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JBJ probably
  • Donghan:
  • hey it's my birthday say something to me
  • Taedong:
  • Taehyun: happy birthday maknae
  • Kenta: happy birthday donghan-ah!
  • Hyunbin: hbd I have no present for you
  • Yongguk: hbd
  • Sanggyun: *send pict of him* what do you think about my photoshoot today

anyways if jbj is actually gonna somewhat happen i hope they realize that toppdogg needs whatever popularity thats shown on sanggyun right now and hotshot with taehyun as well, so how about we not leave dance king eunki and vocal god kiwon out of this

Taehyun’s ig caption on pic w Yongguk: Our clothes are a matching set today!!!!!

Donghan: i totally thought you guys were in the same group

Taehyun: What do you mean, for example are you talking about JBJ or JBJ?


Kim Taedong and JBJ regarding the pessimistic of his debut

I really feel the need to post this for my fellow ATMs. Actually all ATMs are in the state of confusion because of Kim Taedon’s ig update.

Taedong’s post are colourful and full of happiness until the top recent three post. These three actually are heart breaking posts that make ATMs wonder if Taedong is alright or not, or will he Join JBJ or not. The last post on his IG posted after the JBJ’s post pic with jbj’s adv chain which made some of ATM assume or pessimists that he wont join jbj

Im here to point out about JBJ’s friendship. Which we know is full of savageness, sassiness, laughter, jokes and all. But we also know that they protect each other, lean on each other a lot, be there for each other (im taking these example: taehyun said he’s scolded taedong for running away from his company, how they commented on taedong’s post to cheer him up, and when hyunbin is still struggling for the confirmation of debuting they cheered him out too, etc). They also hang out a lot, 

Look at this. This friendship is also real af.

Which make me come to my point on making this post, that I believe JBJ is debuting with Taedong. I can’t assure you that this is true but I can at least explain why I believe so.

We get a lot of information about JBJ, more  from the members themselves, not from the company. From hyunbin who hyped us in SNS, donghan helping hyunbin giving out spoiler, Taehyun mentioned as JBJ’s leader a lot, Yongguk and Sanggyun mentioning all 7 member in his fansign event and Kenta who also mentioned JBJ a lot in interview. And whenever they talk about JBJ they’ll get excited.

My point is: This won’t happen so freely like this if taedong didn’t debut with JBJ. Mark my words. They wont mention about JBJ so freely, with jokes and laugh and smile and proud and excitement, if Taedong didn’t debut with JBJ.

Even though donghan said their relationship is only for business relationship we know what beyond it all, they’re actually close with each other, fans didn’t only create a group project, but they also create a group of friends.

I believe, his last post on ig is actually an opening so he could post a brighter post after that. Somehow in my heart I believe sooner or later, he’ll post the JBJ’s adv pic with him or he’ll confirm his debut with JBJ.

If I turned out was wrong, I am very sorry I cant read the future but I can hope and I can make you all hope too. Have hope, ATM didn’t give up through everything, ATM wont give up now too.

Hi I just wanted to state whats on my mind about JBJ. Tbh seeing some pessimistic words, sad words, and given up words, could make you feel pessimistic and gloomy all of sudden. Listen, everyone, I stated this before and I’m going to state this again and again until JBJ debut.

JBJ will be debuting as 7 members please don’t lose hope

Hearing people said “it’s okay if taedong doesn’t debut” somewhere inside my heart is breaking apart. Once people said it, some might also think the same because of that.

Honey, Kim Taedong himself didn’t give up, doesn’t give up, never. When we thought he had given up, he showed us that he hasnt given up, he appeared at the JBJ’s ad in subway. He wanted to tell us he’s still there, never give up. So im telling you guys to not give up, yet. If giving up is the last way, then make way.

I’m talking here not because I’m being too pushy or greedy or selfish over ot7 where they might not happen, but I’m here to spread the positivity. It’s never wrong to believe, to wish, to hope. JBJ is happening. And whatever you guys believe youre free to believe but I believe it’ll be 7 member and I hope you guys do too.

None of you might read this or just skip this but this is really important to me. It would be great if we keep believing in JBJ. Dont talk about ‘if’s dont doubt it until we get a result and I believe it will be worth it.

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I kinda get a bit giddy when articles refer to the boys as "JBJ's Kenta or Hyunbin or whoever". Even if the news isn't about the group, I can't help but smile. I'm so happy and proud of them.

you’re not alone anon. our happiness is as simple as JBJ written after or before our boys’ name. it gave butterflies in my stomach and I screamed likE YAS ADDRESSED THEM AS JBJ YOU GO MY SONS

I just need to see ‘JBJ’s Taedong" soon ykno