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DOUJINSHI SALE, caejose, jjba, zosan

EDIT: All the jjba/zosan ones are sold! If you want to check out my second sale, click here!

Hi Guys! I’m selling a bunch of doujinshi! I’m graduating soon and I need to make money!! All of these books are basically brand new because I take super super good care of them. A lot of them even have their original wrappers!

Top left to right A1-A4, next row A5-A8, last row A9-A12.


C1-C3, C4-C5

How to buy: I will update the post as time goes on but all the above will be available until they are sold. Please email me at officialutuki@gmail.com the ones you’d like to order including the number, name, and price (you can just copy paste).  

Payment & Shipping: I’ll be using paypal and I will be shipping them as soon as I can. Total cost will include shipping through UPS. As for international orders… I guess we can try to figure it out together ><!

If you have any questions just email me or message me here on tumblr!

I put all the prices and descriptions in this EASY TO READ google doc but if you’re lazy like me you can just click the read more. The order goes from top row left to right, next row left to right, etc.

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