Day 154: a moment you felt most satisfied in your life

I can’t remember exactly but I was really satisfied is probably when I first started listening to One Direction went to the One Direction concert. Wow that sounds really lame but I think it was a very satisfying feeling actually seeing them with my own eyes and hearing them live. Also it was a night spent with my best friends pretty much. Even though Vy was like after but still the fact that we were Zouarry was really cute.

Day 15: a song that makes you cry and why

Don’t make fun of me but I’m a cry baby, LOL. I don’t have just one so I’ll list this out because I’m bored…

Oh yeah I don’t cry to these all the time because that’s just weird HAHAHA these probably made me cry at least once or maybe just sad in general

honestly man I don’t really cry to songs specifically, I just cry when I listen to songs that relate when I AM sad. But listening to these while I do this = me jamming lol

Day 9: things that make you happy
  • my husbands LOL
  • my family
  • my friends in general
  • laughing
  • ‘stu’ moments
  • long tight hugs
  • god
  • good music
  • cute kids and babies and boys lol
  • being called a best friend
  • finding out when someone likes me (even if i don’t)
  • being called cute
  • good hair days
  • enough sleep
  • getting my nails done
  • getting a hair trim
  • shopping
  • good food
  • presents
  • singing obnoxiously loud in the car with the volume turned up
  • late night conversations
  • catch-up talks
  • speaking random japanese or korean in the middle of an english sentence
  • getting things done
  • getting a good grade
  • wifi
  • traveling
  • bad/cheesy jokes and puns
  • when people attempt to be funny but it just ends up being so awkward and adorable
  • eating froyo
  • dancing
  • singing in the shower
  • singing all around the house when no ones home
  • smiling at random people that smile at you back
  • meeting new people
  • handwritten letters
  • eating at restaurants and talking the whole time
  • receiving packages in the mail from ordering online
  • ukulele, piano, orchestras
  • attending full orchestra symphonies
  • LISTENING to full orchestra music (not playing of course lol)
  • tapioca
  • tea
  • honest, heart-to-heart talks
  • boys who smell good
  • winning
  • having eye contact
  • makeup
  • flowers
  • peppermint hershey kisses
  • watching movies
  • playing games
  • having something in common with someone
  • etc.
Day 6: something you would like to change about yourself

Hm, I would I had some super talent like be an amazing singer, a virtuoso that plays an instrument incredibly well, or a great dancer. Idk. I can do all but not super great at any of them. I wish I had a talent or passion that I focused on but I don’t know what. I’m just too insecure of a person.

I care about what people think. I get sad, and I put effort into changing what was said bad about me. I wish I wasn’t so insecure about a lot of things. Insecure about my intelligence, my appearance, my attitude, my choices. I wish I would stop stressing out about small things you know?