The portrait of my sister that is now on display at Corey Helford Gallery during the month of November for my solo, “Flesh Blood Bone”

“The First”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Ink Pencils, Ink Wash, Graphite, Colored Pencil and Gel Pen on Mixed Media Paper, 20 inches by 24 inches (approximately 24 inches by 28 inches framed)

I am incredibly happy with this piece and it’s symbolism.

For purchase inquiries, contact Corey Helford Gallery: jch@coreyhelfordgallery.com

San Jacinto Street, Houston, Jan. 13, 2017

saquin70 replied to your post: Elizabeth Hamilton to Mary Ann Schuyler, 1842

I love that she was a little sassy and sarcastic. That’s not the image promoted of her. People always think of Angelica as the witty one. People are sometimes like “Why would Ham choose Eliza? She’s so boring..” Eliza is good and kind but that ain’t ALL she is.

I know. I know!

Some of my favorite Eliza moments:

-”use for the nation” as a euphemism for pregnancy

-her and Ham mocking people’s letters together and this was such a common things her friends had to put a disclaimer on their letters to her asking her now to show Hamilton and mock them.

-calling Monroe “great” when she basically spit on his feet.

-waiting for Jefferson to be out of office before going after Ham’s military pension because she’d rather starve than ask Jefferson for shit.

-making fun of Buffalo, New York and it’s residents, including the president of the US.

-threatening to take JCH to court.


More thoughts on Those Five Words.

I keep thinking about the fact that JCH actually did censor them. Actually wrote at the top ‘this letter cannot be printed in full’.

Because, going in to all of this, the fact that the words are censor-worthy was an indisputed fact. They WERE censored.

So when I thought about what else could be under there, other than gay stuff, my fall back was always ‘well, he could just be saying something sexually explicit in a non-gay way.’ Because it’s the 18th/19th century and I expect they had higher standards about that sort of thing. And even if I could never really come up with something he could say in 5 words at the end of that sentence that would be that bad, it did seem to fit the context.

But, even if we take a very conservative viewpoint and assume the second and last words are too garbled to tell, it does seem very likely that one of those words is ‘you’. This is something he’s saying TO Laurens, ABOUT him. So if it’s sexual, then… there’s really only one option?

Just ‘cause, like, I keep thinking to myself: ‘okay, but let’s keep this in perspective, because there ARE non-gay explanations for this. He could’ve just been making a joke about how they’ve been roomed together too often, seen more of one another than they wanted to.’

But it was censored. And… look, maybe standards at the time were higher, but the non-gay option is so mundane?? Like, in the army, you bunk together, in very close quarters. They would’ve seen each other naked. He’s not even being explicit about it, just referring to that. I find it hard to imagine that, compared with all of this other stuff Hamilton’s written which we can still read perfectly fine, that would’ve been crossing the line.

So he clearly wrote something to Laurens, in those words. And JCH clearly thought that it should be covered up. And I can’t think of any vaguely plausible reason he’d do that unless he really did believe that it something sexual.

This isn’t a 100% foolproof gay argument either - he was just one person. But he’s a person at the time who had a very good reason to be assuming exactly the opposite of what we’re looking for here, and he thought it was a pretty big freaking deal, enough to literally try and prevent anyone else from reading it.


Jesus Christ this fandom…“#DinahDefenseSquad Edition”…Part 99/? 👊🏼💥👍🏼

biggestwin  asked:

Date im restaurant er hatte ne weisse bluse an.. Hat schon vorbestellt und wusste nicht dass jch Vegetarierin bin.. Hab die fleischbällchen aus den nudeln mit sosse gefischt, bin aufgestanden hab den löffel mitgehen lassen und die cole sammt löffel tomatensosse und fleischbällchen sind auf seine bluse geflogen.. Lifegoal

Hallo mein Name ist Heiko, wohne in Chemnitz/Sachsen, ich liebe es Windeln zu tragen wann immer ich Lust dazu verspüre und das ist eigentlich fast immer, auf jeden Fall jedoch nachts weil ich richtig Bettnässer bin und das fast jede Nacht. Es ist mir aber völlig wurscht und ich habe dafür auch echt lange trainiert bis es wirklich funktioniert hat. Ich war sogar richtig stolz darauf als meine Windel am Morgen richtig nass war ohne nach zu helfen und mittlerweile brauch ich sogar am Tag wenn ich länger unterwegs bin eine Windel weil ich es einfach nicht mehr lange anhalten kann ( zum Beispiel auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt oder auch wenn ich mal ins Kino gehe) Ich bin Windelfan mit Leidenschaft und manchmal auch Baby, so richtig mit Strampler, Windelbody und Nuckel. Jch bin auch mittlerweile der Meinung das dies kein Fetisch mehr ist sondern echter “ Lifestyle” und ich bin begeistert wenn ich sehe wie viele Tausende das auch mögen…hatte ich doch zu DDR Zeiten gedacht ich bin der einzige mit dieser “Macke”
An alle die das hier lesen, ich möchte Leute kennen lernen, am besten hier in Sachsen um Treffen zu organisieren, egal ob Frauen oder Männer, einfach nur um Spaß zu haben.
Also meldet euch, ich will im Sommer ein Treffen bei mir im Garten organisieren zum grillen und so. Nur Mut ich bin ein netter Kerl und beiße nicht.