I believe in showing my favorite blogs at the moment some appreciation :) If you don’t see your name on this pls don’t be upset, I’m gonna upload one again at the end of the year!

Another reason I’m making this, is to celebrate me reaching 5k followers (ayee), I’m awesome i know B) I jk but seriously thanks to all of you that help me reach my goal. Special shoutout to boulevardsofdreams and paintparamore for helping me out the most, you guys awesome and ily! I would also like to thank my best tumblr friend howellldaniel for convincing me to not delete (you’re the best bro ily) and of course I would like to thank my imaginary friend Fluffy (you’re the best Fluffy) and also the little people (whatever the fuck that means idk i promised myself i would put that somewhere in this small speech hAHA) 

if your url is in bold, it’s either because I consider you a friend or you’re a mutual I would take a bullet for you ha, or maybe even both, you just don’t know 


afterzhocks ✿ aintitprmr ✿ alanashby ✿ alltimehella ✿ arcticcool ✿ arewehappynow ✿ austincrlile ✿ austinlcarlile ✿ blinkz182 ✿ blameitonparamore ✿ bornsforthis ✿ boulevardsofdreams ✿ brighters ✿ brujon ✿ cantcountonnoone ✿ cardiganpatrick ✿ casualfool ✿ cbrastarship ✿ chanehl ✿ coffeesclosers ✿ collidewiththesykes ✿ conspiraccy ✿ cutiewilliams damonfizzysbutt ✿ deathvalleeyy ✿ direwvlf ✿ docforwho ✿ 


enemysongs ✿ evelinathoren ✿ eyyliens ✿ fakingdead ✿ fallinlovewithyxrself ✿ fastinmycar ✿ feelngsorry ✿ findmeglory ✿ flamesbeginn ✿ flamesin0urveins ✿ fobcellent ✿ folieadicks ✿ fronceschi ✿ fuckyeahhayleywilliams fueledbyariot ✿ fuenciado ✿ fuwentes ✿ g4yleywilliams ✿ gangwentz gayleywillliams ✿ gunsforhnds ✿ gus-waters ✿ happybarakat ✿ havetogrowup ✿ hayleyes ✿ hayleywilliasm ✿ hayleywllliams ✿ hazelsoxygentankphilip ✿ headfirstslided ✿ hey-paramore ✿ highwaytorecovery ✿ holdingontomisery ✿ hoparamore ✿ hopelesstiles ✿ howellldaniel ✿ 


ibreakyourfuckingjaw ✿ illestcatv ✿ im-a-paramonster ✿ imintoparamore ✿ insidesofyou ✿ irwinscat ✿ itsjustinsbieber ✿ iwatchedyougoinghomeeveryday ✿ jackpurrycat ✿ jagkreckless ✿ jake-edwin-kennedy-bugg ✿ jalexsmellsgood ✿ jbkats ✿ jennamcdougallofficial ✿ jennamcdougalls ✿ jeremyclavis ✿ jeremydvs ✿ joshdevines ✿ josnfranceschi ✿ kellicexists ✿ lemonheadgerard ✿ letsgoinstyle ✿ lostuntil ✿ loyaltostark ✿ lynzbae ✿ 


makemetell ✿ making-a-url-is-to-much-work ✿ martym ✿ mcdougll ✿ memoryfades ✿ mihcael ✿ misguidedalpha ✿ mleyscyrs ✿ monste-r ✿ morepmore ✿ moshtrbating ✿ movingflames ✿ mr-barakat ✿ msrybusiness ✿ mtvcake ✿ nativeroute ✿ nckdeeep ✿ nealfriends ✿ neilwestfart ✿ nklebiters ✿ nobodycansee ✿ nonotthistime ✿ o5sos ✿ officialjoetrohman  ✿ ohhwilliams ✿ ohtyork ✿ ohyorks ✿ okturner ✿ onlyork ✿ paintlngflowers ✿ paintparamore ✿ paralol ✿ paralovemore ✿ paramophy ✿ paramore-yall ✿ paramoreclique ✿ paramoreeh ✿ paramorgasm ✿ paramorre ✿ paramoured ✿ paramourning ✿ parasome ✿ pinkhairalex ✿ playamore ✿ ppaperplanes ✿ punkminerals ✿


