TV Shows

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (”We lost her Sam!”)

Peter Pan (His untold story)

Theo Reaken (Teen Wolf x Supernatural x Reader | “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”)

Isaac Lahey (Secret love song)

Stiles Stilinski (”But I’m mad!”)

Liam Dunbar (The wolf and the vamp)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Untitled)

Winchesters x Sister!Reader (Different for girls)

Scott McCall/ Liam Dunbar (Colors)

Jughead Jones (Would you please stop being a pain in the ass for a few seconds and let me help you?)

Jughead Jones (Right where she belongs)

Archie Andrews (One step at a time part one)   (One step at a time part two)

Jughead Jones (My little Serpent)

Jughead Jones (My little Serpent part two)

Jughead Jones (Punk Babe)

Jughead Jones (Punk Babe Part Two)

Jughead Jones (Lights and Shadows)

Archie Andrews (Perfect timing)

Archie Andrews (Perfect timing part two)

Jughead Jones (Breathtaking) 

Jughead Jones (Rebels)

Jughead Jones (Feelings)

Clay Jensen (Goodbye to yesterday)

Justin Foley (I am alive)

Jeff Atkins (Never give up on you)

Stiles Stilinski (Superpowers)


Thomas Brodie Sangster (”Kissing on the roof top”)

Cole Sprouse (Requested| Untitled)

Cole Sprouse (ft Riverdale cast | Introductions)

Dylan Sprayberry (”He’s so whipped for this girl”)

Tyler Posey (Nightmare)

Cole Sprouse (”You can’t prove anything!”)

Cole Sprouse Smut (Lights on)

Cole Sprouse (”You’re short.”)

Dylan O’Brien (”Had a nightmare?”)

Tyler Hoechlin (The Superman to my Lois)

Cole Sprouse (First Times)

Cole Sprouse (Introductions)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part one)

Cole Sprouse (Last night part two)

Cole Sprouse (You sound so hot)

Cole Sprouse (Fangirls)

Cole Sprouse (We’ll go through this together)

Singers/ Band members/ Djs

Calum Hood (”We can be alone together”)

Martin Garrix (Ruin)

Martin Garrix (Treat you better)

Ashton Irwin (”It’s the darkness mate. Didn’t you see it?  Someone has to take her out of it. She won’t survive.”)

Jack Johnson (Movie night)

Shawn Mendes (This is my version of heartbreak)

Michael Clofford (Don’t let me treat you better)

Skate Maloley (”You’re beautiful and you all mine”)

Derek Luh (”How can you love something so broken?”)

Levi Jones (Jet Black Heart)

Shawn Mendes (Mondays)

Martin Garrix (”It’s been a while”)

Shawn Mendes (She didin’t wanna be sad)

Shawn Mendes (History)

Shawn Mendes (Birthday Sex)


Newt AU (”I like him. I’ll keep him!”)

Newt (You are mine)


(Conor)/ Jack Maynard (All over again)

Joe Sugg (”That’s all I needed blondie.”)

Jack Maynard (”What’s the matter with you?”)

Joe Sugg (”I’m not leaving you!”)

Joe Sugg (”Stay over. I’m alone.”)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!)

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen (”But I love you!” Part Two)

Kian Lawley and Jc Cayen (”But I love you!” Part Three)

Jc Caylen (”Well, too bad!”)

Kian Lawley (Christmas Surprise)

Kian Lawley (I find peace in the rain)

Dating…Would include

Joe Sugg

Cole Sprouse

Fake Texts/Text Posts

Cisco Ramon (NERD) 

Jack Johnson (Food)

Luke Hemmings 

Imagines from the blog I co-own

Isaac Lahey (Summer Memories)

Isaac Lahey (Let’s dance in the dark/ Paris)

Dating Isaac Lahey would include

Isaac Lahey (Don’t come easy)

Isaac Lahey Series (The break up part one)  (The make up part two)  (The split part three) (The forever final)

Isaac Lahey (It’s a promise not a threat)

Isaac Lahey (The little Mexican Girl)

Isaac Lahey (Little Vamp)

Isaac Lahey (Well ok mr Crying Wolf)

Isaac Lahey (How can you love something so broken)

Isaac Lahey (Panic Attack)

Isaac Lahey (Mercy)

Kinky girl in da haus!

