Jack & Jackie Kennedy Valentine’s Day Post!

“She [Jackie] had a fantastic desire for historical knowledge, and she was a sponge once she learned it. She caught every nuance. And she wanted to know American history not just for herself, but for her husband. They were almost competitive in the knowledge they consumed; very much like Henry and Clare Luce, in trying to one-up the other on historical facts and so forth, and I think on many points, well, he almost acquiesced that she knew more about history than he did.”         ~Letitia Baldrige 

“I’d say that he was devoted to Jackie. I’d say that it was absolutely unquestionable. But of course–it didn’t mean he didn’t have an eye for others. He was made that way, but undoubtedly he and Jackie got along like a house on fire; they were always having fun together.”  ~Frank O’Ferrall 

“I think he greatly admired some of Jackie’s qualities. But often I think he reacted very differently to things than she did because he had a less introverted nature. At least, this is the way he seemed to me. But sometimes he would look at her with a really puzzling look, but he would never say anything hurting to anybody. She was constantly writing him little jingles and poems and bringing him little presents with appropriate rhymes accompanying them…Jackie had a sometimes fairly distorted sense of humor, but nobody could be funnier.”  ~Janet Lee Auchincloss