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Lamborghini Aventador DMC by NoortPhotography

Had the chance to make some more High res. photos today. I hope you like them

anonymous asked:

do you think haggar is too far gone for her to realise that what she did was wrong?? like so far we have seen that she remembered that she and zarkon were in love and married and how they ended up this way but it didnt show anything about lotor which makes me think she didnt even know he was her son until she remembered. i really wanna see her "betray" zarkon, her defending lotor because hes her son and all. also, do you think zarkon remembers anything? does he even know haggar is his wife?

I don’t think she’s too far gone, but she is still corrupted because of her overexposure to quintessence (or those nasty rift creatures). She may remember but her mind still isn’t in the right place. 

With the whole not showing Lotor in the flashback it may have been a creative decision. Also JDS mentions Galra customs being different than Altean ones so they won’t show baby Lotor because it’s not part of Galra culture to show your kids around. OR during S3S7, both Zarkon and Honerva were very against closing up the rift. I believe it was because they needed the quintessence in order to strengthen the Galra empire or save their son. 

If Haggar were to betray Zarkon, it would almost seem out of character. She has been with him for over 10,000 years and that’s a bad breakup if that happens. However, I think that Haggar will eventually feel conflicted about Zarkon’s plans about killing Lotor or just in general. We did see her identifying herself in a mirror, almost as if she was frightened of what she had become or shocked at how she was before. 

In regards to Zarkon, I don’t think he remembers as much as Haggar. He has quintessence continually being pumped into him just so he can stay alive. As we know, quintessence corrupts you. Zarkon does remember  Lotor as his son and Allura as the son of Alfor, but I don’t think him remembering his past will change his course of action as long as he is still influenced by quintessence.