riotyourself ✿ sarah-at-brendons-disco ✿ saveemo ✿ semiflopz ✿ sittinginsilence ✿ sknnyloves ✿ sleepingwiththekings ✿ slexpwalking ✿ solo-quiero-ser-perfecta ✿ somethinpoetic ✿ sovvrongitsright ✿ steampunkurie ✿ still-into-lll ✿ stillintoparamore ✿ taylorbenjamins ✿ taylorbjorks ✿ taylorisapuppy ✿ tayloryxrk ✿ the-only-proof ✿ the-queen-of-headbanging ✿ thegodrichallows ✿ thenewclassicvevo ✿ thettargaryens ✿ thickrskin ✿ thoseopeneyes ✿ todayalive ✿ tssfx ✿ twentyoneparamore ✿ twentyonepliots ✿ 


underdog-13 ✿ verayley ✿ vermitteln ✿ vinjejennifer ✿ warpedbyparamore ✿ wastelaxd ✿ wearreunbroken wentzigreuter ✿ wontalwaysbemine ✿ work-it-out ✿ wowhowpunk ✿ worryrocks ✿ xydg ✿ yeahyork ✿ zoellas

So, I hit 2k followers (whoop) and so I felt like I should make my first Follow Forever, because I love y'all a lot! And I love everyone I follow! So thank you for making my dash awesome and my tumblr experience better. Love you, flawless unicorns ♥ If I forgot someone, I’m terribly sorry! Also these must be about 300 blogs or something.

# 220211

ABC adorehayley | adreamisallihave | aintitprmr | alphamore | ayloryork | beautifulstan | belleanima | blacklikeburnttoast | blondehayley | boparamore | brickbyparamorebrick | brighters | conspiraccy | couldbealone | crushonyork | crawlingindark | cutiewilliams

DEF daspanthertier | dailydoseofparamore | deadqueenygritte | enemysong | escaperooute | essence-of-paramore | evelinathoren | everybodysingingwoah | falloutparamore | fastinmycar | feelngsorry | fuckingdavis | fuckyeahhayleywilliams | fuckyeahwhak | fueledbyariot

GHI gayleywillliams | getlostinthememories | gus-waters | halfbetrayed | haylesbian | hayleyismyonlyexception | hayleyismyqueen | hayleyjpg | hayleyonlywilliams | hayleys | hayleyshair | hayleywilliasm | hayleywiliamsdaily | hayleywilliamsupdated | hayliams | healywilliams | hellaheywilliams | hoparamore | ignorancx | imintoparamore | imintoyork | imnotoneofthosecraazygirls | imwinningthewar | im-a-paramonster | istillloveparamore | is-paramore | itsmarcoyall | itsyaylortork | iwillbelostuntil | i-wish-i-didnt-exist

JKL  jbkats | jeremyclavis | jeremydvs | jeremyhipster | lasthopes | lastriotgearon | leplayingod | lesbian4hayley | let-s-be-freaks | lostuntil

MNO memoryandspark | memoryfades | miserydesigns | misguidedgho5t | morepmore | mourningslide | movingflames | my-pussy-tastes-like-diamonds | my-parawhore-heart | nativeroute | native-route | nklebiters | nonotthistime | ofhayley | ohhwilliams | ohmyhayleywilliams | ohyorks | omgisparamore | onedimore | onlyork | onlyparamorex

PQR paintparamore | paracredible | paracrush-me | paradavis | paradaydreaming | paralovemore | paramorearelife | paramoreclique | paramoreeh | paramoreisjermhaytay | paramoreismyparamour | paramoreyall | paramore-edits | paramore-spark | paramore-yall | paramorgasm | paramorons | paramoured | paramourning |   paraswift | pararmy | parasome | paraversa | parawho | patrickstumpitystumpstump | p-aramoreiscrucial | playingsgod | pmorefamily | pqramore | radwilliams | riotyourself

