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Part II (Split)
Part II (Split)

Paramore - Part II (Split)

Ok, so i saw a lot of splits of Paramore’s songs and i’ve decided to make one too.. Here it is, Part II. Put your headphones on: in your left ear you can hear the studio version, while in your right ear there’s the live from the iTunes Festival. Enjoy!


Chat with Bruce Blanchard @ Hotel de Ville | JUSTE DEBOUT 2013


30 Day Challenge of Revolution - Day 29:Favorite cast moment

San Diego Comic-Con 2013

SDCC 2013 will always mean something special to me.It’s the very first big event since I started this blog and joined the fandom.I remembered staying up so late and waiting here for the pictures and videos and livetweets with everybody and everything was perfect that night, to know there’s a lot of people care about the same stuff that you care, that truly is wonderful.Best day ever in this fandom.