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I was born In KentucKy and lived there for the better part of three decades.

As schoolchildren we were taught that the word Kaintuckee came from Ka-ten-ta-teh, which meant, in Cherokee, “the dark and bloody ground.”

Later they said Ken-tah-ten meant “future land” in Iroquois. In high school, they claimed it was Wyandot for “land of tomorrow,” and I recall a field trip to see a documentary with that name.

Before long historians were telling us it could be Seneca for “place of meadows,” or it might be a Mohawk word, Kentah-ke, meaning “meadow.”

And from time to time there was an expert, often but not always on a barstool, who argued that the region in its pristine state had seemed to its settlers to be nothing but wild turkeys and river canebrakes: Kaneturkee.

It was clear that no one had any idea what he was talking about—and, in this manner, the most valuable part of our education was received.

—  J.D. Daniels, “Letter from Kentucky,” The Paris Review No. 203

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unpopular opinion: will daniels deserved better

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I get feeling like Will was thrown in as one final problem for fs to overcome - which is really what the show relegated him to - I’ve had plenty of times where randoms were thrown in just to mess with my otp. So I understand hating him. But think about him separate from fs for a second. Just think about that story line. 

Man gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill childhood dream of going into space. Man is tasked with protecting his fellow astronauts from both outside and internal dangers. Man’s fellow astronauts are all either killed by an alien or driven insane by its influence, forcing man to kill one of them himself and leaving him alone with the alien and the weight of having failed in every conceivable way. Man keeps living solely out of spite, somehow manages not to be driven insane by the alien’s influence, and holds onto one single bullet, never quite sure whether he plans on using it on the alien or himself. Man continues this way for fourteen years before seeing another human being again, at which point he’s pretty sure it’s a hallucination or a trick by the alien.

And this is a character who the writers chose to throw away like garbage? This guy? That’s already one of the most interesting character backstories in the entire MCU and they did exactly nothing with him. They didn’t even let Jemma mourn him.

Plus, while I’m complaining about this, the broad story bothers me so much. I grew up on films like The Right Stuff and Apollo 13. The latter being based on a true story where literally you had countries all around the world watching this, countries saying, “whatever you need. If we’ve got something you need, it’s yours. Bring those men home.” And to see a story like that and watch no one care was so disturbing to me.

There was not a single moment in s3 where anyone said, “oh shit that is a TERRIBLE CIRCUMSTANCE let’s dedicate some resources to saving this poor guy!” No. There was Jemma crying and Fitz saying they’d bring him home and then back to the main plot. As far as we know SHIELD didn’t give a crap about him. Bobbi knew for a whole episode that a man was stranded in space and didn’t tell a n y o n e. What the heck?! 

There was no urgency. It was as if everyone knew Will was dead and they were just going through the motions, occasionally reminding us this plot mattered when it wouldn’t distract from anything else.

So yeah, Will Daniels deserved so much better.

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Sorry, the J.D anon here, i wanted male pronouns, sorry again!

It’s ok!

I am gonna be annoying and nitpicking for a second though and say that “male pronouns” aren’t really a thing. Pronouns aren’t inherently gendered and anyone of any gender can use any pronouns. So it’s better to say he/him in the future if that’s what you mean!

“Jack took the last three steps of the stairs in one stride and grinned at his friends below him. There was something very staisfying about always being the first one up, he though. Especially when he was so far ahead of everyone else. He continued smiling to himself as he waited for the rest of the group to catch up to him, trying to think up casual ways to brag about it later.”

“Crouching down to re-tie one of his shoes, Daniel let some of the other joggers in the park run past him. He knew he could easily catch up with them again if he wanted to, but he reminded himself that it wasn’t a contest, it wasn’t a race. It was just a morning run. It was just something to help him wake up, not something that should completely exhaust him.”

“J.D. shrugged on his coat and shouted a ‘goodbye’ before heading out. He had been looking forward to tonight for far too long to allow himself to wait at home any longer. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been to a proper halloween party and he was beyond excited to show off his costume to his friends.”