STU saintwilliams | shad0winthenight | sittinginsilence | stillintoparamore | still-into-paramore | stumpity | sunkissed-hayleywilliams | tayleyshipper | taylorgivemeachild | taylorycurls | taylor-york | tea-time-with-twins | thebusinessofmiseryy | thefirehaired | theparamores | theparamoreset | theparamoresource | theparamoreworld | thesaltinmywounds | the-only-proof | thoughts-i-cant-decode | tickinglikeaclock | twentyoneparamore | tyorkyall | underdog-13 | ukparamore

VWXYZ verayley | walkingwithmisguidedghosts | warpedbyparamore  weareparamore | wertheonex | wintthewar | work-it-out | writingourfuture | wtlo | yeahyork | yeah-paramore | yellyahwillliams | yelyahalive | yelyahschzimmydeanie | yorkconda


Well hello everyone! :) This is the follow forever that i promised you. I picked so many people and probably forgot somebodies too, i’m sorry you know i love you. So i recommend you these lovelies below to follow and talk to because they really are friendly and amazing and all that positive stuff. Enjoy.

5secondsofpaigee, 5sosmichael

acoustic-cal, alexalltimeloww, all-time-toe, alltimejackalow, alovelikehood, ash5sos, ashtonbangme, ashtonrwini, ashtonshugedick, awgkarths, awjennamcdougall, axlgrams

barafucks, barakatjack, blamecal

calsbutt, calumly, calumskiwi, calumslisp, cliffdorkcliffordfab, cliffordsrsly, calumymas

damnlucas, dearjagk, dreambig-hemmo,

fablucas, fallashboy, fallenforbands, fetusjack, fkncalum, fratboycalumhood, fronceschi, fuckyeahalexanderalltimelow, fuckyeahitsalltimelow, fuwentes,

gascarth, gaskashton, gaskxrth, gayisnotasynonymforjalex, gcskarth,

happyjackbarakat, heartbrakegirl, heartbreakirwin, hemmingskarth, hemmingsquiff, hemmoanings, hemmoslegs, hemmotimelow,

ibangjackbarakat, irwah, irwanker, irwankers, irweed, irwinty, itsmuke

jackalltimeloww, jbkats, jetlaglukejosnfranceschi

kissesfrom5sos, kiwimuke

luhuke, lukesroses, luketimelow

maybeclifford, mcdougalll, mcdougll, mistergaskarth

ofdropdead, ofmikeyandmen, ohcalmity

perfect5sos, pikamichael, pinkhairalex, pizzacal, plaidmikey, polarlucas,


sexycliffconda, sleepingwithjalex, stupidcal,

tayjxrdine, taylorjardine, teenjalex, thnksfrthjckbrkt, thosepunks, threesomewithmuke, twerkthatbarakat, txyjardine


vegases, vegemiteash, victuentes

w-entz, weightlessmike, weirdxkids, whatisahemmo, where-did-our-minds-go, whoamikey,

yeahbarakat, youngvolcalums

okay like i said i probably forgot some people so you can check out my blogroll to see more amazing people. 

Have a nice daaaaaaaaay :) xxx

So, I never actually did a decent follow forever because I am hella scared of forgetting someone and I’ll feel really bad if that happens (what’s probably gonna happen if thats u I’m so sorry i love you lots) but I felt the need to do one this time because I need to thank you all so much. I take tumblr seriously (sometimes too seriously) because this is a place where i feel like i can be myself. Also, I post so many different stuff because I was always about posting whatever I love atm and there is avenged sevenfold and 3.2 seconds later there is 5 seconds of summer so I wanna thank you all so much for staying with me and talking to me and making my experience on tumblr so great. I won 10k+ followers in six months and this is SO amazing. Thank you all so so much. I love you all a lot. These are some blogs I appreciate and sometimes I talk and they’re all lovely people and great bloggers. Thank u again guys ilysm, favs are bolded (also no alphabetical or particular order bc i’m very lazy)

