Dating Jace Herondale Would Involve

  • Him being extremely protective of you
  • Wanting to go out on missions on your own but he never lets you
  • Being jealous when Clary comes to the institute because you notice how she looks at Jace
  • Training together
  • When the two of you are training you can’t help but get distracted by his perfect body
  • Him teasing you for getting distracted
  • Him constantly teasing you about anything and everything
  • Him constantly having to save your life during missions because you get distracted by him then too
  • Despite him acting all tough in front of people, he is actually a big softie when the two of you are alone
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Falling asleep in each others arms
  • Always being there to comfort each other whenever you need it
  • Being each others first time
  • Being there for Jace after everything that happened with Valentine