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I like playing the social convention. If you’re in a period drama, there’s always something dancing underneath the surface as a human - but then you always have to conform to the social conventions around you, and those two things get to be juxtaposed against each other. You’re being human, but you’re trapped within the social convention of the time.


The thing I probably take the most heat on these days are all of the ridiculous outfits that I used to wear with the guys. I didn’t think that - I mean, that’s like every bad hair style. You know, and I think the frosted tips might have been a bit much but you know, the chinstrap beard and like all these things. But at the same time, the whole purpose of all that is to entertain. You know, it’s - I think that when you’re an entertainer, you do need to heighten things a bit. You know, if it appears ordinary then you know what’s entertaining about it so when I’m in entertainment mode I always do try to wrap it up. That being said, there’s really no excuse for some of the things that I wore!”