glassandy jaimepreciaclo ❀ besideyu thewicked-endcarapherxelia ❀ insidesofyou ❀ darlinyoullbeookay ❀ blackvist drellabove ❀ paraxveil ❀ avengedd hailtomshadows ❀ keepinhappiness ❀ mshadowss queenforadaay ❀ ohpreciado ❀ obsynity ❀ ashfletchxr ❀ jaimespreciado ❀ breakyourvibes weirdxkids ❀ fuwentes ❀ foentes ❀ stereobouquet jaimesdimple  fratboyau ❀ bl182nk ❀ barakatjack ❀ foreverlovinga7x ❀ tonysperrys ❀ basketxcase ❀ lolgaskarth ❀ hanerka ❀ damnedafterall ❀ vics-tits ❀ fuentherapy ❀ fxrgetregret fxckpunk ❀ fronceschi paramorre ❀ nckdeeps ❀ caraphernatalia rememberingsundxy ❀ mcdougll lukehemxngs ❀ jennamcdougalls  alltimelow jbkats ❀ ohzacky ❀ synnlich ❀ eorwyn zackydaniels ❀ aevnegdsevneofld ❀ ofdropdead ❀ nevertookim ❀ alexsgaskarths

Also my best friend ever (who’s travelling and left me here yeah) behindaskyline; my sister (who never ever logged on tumblr anymore but we are having a gerat time talking about the world cup) ninja-delivery-girl; and lori (who also forgot she has a tumblr) falloutxgays love you guys.

+blogroll bc everyone i follow are amazing people 

Everybody loves being cute, and in February we have a whole day dedicated to it! I’ve seen a lot of different fandoms do a Secret Valentine, but not bandom, so me and Shauna are making one! 

How it works
  • Each person will get a handpicked url of somebody with similar favourite bands
  • The two weeks commencing Valentine’s Day, send your person cute messages, compliments, anything kind to make their day!
  • Talk to them regularly, if you want. Become their friend!
  • On Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb), let them know who you are! Or if you’re more comfortable with staying anonymous, that’s fine too!
How to enter
  • Reblog this by the 31st of January, likes won’t count
  • Have anonymous turned on!
  • If by the 2nd of Feb you haven’t received a url, message jbkats!
Message us;
  • If you have any questions
  • If your Secret Valentine/chosen url is rude
  • If your Secret Valentine/chosen url is inactive
  • Or if you have a certain someone in mind who you want to be assigned to ;)))

hello!!!! i’ve been thinking about this for a while and i think it’d be super cool to do!!

basically, i get itunes allowance each month so i’m often left with far too much money on there than i need, so i thought it would be nice to give somebody else free music!! i’ll let you choose any album off itunes (as long as it’s not a super rare one that costs three times more than usual lmao), i’ll take your itunes email address and i’ll gift it to you straight away!! then bam free album for you :-) 

sound cool?? okay;

  • please be following me!!
  • a reblog will enter you, likes won’t count :-)
  • depending on notes i’ll either scroll and click or use random.org to see who gets it
  • this ends tomorrow night! 

thank you for reading & if this goes well i’ll do it again sometime :-)

heroesofbaltimore’s easter follow forever!


alexander-william-sasskarthalexwllliamgaskarthall-time-rian-dawsonandembraceyourissuesarewefreeyetavoidthos,eeyes awg-runawaywithmeayygaskarthbackseatseneradebackseatserenadeatlbaltimoreheroesbandom-pridebandseverywherebaraboobies,  barakatjackbarapunkblackhairalexburnt-halocallmeanamecouldntfake.


davesgotabrokenarm | dxmolitionlovers |  falltimehorizon | fetusjack | fistingalexgaskarth | fronceschi | fuckedbarakat | fuckyeahitsalexgaskarth | fuenciado | fyeahzackmerrick |
















Thank you everyone, and happy easter!

