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Today I bought two books and ordered two more, saw this beautiful cobweb on a walk with siblings, drew and left this picture in jb hi-fi and am currently trying to decide whether I am going to blow literally all my money on an iPad Pro or Windows Surface Book.

We Were The Best ~ Calum Hood Imagine ~

~ Your POV ~

“Okay, it’s the last song of the day.” You said, as the crowd boo’d, they wanted more but you had saved the best song to last “But, this song I haven’t realised yet. It’s my new single that is coming out next week.” That made the crowd roar, which what made you happy and you weren’t world wide known like your ex but it was success in your eyes “This is about a boy I have ever dated in my twenty years of living and we were both seventeen still in school. This is called seventeen.” That made the crowd roar, and in that crowd you knew one of them could be your ex, you were scared but you couldn’t change the song now.

This song is about Calum Hood, a boy you dated three years ago. You thought.

“He was working at the record shop”
Calum used to work at the loacl JB-HI FI and thats how you guys met.
“I would kiss him in the parking lot
Tasting like cigarettes and soda pop”
You guys used to kick back at 7/11, smoke and drinking the cheapest drink “Seventeen”
That’s when you dated each other….

“He would tell me I was beautiful”
Everytime he talked about you, he always mentioned how beautiful you looked to him
“Sneaking in the neighbour’s swimming pool”
Your neighbour was always away for summer and he wanted to risk it.
Yeah, he taught me how to break the rules
He was the bad boy of school.. What more can I say?

“Hey, those days are long gone
And when I hear this song it takes me back”
You’re a bad girl, and he learnt that just before you dated and good girls is a song about you.

“We were on top of the world
Back when I was your girl”
Everyone always talked about how perfect you were.
“We were living so wild and free
Acting stupid for fun
Even if we were finishing school, you acted like you started secondary school.
“All we needed was love
That’s the way it’s supposed to be”
That kind of explains it self.

“Stealing beers out of the trailer park
Flicking lighters just to fight the dark”

We would steal beers, get drunk for fun
And we walked through tunnels and caves.
“My favorite place was sitting in his car

Though most dates were in his car eating fastfood
Or making love…
“We laid a blanket on the roof top
That time I knew I wouldn’t make him stop”

In the summer he led me to his favourite spot
We set up on a roof and basically made out…
“The nights were cold but we kept ‘em hot

I then repeated the course with the same meaning to it. I really enjoyed writing this song and singing it, it has so much story and the first song I have written about me and not anyone’s elses relationships.

“We were running red lights
We were going all night”

Speeding and just going anywhere to a secret spot.
“Didn’t care about anything
'Cause it was you and me”

For a young couple, we were serious
Even if half of it was sex.
“We were living our dream
And we were seventeen”

You both thought you had a dream at the time…

“Oh, oh, oh, oh…
Oh, oh, oh, oh…

“I remember what it felt like
Just a small town kind of life
If I could only just go back in time,
You both thought you were in a small town, and honestly you missed Calum in your life but you were leaving for Melbourne and he couldn’t come.

You repeated the bridge and the course before you finished,.the song and when it was over, and the only place you didn’t look was Calum there and with anther girl so you pretended you didn’t see him.

Still trying to get a job at JB Hi Fi, and failing. In protest I went yesterday and bought three CDs

To be fair, I was going to buy about 9 CDs. (There was a sale on)… YEAH! TAKE THAT JB!

P.S. Did you know that the JB in JB Hi Fi are the initials of the founder, and Hi Fi is High Fidelity, as in the hit novel and film we all love so much as well as the way to describe high quality stereo sound?
Amazing. It’s this kind of shit I could wow them with at JBs.