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legendofcarl  asked:

What if you and your Generals found the lions before your father had been able to? Do you think the lions would have accepted you five or would you all have been shut out?

I put this ask off for a while because I wanted to see how S7 would live up to my expectations with Acxa, Ezor, and Zethrid. Needless to say, there really was not much for me to build off of, but here is a little theory I have when it concerns the five lions and my generals. I rather like this AU because Narti is still alive and well with Kova. 

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anonymous asked:

We've heard your feelings about your parents and Allura, but I'm curious about your feelings about your generals. Aside from Axca, they seem quick to betray you. Then again, maybe that first time was just because they were distraught over Narti and being labeled traitors to be killed on sight.

I deeply care for them. There is a reason why I chose them to be at my side as my generals and that is because I know of the treatment they receive by every passing sneer from the Empire’s citizens. I know the struggles they go through as a half-breed, but most of all? I know they feel just as isolated in a society that they depended on. 

It is because of how relatable they are to myself that I do not hold a grudge against them for their betrayal. They did what they needed to do for survival and, perhaps deep down, I did not completely trust them either. I expected the same amount of suspicion, to be honest. Remember, survival of the fittest applies to those who adapt the fastest through sheer willpower. 

I would rather they find their own path in the universe, even if it is without me by their side. They can do it, I know they can. Betrayal is a common occurrence in my lifetime. It comes with the title and that is not something I wish to smear on their future plans. Just look at them now. Ezor and Zethrid are happily in love and Axca…well, I like to think she, too, has found a sliver of happiness after all that has happened. 

legendofcarl  asked:

Tell me Lotor, since you've been to many worlds throughout your life time, what was the strangest thing you've ever encountered? Be it an animal, insect, weather patterns, I'm curious.

Take a good, long look in the mirror, dear Carl. You humans are the strangest phenomenon I have ever encountered. 

I jest, darling! I find Earthlings to be utmost fascinating and intelligent, even if some of things you do as individuals are…disconcerting. Who is this “Florida Man” I hear so much about? No, but in all seriousness, I once stumbled upon a planet that was the closest definition of a perfect society. No war, no death, no disease, not even a single problem on their environmental surroundings. 

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The Last Bookstore, LA

I am not sure if anyone has fully extolled the virtues of the last bookstore (I mean of course they have but you can’t stop me from joining the bandwagon). The combination of new and used books in well-defined genre shelves allow for the seamless integration of new and old genre fiction. I found some great science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror titles. If you are at all interested in obscure stuff about baking witches, time-traveling fairies, or crime-fighting space warriors (and anything else you can think up), here is the place to find it. That’s not to say they don’t carry new, noteworthy, and popular titles, it’s just that they have such a large space and so much stock. It also helps that they have managed to create a place narrows in on books as a form of physical art with it’s the combination of shelving patterns and art installations. So anyways goals achieved, dream realized, have a great day (and if you’re nearby you should go to this bookstore).