Okay, so for 500 followers, I’m doing a follow forever! :D

Hope you guys understand if you’re not picked, there’s just so many!


all-time-pop-punk  analltimelowworld  alexsmalldickgaskarth alltimeboners  awgaskarth alex-gaskarth-alltimelow allthingsatl alexgaskarthandjackbarakat a-love-like-jalex alexgaskarthdoingthings alexgaskarthhasruinedmylife alltimelowcentral all-time-low-ruined-my-life alltimesexwithjack alltimemine atl-band alltimejackbassambarakat alex-gaskarths-leg-thing alltimexho alltimeih8u all-time-punk always-alltimelow allforatl awgaskarths barashat baracrack barakarthjalex backseatserenadeatl badbitchbarakat bakakarat bandseverywhere baracan-u-not barakat-queen barakatkitkat barakitty-meow barapunk because-jalex boobs4jack bringme-alltimelow bring-me-alex-gaskarth bxrakat cassadeepopes come-one-come-alltimelow couldntfake crookedyovth d-a-y-dreamaway damnbarakat darlinyoullbeookay death-valleyyy dear-zackcountmein defendrockandroll doitforjalexbarakarth dontletjagkdrive dontpanic-itsalltimelow earthtoalex effyesalltimelow everythingatlymas


fagkbarakat fall-out-barakat fistingalexgaskarth flykat folieadude foreverjalex fourboysforevermine fuck-all-time-low fuckedbarakat fuckingjalexhard fuckyeahalltimelowquotes fuckyeahawgaskarth fuckyeahitsalltimelow fuckyeahjbarakat fuckyeahzackatl fyeahzackmerrick gaskarth-barakat gaskarthood gaskarths gaskarthwentz gay–karth gayisnotasynonymforjalex goldrian hailrian heroesofbaltimore hey-jasey-rae hit-an-alltimelow holdontobaltimore hustlerbustler i-went-down-on-jack-barakat ibelieveinjalex ididitforbaltimore inhalebandss ironyofchokingonjacksdick   jaaackbarakat jack-alltimelow  jack-barakrap jackalltimelow jackbarafuckyou jackbarakat jackbarakatofficial jackbarakatsbuttblog jalexruined-mylife jalexsextapes jalexaremyhomeboys jalexyo jbarakarth jbkats jumpbackjack just-an-alltimelow


kellicfuentits kittycatluke live-love-all-time-low live-reckless-and-brave lolgaskarth lovefeelslikewartonight macdiaries mcgaskarth megustajackbarakat merrick-is-my-man merrikat mistergaskarth mybandsloverthings niceboobsbarakat not-another-alltimelow-blog nothing-personal-alltimelow nothingispersonal nothingpersonal-alltimelow obsessivealltimelowgirl officialalltimelow officialriandawson ohmytaylex olivergaskarth


p0ppunkruinedmylife paintingalexwings perks0fbeingpunk piercethealltimelow pinkhairalex punkyears rememberingsuunday rememberingsunday44 returnt0the-barakave riandangson rianfuckindawson riding-the-jalex-of-life s-asskarth sassajalex sasskarthseyebrows savedbybandsandyoutubers savedbymybands sempiternal-hustlers sixfeetunderjbstar sleeping-with-alex-gaskarth snugglyjalex somewhereinjacksbutt suckbarakat taylerlock teenage-jalex teenbarakat thatwholockedninja theblondeinjackshair theflavorofalexgaskarth thnksfrthalexgaskarth twerkitgaskarth ugh-barakat underapapermoonwith-alexgaskarth wearealltimelowfans weightlessandreckless wholetjackdrive x-jalex-x xxsixfeetunderthestarsxx yall-time-low youngjalex yeahbarakat zacharymerrickofficial

So I wanted to make this at the beginning of January but I only just got my laptop and Photoshop back just recently. I’ve been following a lot of these blogs for a long time, and they’re all really rad as hell. If you’re not on here I’m really sorry I love you, I probably just missed you – I follow a lot of people! I couldn’t tag everyone because I hit tag limit, but I’ll reblog from another of my blogs and tag the rest! I love you guys!














