its that time of Year Again

  • minho, kissing ass: i want it to be key day every day!
  • key, nodding: very nice.
  • onew, also kissing ass: here, key, let me refill your glass.
  • jonghyun, kissing more ass: you must be dehydrated from being so wonderful.
  • key: take it down a notch or two.
  • taemin, trying to kiss ass: hey, key, remember when we did that thing that was fun and memorable?
  • key, whispering: that’s pathetic.
SHINee On Their Wedding Day

Taemin: The youngest of the group would have the most support out of any member of SHINee. The guys would make sure he wakes up on time, and is at the alter so he could see his blushing bride. He would be so pampered he would forget that there’s another half to this wedding. All things would change as soon as he sees the love of his life walking down the aisle. Standing there, he would begin to internally panic, looking at Onew for support. Of course, all Onew can do is smile, which makes Taemin start laughing. This makes everyone in the group start laughing, and makes for an awkward situation. At the reception, he would cling to his new wife, making sure she’s cared for. He would comment any chance he got about how beautiful she looked, and all of the pictures the photographer got of Taemin candid, are of him grinning at his wife.

Jonghyun: He’s the sensitive one. The entire day he’s a bundle of nerves, tearing up anytime someone mentioned what was about to happen. The group vowed not to say the word “wedding” in hopes it would prevent him from crying before he says his vows. Of course, this isn’t successful. When Taemin presents him with a gift from his wife to be, he starts crying. When everyone finally gets him calmed down, they walk him into the wedding ceremony. His dry eyes don’t last long, for as soon as he sees his bride walking towards him, he starts crying. He’s crying so much, he can barely say his vows. The ceremony takes longer than previously planned, but he gets through it. At the reception, he performs a song that he wrote for his new bride. It also serves as the first dance song. Like that of Taemin, Jonghyun would also be photographed candidly smiling adoringly at his wife.

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Minho: This ball of adorable manliness is the most chill one out of the group getting married. He’s all smiles, excited and anxious as he dresses himself for the ceremony. Anytime anyone gives him a hint about what his bride looks like, he smiles so brightly, his eyes lighting up with it. All of his emotions are displayed on his face, and he does nothing to hide this. All of the boys pat him on the back with per-congratulatory gestures. As he stands up at the alter waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, he bounces on the balls of his feet, unable to sit still. This is naturally the competitive side to him, being on his heels waiting for whatever comes his way. The ceremony is perfect, with cute vows and cute Minho dad jokes. As they make their way to the reception, Minho changes into his favorite soccer team outfit, and him and his wife take adorable matching team photos on a soccer field with shirts that read “Mr & Mrs. Choi”. They are late to the reception, but have no worries, the rest of SHINee have been entertaining the guests.

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Onew: He’s the unpredictable one of the group. Having naturally been a leader, he naturally takes control of the group even at his own wedding. However, they make it imperative he just worry about his wife. After he relaxes, he can’t help but smile. You know that super bright smile Onew does? That’s plastered on his face the entire night. However, in the process, he’s so nervous he has to change his shirt multiple times because he’s sweating so bad. He finally gets to the alter and stumbles through the ceremony. He’s extremely nervous, a new side to him. At the reception he spends most of his time eating. He planned the menu, and he spends most of the night feeding his new wife. Fried chicken is the main dish, and he confesses to his wife fried chicken will always be his number one love. He asks the group to perform a song for him and his wife, and of course they do, followed by fun stories to tell the new addition to the group.

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Key: And the bride is who again? Key not only planned this wedding, he dressed the groomsmen AND bridal party. He picked out the colors, and even the decorations to the reception. Of course, he wouldn’t outshine his bride. After hours of preparing for the ceremony, Key finally makes his way to the alter. With the members of SHINee by his side, he takes a deep breath and waits for his bride to walk to him. As she does, he begins to cry. His vows include: taking you to Paris for fashion week, making sure your closet is full of the season’s new trends, and of yeah, loving you. His dogs would then come into the venue, carrying rings to complete the ceremony. At the reception, he wouldn’t waist no time taking photos with his new bride. He had an entire photo shoot planned for them. He would also hold his new bride extremely close, not wanting to let her go.

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