An 18yo virgin selling my sweet intimates to satisfy your lustful desires! Name’s Jennifer, your typical Singaporean JC girl who loves to tease and please! Do give me your support and I’ll definitely give you a SEX-tisfying good time 😉

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Includes: Fluff, kisses, hints of smut at the end

Request: Hey can I get a imagine? I don’t really care what you do in it but can you do a kiss thanks. I love your page. And can the imagine be a Ethan one thanks. Like a Halloween/ autumn one thanks

photo creds @ princessofthemoon


It was early afternoon, and a cool autumn chill settled on your shoulders. The sun was golden as ever, the crunching of amber leaves beneath your feet satisfying, and the scent of fresh grass and fruit calming. Your boots hit the hard earth quickly, and you pulled your snug jacket a little tighter around yourself as a puff of cold air escaped your lips and dissolved into the air.

“Apple picking,” Ethan groaned, “out of everything we could have done…apple picking?!

You grabbed a basket and spun on your heel to pout at your boyfriend. He wore grey skinnies and a teal hoodie, his hair ruffled sideways from the wind, and his dark eyes glowing beneath the rays of sunshine.

“Don’t give me that look,” he said, scowling.“You know, the cute sad one that makes me want to dissolve.”

You broke the facade quickly, laughing out as Ethan turned his head away. You bounced up to grab his face and turn it towards your own, your thumbs caressing his jaw lightly and feeling over his faint traces of stubble. Ethan sighed and dropped his eyes to yours, the end of his nose pink from cold.

“It’ll be fun, I promise,” you smiled.

Ethan’s eyes crinkled a little, and you swiftly leaned into his lips for a fleeting peck.

“Mm,” he smiled, “maybe if you keep kissing me it will be.”

You smirked and gave Ethan a light shove before continuing on to the groves. You made it to the nearest branches and dropped your basket down, plucking a ripe and rosy apple before gingerly tossing it into the basket. Ethan followed your lead, but was picking far faster than you could manage to keep up with. 

“Heyy,” you challenged, noticing Ethan’s soft snort of laughter when you couldn’t reach one of the higher apples, “stop making fun of me.”

You jumped up, your fingers brushing the apple but unable to grasp it.

“HAH!” Ethan let out a laugh and crumpled forward in laughter as he watched your multiple failed attempts at getting the fruit.

You jumped again, this time leaning into it and momentarily hitting your face on the branch.

This broke Ethan to the point of tears.

“Shut up,” you complained, kicking up a cloud of orange and brown leaves, and crossing your arms in frustration.

Ethan gasped through his laughter and swiped away a tear from his bronze skin, leaning back up to stare at you, and looking extremely happy with himself.

“You know, this is kind of fun,” he snorted.

You pursed your lips and threw out a weak punch, which Ethan caught easily in his fist, “Missed me,” he winked.

You threw out your other fist, which he also caught.

“Oh noo,” he said sarcastically, “What will you do now?”

You struggled against his grip, but Ethan grabbed your wrists in one swift movement, and brought you swinging straight into his chest.

You knocked your head gently to his front, able to feel his rippled chest even under his layers of clothing. You yelped out in protest, but he wrapped his strong arms beneath you and lifted you right up around his waist, your legs stretching around his belly. You strung your hands around his neck and pulled your head back, strands of your own hair tangled in your mouth. Ethan laughed softly and brushed your hairs affectionately back into place.

“Please don’t b-” you began.

“Shush,” he smiled warmly, his full lips curving upwards “I’m helping you get the stupid apple.”

“What?” you said, surprised.

“I’ve got you, it’s fine, just trust me,” he guided you to the branch and gave you a little boost so that you could pull down the fruit. 

You yanked the crisp ruby apple off the branch, smiling to Ethan, “my hero.”

He plopped you carefully down to the ground and snatched up the apple. “Anything for you,” he cheesed and took a bite out of the fruit. His eyes widened slowly as he chewed, “oh my god is that good.”

You outstretched your hand for the apple and took a bite out yourself, the sweet flavor filling you with joy, “Woo-ooah.”

Ethan’s stole back the apple before you could respond, and finished off the rest. Then, for the next forty minutes you continued your work, never managing to catch up to E’s pace.

