I felt like I had to share this. The contents of my fuku-bukuro (Japanese lucky bag).

1. Hot water bottle. It’s actually filled with water right now and it keeps warm for hours and hours 8D
2. Lunch box (with a divider!)
3. Sandwich thingy. It cuts the crust off and seals the sandwich.
4. Tiny EMS (Express Mail Service) truck.
5. It says “water cool scarf” on the packaging. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with it. I think you’re supposed to dip it into cold water to keep your neck cool or something o_O
6. I’m not sure what this is either. It’s some sort of SARS mask.
7. Heart shaped nori punch.
8. J-list anime mask.
9. Sushi phone strap.
10. Chocolate box keyring.
11. Phone case.
12. The actual bag.
13. Sandals. These are unfortunately way too narrow and also too long for my feet. The strap things are too tight aswell. Need to find a worthy owner for them.


Got these in the post this morning, I order from JList/Box now and again and they’re always lovely with their services. I did buy new stockings/long socks but they’re in my closet now and I don’t feel like modelling them, because frankly, no one wants to see my godawful legs.

There were only three Mijumaru plushes left and I just had to have one and $20/£13 is pretty cheap, especially when one has paid £18/$30 for a Shaymin at a convention.

The weird glasses were free, it was a nice yet slighty creepy surprise but I’m not complaining.

I do love the plush. I’ll have to post again with my PokéPlushes in a line or something.