Just Because || Calby

Spontaneous romanticism was one of Calvin’s favorite things in the world to do, and also something he hadn’t done in a while, and been this excited for. In the grand scheme of things he’d done in the past it wasn’t that grand, but he knew  Ruby would love or at least appreciate effort, really he just wanted to do something nice for her, he really appreciated her coming along to New York with him. While he was out Cal called down to the hotel and had them prepare her favorite food special while he set up the balcony with candles and flower petals. He showered and dressed nice for the occasion, and waited on the couch, a single rose in hand for Ruby to get back from her shopping trip. 

Just Because || Callow

Cal had spent most of his Saturday in the floor kitchen making brownies. They were doing a little less than joking around when he said he would, but he didn’t really have any plans and thought she would appreciate the sentiment. It didn’t go…smoothly, but he had managed make a batch of heart shaped brownies, and once he’d texted Willow he was on his way to her dorm with them. He walked across campus, and made a quick stop at one of the campus stores buying a daisy for her. He got to her dorm easily and knocked, a smile already on his face. “So surprise.”

Good side of town.

Still together since 2012
Thinking about it makes me melt
Going strong for 2 years
I don’t care if still together till forever

You give me hope
Always gives me the rope
I’m climbing on your tower
Almost there, I’m closer

Forgave me many times
Made you look the best
Girl, how could I?
You’re the best I ever had

Problems arrive
We managed to survive
Still fighting for this
I know we ain’t finished

You’re still fighting
I’m still fighting
You’re looking your way up
Hoping for clarity

This is a secret love
We’re like flying doves
Hiding from hunters
Hopping from shelter to shelter

This is the final round
It’s either I get it right or I get it worse
Trust me
Nah I know you don’t

Breaks my heart many times
Taste sour just like limes
Feeling these now a little longer
Hell yeah! This makes me stronger 😡

Bad side of town.

Trying to find our way out
Out of this messed up world
Two worlds divided by Gods
Gods who won’t let us be

It’s a shame not to be always with you
It’s all I hope for, baby please it’s true
I’m against the whole world
They think they’re stronger than gold

I’ll break them to pieces
Prove them I’m a better man now
And you girl?
I’ll do just the same

Crawling my way out
In this final bout
I know there’s no way
I’ll be with you everyday

Girl, stop hiding that feeling
It’s making me sick
You’re trying to let yourself down
Pick up yourself together

Helping you in anyway I can
Please don’t lock me in my den
Don’t mind what the hell they think
They’re winning making your feelings sink

Do you mind?
I get tired to of telling me shit
You say “stop saying I love you etc.”
But I know you still want me to.

Running out of options
I Hope I have the last potion
Standing outside your gate
All I have to do is wait

My life then and now

I couldn’t imagine myself containing me in every bars of this cage. Hoping for a better future and hoping that things would go how it was before. But you can’t expect everything to be permanent. Life goes on and change is a constant thing.

I keep telling me these things. I’m such a hard headed kid who believes that everything will always be the same.

It’s really hard for me to accept these changes especially when you get used to it. It becomes a routine, you do it over and over again without getting tired.

But, hey let me tell you my story. My life before was a life that every boy was wishing for. It was a life full of spoils, love life, partying, cheating, lying, feuds and all the things a little boy could wish for. It was a part of my system and became my habit. Until it became my everyday routine. I’ve messed up a lot of times, let people down especially my parents, family, friends and girlfriend. I couldn’t imagine myself messing up a lot of times and not giving a damn about anything. In short it was a life full of spoils.

Then she left me. The tears are still fresh on her eyes, the lies still echoes on her mind and the hatred lingers in her heart. Her eyes are filled with darkness and her heart is in confusion. She’s broken and I’m not.

It was then the time I have realized that my life was at the other side of the road. It destroyed me almost everyday to know the truth that everyone I loved, been with and trusted was lost because of my miserable life. Everyone I know lost their trust on me. I destroyed each and everyone’s heart. I traded myself for fun. I played hearts.

“Ohhh boy, no one wants a troubled boy”

I’ve been crying hard every night and not able to focus on school. Everyday I was breaking down. Every step closer to her is like one step losing her. Life’s been hard and I’m pretty sure that all these things have thought me a lesson.

Tears running down my eyes every night trying to wipe it away, hoping to see clarity ahead. It is so depressing not to see yourself happy. It is also depressing not to be with the people you know before.

“Now that they’re just somebody that I used to know”

Half of my heart is fighting and the other half surrendered. I thought of beginning again, where everything feels brand new. Not to think of anything else, but the possibility of getting back together. Still hoping for a tiny speck of hope left not letting it go. It’s like a cat and mouse chase, not letting go of the chance to catch the mouse no matter how fast or how hard it runs.

I’ll chase my lost dreams. Going for them one by one. Not letting go for this final run. Never going to listen to dogs’ bark. I’ll do my best to reach for these stars and I know even If I fall I’ll land among the moon. I’ll shoot them one by one. This is it. Even how hard life is now,

“I will never give up, it is the next move that makes me even stronger”