“I’d say we did good,” you announced proudly afterwards, tossing in the last apple.

“I’d say I did good,” Ethan challenged with a raise of his brow.

You sighed and clenched your teeth together, “do you want a prize or something?” you asked sarcastically.

“No, noo,” Ethan waved dismissively. “Just that you get the basket.”

He said it slyly, but you shrugged passively, unable to figure his motive out, “Um, okay?”

You skipped over to the basket, leaning low to grasp the handle, your back bent into picking up it’s weight. You groaned lightly, “I don’t get why yo-”

You turned just in time to see Ethan tilt his head back up, a smirk plastered to his face, his eyes not guilty at all.

“Et-wha-were you,” you began, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

“I was indeed, checking out your ass,” he smiled proudly.

You gulped and gave him an angry glare, but he only licked his lips and opened his mouth.

“Don’t say it,” you cut him off.

He bit his lower lip playfully, whispering barely audibly, “and I really liked it.”

You rolled your eyes and hit him with the basket, “Ethan Dolan, you are an absolute idiot.”

You tried to run away, but the basket was too heavy so you gave up and walked with him to the basket drop off. Ethan helped you near the end, a smile still on his face all the while. As congratulations, the workers had set out free mugs of warm apple cider on some old barrels, and you scooped one up gratefully and took a swig of the delicious drink. Ethan extended his hand for the mug, which you reluctantly passed over. He took a few gulps, and as revenge, you hit the bottom of the glass while he drank, causing the cider to spill down his front.

“You. Did. Not. Just. Do. That.” he spluttered.

You went to smile, but seeing his face darken as he set the glass down, felt your laughter vanish.

“Please don’t,” you begged, taking a step back as Ethan took a step forward.

“You are going to regret that, (Y/N),” Ethan said.

And with that you sprinted off, Ethan close behind. You laughed into the harsh wind, sprinting with all your might, feeling Ethan’s hand come swiping at your back. Your boot caught a patch of slippery leaves, and you went tumbling forward, yelping out and shielding your face as you rolled to your back. A dark shadow closed over, and you looked up into Ethan’s hazel eyes as he loomed over you. He grinned maliciously, leaning down as if he was going to pin you to the ground, but breaking into a smile and offering his hand instead. You took it gratefully, pulling back up, bright leaves strewn in your locks.

“Really?” you said in shock, “That’s it?”

Ethan smiled, “Aw, sweetie…no.” 

And in one swift movement he grabbed you by your waist and forced your back against the trunk of the apple tree you’d fallen beneath, his chest to yours, locks of his hair falling over his forehead as he looked you over hungrily. He smelt of strong spices and fresh grass, and the scent alone was enough for you to drown in. His right hand came to your cheek, his thumb grazing your lower lip as he dropped his gaze to your mouth. You gave a small pant, not getting the chance at a gulp for air before his lips crashed against yours. You weaved your arms around his neck, your hands sliding into his dark hair, submitting to him easily and losing any control of yourself as the taste of his lips consumed you. Ethan molded his lips into yours, tilting his head and releasing a groan against your lips before returning with more force. He pressed his lips harder against yours until you had no chance but to open your mouth for air, at which point his tongue slipped between your open lips. You returned the gesture, Ethan pressing himself harder into you, your back aching from the pressure of the tree prodding your back. Your tongues fought for dominance, every wonderful sensation springing to life and demanding more as the heat of the kiss sparked the primal instincts within you. You struggled to breathe, but refused to let go first, fighting the need for air and instead taking the opportunity to suck lightly on Ethan’s tongue. He groaned in pleasure, and you could feel him grow increasingly more aroused, his skinnies unable to conceal the pressure of his bulge against your body. He gave in with a growl, detaching his mouth from yours as he sucked in oxygen, his lips raw and bright. Your chests rose and fell together, and you couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

“Looks like I won,” you teased, your arms falling back to your sides, your heart still thumping.

Ethan clenched his jaw in frustration, his eyes darker than usual. “Mmm,” he said, scanning you over, looking flustered as ever, “Is that really a game you want to play with me?”

You gulped and gazed up at his lust filled orbs, “There’s no game left to win anymore,” you tested, knowing how much Ethan hated to lose.

