Insomnia (the truth)

I am sitting on the carpeted floor

I feel the dust under my unshaved legs

and my eyes burn due to dawn sun

The light is the only thing brighter than you

It is 6 AM;

my mother will wake up in 3 hours

I have not have fallen asleep

but I’ll tell her I woke up early

My dog is waking up

and I hear his heavy breathing

as he shifts and continues his dreams

is he

like me


of you?

My head is pounding

My brain craves sleep

My back aches


My computer is overheating

I’ve been awake for 48 hours

I hate insomnia

but I love you

I’ve been attempting to complete

the perfect playlist for you

My computer isn’t an insomniac

You aren’t an insomniac

but my love for you never rests

My stomach growls

I stand and my dog wakes up

He follows me upstairs

I think of you


Untitled (lots of similes)

It’s like I’m some kind of machine

Strings attached to the sides of my mouth get pulled upward

Every time i think of him

And makes me feel like i’m overheating


It’s like I’m butter

And he’s a volcano

I’m with him and

I don’t just melt

I evaporate


It’s like I’m a match

And he’s a tree

I’m made of him


Although I can be on fire by myself,

Together we can cause a forest fire

And it’ll be a spectacle


It’s like I’m a toddler

And he’s a stranger made of chocolate

When I see him I want to hide

Yet I also want to be with him