Just Because || Calby

Spontaneous romanticism was one of Calvin’s favorite things in the world to do, and also something he hadn’t done in a while, and been this excited for. In the grand scheme of things he’d done in the past it wasn’t that grand, but he knew  Ruby would love or at least appreciate effort, really he just wanted to do something nice for her, he really appreciated her coming along to New York with him. While he was out Cal called down to the hotel and had them prepare her favorite food special while he set up the balcony with candles and flower petals. He showered and dressed nice for the occasion, and waited on the couch, a single rose in hand for Ruby to get back from her shopping trip. 

Just Because || Callow

Cal had spent most of his Saturday in the floor kitchen making brownies. They were doing a little less than joking around when he said he would, but he didn’t really have any plans and thought she would appreciate the sentiment. It didn’t go…smoothly, but he had managed make a batch of heart shaped brownies, and once he’d texted Willow he was on his way to her dorm with them. He walked across campus, and made a quick stop at one of the campus stores buying a daisy for her. He got to her dorm easily and knocked, a smile already on his face. “So surprise.”