Ethan’s eyes flickered around at the distant people who stood in the grove, his lips coming down to your earlobe and causing you to shiver, your eyelids closing as his cool breath tickled you.

“Believe me baby, as soon as these lingering eyes are off of us, you are going to wish you never said that.”

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New Start 

Request: Please do a grayson imagine where you have a boyfriend but he likes you and then you break up with your boyfriend and then you know he likes you :)

arguing, fluff…                        photo creds @ couplenotes


Streams of golden light seeped through the large french windows and into the lower level of the rustic cabin. The setting sun sunk gently past green pine trees and the bubbling stream outside, and added a subtle warmth to the living room where you and your friends all sat. You were all stuffed between the squashy couch and the table on the floor, layers of thick blankets acting as your seats around the game of monopoly that you huddled around. It was your family’s vacation home, but you’d invited your friends on a winding road trip to visit for the weekend, and now, it was your last night here, and you celebrated with a classic board game night. 

“We’re out,” you sighed in defeat, throwing your metallic game piece across the room.

“Mmm,” said your boyfriend, vacantly giving you a wave of his hand but keeping his eyes to his lit up phone.

You coughed lightly and forced a smile, “Um, James, babe, want me to grab you anything to drink?”

But he was so absorbed in whatever was on his screen that he didn’t bother to answer.

“Anyone else?” you offered lightly.

“Ooh, tea pretty please,” your friend Amber smiled.

“Make that two!” Violet perked up.

“Sure thing,” you grinned, already heading for the kitchen. You walked around the island counter, filling the kettle with water and listening to the sounds of the bubbling liquid heat up as you tried to stay poised. You placed your palms on the cool marble countertop, gnawing your lower lip rather roughly. You raised your head to gaze out of the little open window in front of you, your mind going fuzzy as you focused on the scent of the pine trees.

“Um, hey, (Y/N),” came a voice nervously from across the kitchen.

“Oh, hi, Grayson,” you snapped into reality, turning around and pushing your hair from your eyes.

He wore a black shirt paired with a checkered red flannel and some ripped skinnies. His hair was slightly ruffled,  and his dark eyes glowed from the sunlight.

“What’s wrong?” he asked straight away. “And don’t say nothing,” he said when you opened your mouth. 

“Nothing?” you said softly, your teeth grinding together.

Grayson smiled and shook his head, making his way closer to you and leaning against the marble island. “You’re biting your lips, which is what you do when you’re anxious, now tell me.”

You pursed your lips together, shifting your head to stare at the wooden floorboards.

“It’s…James,” you sighed.

Grayson’s nostrils flared, his grip tightening on the counter, but you didn’t notice.

“When we first started dating, it was new, a-and exciting, he was so sweet, but, now..” you paused. “I don’t know, I’m not a lovesick puppy who needs attention all the time, but it’s like he doesn’t even know me anymore. He comes home late, reeking of alcohol, he flirts with other girls, and well, it’s like everything we had before is-”

“Gone,” Grayson finished for you.

You nodded, meeting his concerned gaze.

“Sometimes his good side still shows through,” you gulped nervously.

“’Sometimes,’ doesn’t sound like boyfriend material,” Grayson stated blankly.

You laughed quietly, “am I a jerk for thinking that?”

“No,” Gray’s lips twitched upwards, “you’re human.”

He outstretched his arms, and you stepped gladly into his warm embrace, his hold around you warm and comforting as you nuzzled gently into the crook of Grayson’s neck, breathing in his cool aroma. He squeezed you lightly and swayed you in his arms.

“Sorry to interrupt,” came a sour voice from the opposite side of the kitchen.

Grayson released you, but didn’t turn around.

“James,” you breathed, offering a smile.

“Well, I hate to bother someone who is clearly making tea,” he said through clenched teeth, his green eyes narrowing.

“I was just-” you began, your temper flaring.

Grayson brushed your fingertips lightly with his own, mouthing, ‘don’t.’

You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, regaining your composure, “do you want some?” you asked James.

“No,” he snarled lightly, “ I want to know why this guy has his hands on my girlfriend.”

“It was a hug!” you laughed in disbelief, “Are you really mad at me for hugging someone?!”

