how he will react when he is having his nails trimmed. If an unfamiliar person approaches Jack Daniels family or home he will be friendly toward them. Jack Daniels s not bothered when someone disturbs him while he is resting/sleeping. For a New Family to Know: Jack Daniels is described as: friendly, affectionate, playful, confidnet. and excitable with a medium activity level. When at home Jack Daniels will follow around his owner. Jack Daniels has been kept indoors only and was fed dry food twice a day. Jack Daniels is house trained and rarely had any accident. Jack Daniels is well behaved when he is left alone at home and in a yard. Jack Daniels likes to sleep in his crate. Jack Daniels knows the command sit. WHen on a leash Jack Daniels does not pull and when off leash he will wander but will come wen he is called. Jack Daniels will go to the bathroom on the gras and trees. Intake Behavior: Jack Daniels had a loose body and wagging tail during his intake but his behavior changed and began to growl and bare teeth toward staff and did not allow handling.

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   Killing will start at 6.30 PM sometimes sooner… PLEASE HELP

   HE IS IN URGENT NEED TO BE #adopt #rescue #foster #NEWHOPE