YouTube Spotlight: Jon Cozart

YouTube Spotlight: Jon Cozart - jcozart

This kid really kicks everything up a notch. Consider him the Patron shot in your daily pop (culture, that is).

From Cups: Extreme Edition to After Ever After (the Disney parody viral video from last March), each video seems to get increasingly more entertaining and addictive.

We’re on the edge of our seats anticipating what’s coming next! (1.6 million followers)

I had this cute dream one night about Jon Cozart and my best friend

In this dream, my best friend texted me that Jon was doing a tour in France, then me, her and Jon appeared in the same room and she made a move for me to sit next to her, and Jon was sitting infront of us (and a few other people) and he started talking and he said a joke about a tweet i sent him, we all laughed and he continued talking and we were laughing and at a moment she said “you have a red face” (meaning i was blushing i guess) and i said “like everytime” then when he finished he asked us “So, who am i going to visit now?” And it ended like that