ok listen up friends it is story time

before i begin i would like to state that this 100% percent true. the sequence of events might be slightly off, because i was out of it for most of this, but otherwise completely true. Ask wolfstarforever, poker-cards, and b-urnie: they were there and are mentioned by name in this post.

so some of you may know that i am a huge latin nerd. if not, you can check out /classics-tag and be easily convinced of this fact. Us latin nerds are actually highly organized: we have this organization called the Junior Classical League (JCL). And each year the JCL has a national convention in which members from across the US and a few Canadian provinces come together for a week in the summer. This past week was my fifth and last convention as JCLer, because next year I will be in the senior classical league. and i had a lot of fun. there are plenty of stories i could tell about the week itself that would be funny and interesting but instead i am going to focus on our journey home, because it ended up WAY more interesting than any of us had bargained for.

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