jc fans

Your Matching Bathing Suits (O2L Preference)

Ricky- (His Choice because…”ITS MY LITTLE PONY DUH”)

Sam- (Your Choice because it “Looks like Arizona Tea kinda”)

Trevor- (His Choice because “it has all of the places that I want to take you to one day”)

Connor- (His Choice ((As best friends)) because “he thinks that anchors kind of resembles our friendship, we keep each other grounded”

Kian- (Your Choice because “You love floral and black and white are awesome”)

Jc- (Your Choice because “blue looks good on me and tribal print looks good on you”)


I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! It actually took me a while to find these, and then I had to crop the faces out, because then it would ruin the preference.



so i met soooo many new people when i did this yesterday so i’m doing it again!

where my conor maynard fans at

where my jack maynard fans at

where my oli white fans at

where my kian lawley fans at

where my jc caylen fans at

where my tyler oakley fans at

where my astrid s fans at

where my gnash fans at

where my broods fans at

where my pewdiepie fans at

if thats any of you hmu because you and I exist on the same wavelength my friend