Chapter 6

Kylie POV

After the police arrive, basically the whole downstairs of the my house was a crime scene. Everything was covered up or had the ‘Do Not Cross’ police tape on it. Sarah went home after she made her statements and stuff. Belle told them everything because I said it’s serous that you say everything so they can catch the guys so they won’t do it again. Well she listened all right.

After listening to her my heart sank. It was my fault that this was happening.

When the police left I went upstairs and changed into some sweats and a tank. Belle was sitting on my bed. This thing had affect her and I don’t blame her.

After I got dressed I went over to her and laid there with her and cried it out. After she calmed down a bit I told I had to use the bathroom. I just went in there to cry to be honest. I didn’t want her to think that it was okay to be this upset about it. I want her to grow up strong and  handle this situation better than I do. I grabbed my phone and saw that I a voicemail from Justin. He’s probably done with the charity concert by now. I called my voicemail back and it went through all that shit that gets to the message. And it finally comes on.

“Hey Kylie, it’s me. I was just wondering what you were doing tonight. I have nothing planned for the rest of the day. So, ummm, yes, call me back please. Bye.”

Well it’s not like I’m doing anything for the rest of the day so why not. I exited out of the voicemail and went to my contacts until I found his name. I pressed call and I held it up to my ear waiting for him to answer.

“Hello” I heard Justin say. I took a big breath before answering him.

“Hey„ it’s me.” I said, my voice was raspy was crying. I just hoped he didn’t notice. “What’s wrong?”Looks like my breathe didn’t work as well I thought it would. “Nothing, just something happen nothing important.”

I completely lied straight through my teeth. I feel bad he has been so nice to me and I’m just lying to him. “Well, do want to talk about it” Could he not get any sweeter. Any guy would just drop, it or just simply wouldn’t care.  “No, I’m fine really.”To be honest I’m not fine at all. From all this happening and being the he is the reason behind it scares me. I thought I got away from him but I guess not.  “So, do you to hang out?” Justin said drawing me out my thoughts. I could use the company right now. The house is a total mess and since it’s a crime scene there’s nothing to do. I don’t want to go out incase he finds me.  

“Umm, could you just come over here. Belle sick and I don’t want to leave her by herself.” So I didn’t want to tell him the truth that I feel totally scared and vulnerable. “Okay, I will be there in like 15 minutes. Is that okay?” Justin said. I guess he drove straight there after he dropped me off.

“yea, can you hurry, I just watched a horror movie and I’m kind of scared right now.” I should just go to jail after all the lies I’m saying right now to him in one phone call. “Yea, I will be right over.” Justin said.“bye” “bye”

After I fixed myself up I went back to same spot where I was and held Belle has close to me as possible. “Remember how we met Justin?” I said to her. “Yeah, that was the best day of my life.” She sniffled. “Well, we hung out earlier today. And-” “I know I saw him at the door.” She said if I was stupid. I chuckled her ever fails to make me laugh. “Well, hes coming over in a few minutes.” I said. I think that just made her whole day. Her face lit up and had the biggest smile on her. “Really?” She said excitedly. I nodded my head in response. She stood up and started to jump on the bed in joy. “Okay, first you need to stop before you hurt yourself. Second, I can’t have you yelling and jumping around all time when he is here okay?” I told her while pulling her back into me. “okay!” she said. I can guarantee you that she didn’t listen to a word I just said.

I heard the doorbell ring. Even though it was probably Justin I just needed to be on the safe side. “Belle I need you to stay here just incase. I will call you down when I’m done.” I said. She nodded her head in respond. When I went down stairs I grabbed a knife. I walked towards the window beside of the door.

I peaked through the blinds.

Once I saw it was Justin I ran to the door the door to open it. “Hey” I greeted stepping aside so he can come in. ‘Hey beautiful.” I blushed at his statement. Then remember that Belle was still upstairs. “Belle you can come down now.” I called. “What happened here?” Justin said in shocked. “Long story” I said and sighed. Belle came running down the stairs. “You said she was sick” He said in confusion. “Another long story” I said with a cheeky smile. “We’re going to talk later.”

I sighed even though I just met him I needed someone right now and my bestfriend was on vacation right now so she can’t come over. My parents once they heard what happened they just grew frustrated and hung up. I was angry about how my parents treated us. They were good parents but they were never here always on some business trip or have to stay late for their work. Anyways Justin, Belle, and I went upstairs and into the playroom and watched TV since the one downstairs was smashed into pieces.

It was about 6 o’clock when Belle passed out on the ground I picked her up and put her in her bed, tuck her in, and gave her a kiss on the head. I turned off her light and shut the door. As I walked back towards the room Justin was cleaning up the mess that Belle made. “You don’t have to do this.” Is aid while helping him picking up the rest of the mess. “I wanted to. Now, you have some explaining to do missy.” I laughed. We both sat down on the couch; him leaning against the armrest and I’m sitting across from him.  

I told him the whole story. About what happened down there, how I lied to him about Belle being sick, how i was scared scared in general not because of a horror flick. Justin listened carefully as I spoke. His eyes starting to tearing up a bit at parts. When I was done I was a complete mess. Justin pulled me into a hug so i was crying into his chest. He rubbed my back and said comforting words to me.


After a while everything went black.


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