Jesse Boykins III - Plain [Lyric Dance Video]

Shot, Edited & Directed by http://HarrisonBoyce.com 
Written by http://JesseBoykinsIII.com
Song produced by http://Machinedrum.net
LOVE APPARATUS coming April 22nd.

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I don’t know if people really realize how talented and creative Mr. Jesse Boykins III (@JB3Music) really is….

This gentleman has an amazing vision and crazy drive to actually bring these visions to fruition.  Spending the day in NY with him and other incredible forward thinking young men gave me a whole new motivation to bring the art, music and beauty I love to the people…

Onward and Upward! In the words of JB #Schwaza

-Where: The Highline, NY

-Who: Jesse Boykins III

-By: Fred Shavies (3680photography)