So, I looked through Kagami’s interviews in the fanbooks to see what facts about the OnS world could be ascertained from them. 3 interviews in total, one in Fanbook 8.5 and two in Fanbook 108; I guess I will summarize/translate them later because there are interesting little things about Kagami’s views and workprocess in them that could be used to base certain fuzzy guesses and theories. For now though, only facts about the OnS world Kagami voiced himself (highlighted in red on the pics).

  • there are 3 third progenitors in total

This bit is from Kagami’s interview in Fanbook 8.5, page 175, and I mentioned it in my previous post. To name those 3: Krul Tepes, Lest Kerr, Gabel Pathe. The whole sentence: “Vampires also have social classes, and there are 3 third progenitors in total among them.

  • vampires have no body temperature

This is mentioned in Kagami’s talk with the seyuu in Fanbook 108, page 87: “Currently, I’m writing a novel about vampires for JBOOKS, and vampires have no body temperature and no interest in anything except for blood. Moreover, they lived for too long and got tired of all things. It’s fun but also difficult to write them as having no body heat.”

  • all the vampires, including progenitors, were once human

Same interview, same page:
Kagami: Originally, vampires were humans.
Irino(Yuu’s seiyuu): Eh?! They were?!
Nakamura(Guren’s seiyuu): You mean, except for the progenitors?!
Kagami: No, including the progenitors.

  • neither Shinoa’s nor Mitsuba’s Cursed Gear is the Black Demon series
Fanbook 108, but the interview at the end of it, page 134.
Inoue: By the way, among the 5 members of the Shinoa squad, which one is the strongest?
Kagami: Yuu and Kimizuki are the two indisputable top fighters. However, they’re strong in close combat, but if we talk long range fighting, then Youichi is stronger.
Inoue: What about Shinoa and Micchan?
Kagami: Well, the two girls aren’t the Black Demon Cursed Gear users, so.

Now, what bothers me is that I haven’t found anything about vampires not having sex drive anywhere in there. It might be that I missed something in the fanbooks when reading, though I meant to read quite thoroughly… which leads me to the following: can anyone point out please where to look for the confirmation of that particular bit of information?

I’ve just finished reading Shikamaru Hiden FINALLY!

First I have to thank caca for her wonderful work on translating it for us, so THANK YOU, CACA! And also thank you JBooks for making us so happy with your delightful stories. <3

The novel was great as I expected. Although we saw Shikamaru maturing throughout Kishimoto’s manga, here we got to see how he could evolve even more in his maturity and what a great man he has turned into. Yes, I’m talking about that lazy guy who pretended to be asleep in order to escape a ‘troublesome’ situation, remember him? 

And oh, the ShikaTema moments, of course. One cannot miss them especially when you’re a hardcore ST shipper, rite? What I liked about their moments was that they left some blank spaces. While I saw many people complaining on why wasn’t it more about how their first date went or how they got engaged or how Temari decided to leave her village and move to Konoha, I think it’s good that we have those blank spaces which we are able to fill with our own ingenious ideas of headcanons because that’s why I fell in love with ShikaTema in the first place. It wasn’t the sort of couple who had that predictable relationship line to follow, like the girl who falls for the boy and will eventually get the boy, or vice versa. Or sweet gestures from him towards her, or from her towards him that leads us directly to a conclusion. It was more of the unpredictable kind of couple that left room to interpretation, therefor allowing us to make lots of headcanons of them.

My personal interest in this couple started from the premise of two strangers who met as enemies but got closer as time passed. And that time passed really hard and their relationship evolved rather slow. We didn’t get stuffed with sugary hints or sweet dialogs, no. We had those small hints to make us love the couple like those little banters between them or them getting to know and appreciating each other, but we still had that incertitude “Will it become canon? Does it stand a chance? We didn’t see much of this couple, so it might not happen”. That incertitude got me more intrigued in this couple until it finally happened. It finally got canon on the final chapter alongside other couples that were more or less uncertain of becoming canon.

This book really didn’t disappoint me. I saw a Shikamaru turning into a man, I saw Temari showing concern for him and Ino showing concern for Sai - two women who know how to step up for the ones they love and I saw a great wise brother in Gaara. 

Back to ShikaTema, well, just to be short, we saw how he asked her on a date for the first time which was such a cute manner to ask, *-* we saw, of course the same confident Temari with her beautiful smile accepting in a mocking-Shikamaru’s style (How troublesome) way and we saw a Shika blush (Well, we imagined it, I wish we will actually get to see it one day *crossing fingers*) as a reaction of her response. The deep feelings got me when reading about Shikamaru’s reaction while observing his new born, that beautiful connection between them even if Shikadai was crying and the connection between Temari and Shikamaru as she told him in a way that being himself is alright from time to time.

What a beautiful character Shikamaru turned out to be, I must admit I never expected this when I first met him in the early Naruto chapters. What a beautiful couple he forms with Temari, a woman who saved him twice with no hesitation, who can be so scary, hell, the cruelest kunoichi, as Shikamaru thinks of her, yet she shows a tender side in his presence and a wide beautiful smile that never went unnoticed by the shadow nin. Shikamaru sees her for what she really is and Temari sees him the same way. She knew what to say to him to get him out of that genjutsu, which shows that, although she often told him to stop complaining and be more responsible, she now appreciates his real self and asks him to get back at being the old Shikamaru who is not very concerned about the future and who complains alot about people.

I am so happy to see a Temari who loves Shikamaru’s flaws and turns them into qualities and a Shikamaru who appreciates her for the very reason of being so ‘troublesome’. A perfect couple is made by two people who value each other’s flaws, who try to understand one another as it is in Ino and Sai’s case too.

In conclusion I loved Shikamaru Hiden and I now cannot wait to read the other Hiden novels.