why i like teen top

1. they look like they’re flying when they dance
2. seriously their dancing tho??? THAT FOOTWORK
3. I’d probably break my ankles if I tried
4. Teenage Emotional Emoboy Nextgeneration Object Praise
5. I couldn’t make that up if I tried trust me
6. teen top + weekly idol = tru love
7. Random play dance
8. ohhhhhh boy random play dance
9. that one time ljoe was the only one who got the dance right and was punished anyways
10. Five person piggyback ride!
11. Flying kicks
12. Aegyo
14. Savage af to each other
15. Always yelling, loud af
16. “If teen top wasn’t a boy group they’d be a gang”
17. Actual captions:
18. “loyalty is a luxury between us”
19. “as long as it’s not me it’s ok”
20. that one time they almost set Niel’s bday cake on fire and then just stood around it fanning it thinking it would help
21. and then when Niel walked in he found them standing in a circle around the cake chanting HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!
22. like some sort of satanic ritual
23. and then no questions asked he just starts chanting too
24. and then afterwards they force him to hold the camera and record them instead
25. Teen Top rings
26. Competitions - rock, paper, scissors kings
28. “Actually I’ve gotten used to the heels now”
29. Ljoe’s iconic phrases
30. Teen top we gon rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it
31. Cause your luv…… plus my luv….. supa luv
32. Fetus teen top
33. Please never bring back that godawful straight bang haircut
34. (Andy what were you thinking)
35. Ricky’s looked 15 for about 7 years now
36. Fake maknae Ricky
37. Foolish leader CAP
38. “Why’s your name CAP?” “I just really like caps”
39. Looks cool but isn’t cool
40. His smile is the cutest thing in the world????
41. Chunji’s godsend voice like damn boy
42. That one time he chugged toner because CAP told him to
43. NIEL bless this goby’s heart
44. Husky voice for days
46. Changjo bby you’ve grown up so well
47. Always starts the song for some reason