But you couldn’t help but feel your heart beat faster as James approached you with urgency, his face coming inches from your own.

“Is this funny to you?” he breathed.

“Dude, lay off,” Grayson finally spoke in warning.

James pulled away slowly, tilting his head and turning to face Gray with a loud scoff. “So, you’re (Y/N)’s little friend?” he spat.

“Yeah, I was at her dinner party from last week, remember? Oh wait, no you don’t, because you bailed on her.” Grayson challenged with a raise of his eyebrow.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” James said, his eyes darkening.

“I think I’m the only guy in this room who seems to be treating (Y/N) with the respect she deserves,” Grayson said with no hesitation.

James gave Grayson a rough shove, which hardly phased Gray.

“So, you have a thing for my girlfriend?!” he laughed. “You thought you’d steal her away from me, hmm? Well I have news for you, only I get to do the things  that you could only imagine of doing to her-”

“I know you’re cheating on me,” you whispered softly.

A low silence rang out, the only sound being that of your faltered breathing.

“What?” Grayson and James said in sync.

“I know you’ve been seeing someone else,” you spoke a little louder.

James turned his focus to you, “I’m no-”

“Oh please,” you snapped in annoyance, “it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who you were suddenly so interested in texting all the time. If you’re going to cheat on me, and least be man enough to admit it. And the worst part is that you would dare to come in here and speak down to my friend, and after what you’ve been doing!? Go to hell, James…We’re done.”

“DING!” rang the kettle as you finished.

And with that, the weight that had been resting on your chest was finally lifted, the words you were too scared to previously utter were falling easily off your lips.

You decided a dramatic storm out would be the best way to go, but barely two steps out, James had grabbed you roughly by your wrists.

“Now you listen here,” he began.

“Ah-ow,” you gasped at the feel of his fingernails digging into your flesh, “you’re hurting me.”

“You don’t get to decide when I’m allowed to speak.”

“J-James, it hurts.”

“Listen to me.” He dug harder, so hard that he began to draw blood.

Burning tears came to your eyes, but in one swift movement, James had toppled harshly onto the floor.

You gasped out in pain, rubbing your wrists lightly, and staring at one very pissed off looking Grayson Dolan.

“He deserved it,” Gray snarled, sweeping you into his arms and making his way outside before you could protest.

He led you down the leaf strewn driveway and all the way down to the stream, but you felt so numb and worn out that you didn’t bother feeling guilty about nuzzling into Grayson’s chest, your warm tears soaking into the fabric of his tee.

He placed you softly onto a flat rock on the edge of the water, taking a seat beside you. You sniffed and bent down, washing the blood off your skin in the freezing water. The wind was cool on your skin, the sounds of the bubbling stream relaxing. 

“I’m sorry for dragging you into that,” you mumbled after a few minutes.

“I’m sorry you had to date that pathetic excuse of a human being.”

You plopped back down by Gray, looking up into his stern expression. Grayson stared out at the trees, his hands clasped together in his lap.

“Gray?” you said softly.

He turned his hazel eyes down to yours, “Yeah?”

“Is it…Is it true, what James said? That you have a thing for me?” you gulped, searching Grayson’s features.

Grayson sighed, his eyes lingering on the stones before meeting with yours again, “Yeah, it is.”

“Oh.” You shifted slightly, turning back to the water.

“Sorry, (Y/N), I know that you had enough things to worry about already, but if we’re being honest then-”

You shut him up by grabbing his hand and taking it in your own, keeping your eyes forward as you laced your fingers gently through his.

“Don’t apologize,” you breathed, “you’re right, things are complicated, but all I know is that I really need you here right now.”

“And with you is the only place I want to be,” he smiled softly.

Your lips twitched upwards, “What did I do to deserve you, Grayson Dolan?”

“Exist,” he responded without hesitation.

You laughed quietly, taking the briefest of moments to tug Grayson in by his flannel and bring your lips gently to his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed in the second that you kissed his bronzed skin. You pulled back, running your thumb gently against Grayson’s full lips as he struggled to process your actions. Grayson opened his mouth, but then quickly shut it, deciding instead to pull you into his warm chest. And no words were necessary as you rest there, feeling more happy in this moment than you had in months.