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Pay what you want for a collection of cool game writing including HG101 Digest Vol. 1 - Strider and Bionic Commando, Videogames for Humans (Twine game discussions edited by Merritt Kopas, and a thing I’d totally like to read), Kobold Guide to Board Game Design, and an anthology of articles from Mathew Kumar’s exp. Magazine, with an unbelievable cover that must be seen to not be believed.

Pay $12 or more and get more stuff, including the super timely @Play collection by roguelike expert John Harris, and the Shadow of Colossus book by Nick Suttner! I hear good stuff about that! I also hear good stuff about the concept of reading.

Quando alguém reconhece que em si mesmo nada é e nenhuma ajuda tem de si próprio, dentro de si estão quebradas as armas, serenados estão os embates. Mas, é indispensável que todas as armas da impiedade sejam despedaçadas, sejam esmigalhadas, sejam consumidas pelo fogo, e permaneças inerme, nenhum recurso tenhas em ti mesmo. Quanto mais fraco és em ti, tanto mais te sustém o Senhor.
—  João Calvino

Today I learned that when they go on date nights without a driver, Louis drives. Cause Louis singing in a car equaled his hands on his knees watching out the window remaining alert. Harry singing in the car was spread out full body noodle boodle hair swinging arms flailing with Queen dance moves screaming lyrics.


Holy wow, Link Between Worlds figma ⊟

This beautiful, classic Link figure will be out in Japan this summer, sold in two versions: the regular version includes a sword, shield, Mural Link and some extra face parts, and the GSC Store-exclusive “DX” version with the tornado rod, bomb, rupee, hookshot, and a Maiamai!

Man that was a good game. I’m going to be watching for this on the American GSC store… which is currently tempting me with figma Kazuma Kiryu

BUY Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
I’ve given you promises of forever.
 In a world that is soon to crash, 
in a life that’s not destined to last,
 in a temporary moment fading fast.
 I’ve given you promises of forever, 
I hope that you can look past.

Finally, Mega Man headphones ⊟

I’m not an authority on headphone quality – I never jumped fully from game to tech blogging, so I never learned to care that the earbuds that came with my phone or whatever are apparently bad. 

So all I know about these (officially licensed!) Emio headphones is that they look beautiful and perfect. Like, completely perfect. Via miki800.

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