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anonymous asked:

Please please please would you explain to me what is that jbj? explain everything you know about it?

Hi anon~ 
JBJ is a fanmade group made up of eliminated PD101 trainees!

I think it first started off as  KenCallTaeKyun (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong& Sanggyun) where fans grouped together these trainees because thought them forming in a group would be nice. As more fans saw it, I guess those fans decided to add to that lineup and made a new group, Just Be Joyful (JBJ). The members are now Taehyun, Sanggyun, Kenta, Yongguk, Hyunbin, Taedong and Donghan.
Then, a fan made an ‘official’ twitter acc for JBJ and started uploading fanmade teaser pics for them (1, 2).  They also edited fanmade albums (1, 2, 3, 4) fanmade season greetings (1) fanmade teaser videos (1, 2, 3), fanmade logo and light stick (1, 2) and even a fanmade subunit of JBJ (LOL). They’re also suggesting the fandom colours!Basically, everything a real group would have, they made JBJ edits for it! As more fans gathered interest in this, more content was made for them which would be rt’d by the official twt acc. Because fans liked the idea of JBJ so much, they started pushing for JBJ to move from being an imaginary group and to being a real one! So with love in their hearts and wishful thinking, JBJ supporters started trying to trend ‘DebutJBJ’ on twitter, added ‘DebutJBJ’ to their twitter names and comment ‘DebutJBJ under instagram posts of the trainees for them to see!
And it worked! There were articles about fans wanting JBJ to debut, in some official articles where the trainees were mentioned they were being referred to as “JBJ’s XYZ”, or ‘JBJ’ would be tagged on instagram in collaborative photos with the trainees for official magazines. During interviews the trainees themselves mentioned that they know about JBJ and showed interest in debuting as an actual group. The trainees of JBJ have also taken group photos~

And now, with so much attention to JBJ and so many fans pushing for it to happen, the respective company came together to discuss JBJ’s debut plan~ They announced that most companies are looking at the idea positively and support their trainee debuting in JBJ. They also mentioned that JBJ may officially debut in mid-September and would be managed by FAVE Entertainment.

Long story short, JBJ was a fake group that fans put together but because of the love and attention from fans, JBJ might just debut as a real group~ But only temporarily!

Also, there’s another fanmade group called Cherry Blossom Boys!!
Please support the idea so hopefully these trainees can follow the same faith as JBJ and possibly debut!