lol i remember this one time in 8th grade we just sat on the ground because yeah i don’t remember but yeah we sat on the ground. Then everyone eles started sitting on the ground and then there was so much people on the ground that we got in trouble because we were blocking the way lol. We were such weirdos but we were like “yeah this is gonna be the new trend, sitting on the ground. Next year everyones gonna sit on the ground” Haha we were so cool. 


Dear Brianne,

       OMG!! YOU’RE 16! (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOU! WHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOU! WHOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BRIAAAAAANNNNE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOU! (: Just imagine me singing that to you okay :P So anyways yeah i just wanted to say happy birthday to you! (: Can you believe its been 3 years since we became friends? Wow that was all the way back in 8th grade yearbook class, Oh memories. Goodness has it been that fast. LOL i remember when we used to draw that stupid little pig “Small circle small circle biiig circle small circle small circle biiig circle triangle triangle biiiig circle w w eeee” lol we’re so cool. I really miss those times where we could just act stupid and be ourselves and stuff, I wish we could hangout more but you have cheer and i have no ride and we live so far away from each other. & we’re both to lazy to even go shopping. HAHAHA! so yeah i have no idea what I would do without you. You’re my best friend, my sister, my everything! :D Although we don’t hangout at much as we used to when we were in 8th grade that’s okay because I still know you’re there for me. And i’m still here for you, i should stop talking before i end up singing a stupid song. lol jk anywaysssss I LOVE YOU BRIANNE! (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS.POPULAR! lol jk <3333333 you! ^__^

*Don’t make fun of this if it doesn’t make sense i tend to do that a lot >.<