alexlovesjack ☆ alexsaskarth ☆ alexsexyasskarth ☆ alexsgaskarths ☆ alexwllliamgaskarth ☆ alltimelowofficial ☆ aloveiikewar ☆ alovelikewhat ☆ baracrack ☆ barapunk ☆ barakxts ☆ barakatjack ☆ barasigh ☆ barastop ☆ cassadeepopes ☆ couldntfake ☆ cuddlyjalex





























foreverjalex fuckedbarakat ☆ fuckmealexg ☆ fullsfrontal ☆ gaskarthbutt ☆ gaskarthsoul ☆ gaskartn gaskhart ☆ gaskraft ☆ gcskarth ☆ gskrath ☆ gustavwoocl


heroesofbaltimore ☆ holysmoking ☆ imso-sickof-yourkind ☆ infinityonsigh ☆ ironyofchokingonjacksdick j4gkass ☆ jack-barakitties ☆ jackalltimeloww ☆ jackbarakatofficial ☆ jackbarakatt ☆ jackbarakits ☆ jackbassambarakatofficial ☆ jackingoffjagk ☆ jaesyraes jagk-squat ☆ jagkalope ☆jagkingofftojalex ☆ jaimespreciado ☆ jbkats ☆ kellinquinnslegblog ☆ kissmeelectric


lexgaskarths lisexbreakup ☆ meowbarakat ☆ merrikatjack ☆ mikefxentes ☆ nobarakat ☆ notgoinghomealone ☆ nowentz ☆ officialalexgaskarth









rrians ☆ ryanrossvevo









taylexmakeup ☆ teenjalex ☆ thatassbarakat ☆ thefuckinglegthing ☆ thsfrays ☆ touchmebarakat ☆ twerkitgaskarth ☆ twerklikejackbarakat ☆ ughjaimepreciado





wowhowpunk ☆ wreeex ☆ youngjalex ☆ yummybarakat ☆ zacharymerricks  ☆ zackmerrix

so since I have hit 3.5k here are some of my favorite blogs that I follow ayyy YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW ALL OF THEM they are absolutely hella and I don’t stalk them or anything psh who does that

abitimelow alexgaaskarth alexsmalldickgaskarth alltimeih8u alltimexho always-alltimelow andrewhurleys ashtonirvvinz atlasdrive

backseatsenerade baracrack barafucks barakatjack barakatology barakuddles baraqats barasigh barxkat blackvist breakyourvibes

callmeaname carapherxelia carlileaustin couldntfake

dearmariasuckmeoff derpceschi disasterpierce dontletjagkdrive drellabove

earthtoclifford elmakiass empiternal everythingatlymas ewfuentes

fabulous-fuentes fagkbarakat  fallohboy falloutlosers fallutboy farts-on-fire-tonight fckbarakat fetusvic fflyzik flykat foentes freejustin frickinjack fronceschi fuckedbarakat fuckyeahflint fuckyeahitsalexgaskarth fuenteses fuentesexual fullsfrontal

gaskarths gaskaths gcskarth goldrian gveenday

handslikehoses happybarakat hayleywilliasm hellobrendonurie hisshissfaggots

jackbarakatofficial jackpurrycat jagkbaracats jagkpunk jaimepreciaclo jalex5eva jamiespreciados jbkats jennamcdougalls johnocallaganteven jurassicjack justapapermoon

keyxstreet king-until-may kingwntz kisskarth

llttledeath lolgaskarth

markhoppusofficial merrikat michacl mintybarakat mistergaskarth mockingjaj


ofalltimelow ofdropdead officialalltimelow officialalltimelows officialmichaelway officialptvs ohcalmity

paramuke paravic peeatthedisco petewanks petezawentz pinkhairalex poppinchampagne ptvs punkaussie punkgoesgabilliam

rememberinq-sunday rianalltimelow

s-andpitturtle s-tatechamps sassygaskarth solongsoldiers stumpholic stumpity

takethistyourcorktree taylorjardine tayloryxrk teenage-jalex teenjalex thecanalsarefreezing thrpy thrty3 tiameatsix tommoirwin tonyperrie topramens



youmeatnips yukimuar yummybarakat


sorry if i forgot anyone, here’s my blogroll!  (◡‿◡✿)