jb stokes

Probably 2jae part 3 I think or 4 🤔
  • JB: *laying in his own bed with his roommate and boyfriend youngjae in the other*
  • Youngjae: *cuddled up with his blanket* JB hyung how do you think we'll do tomorrow for our comeback preformance
  • JB: *looking at the ceiling* we'll do fine you've worked hard youngjae you don't have to worry
  • Youngjae: *sighs* I know we can't be all touchy in the house with the boys but...can I sleep with you
  • JB: *smiles in the darkness* of course you can baby
  • Youngjae: *get up quickly and jumps into bed next to JB hugging him*
  • JB: *stokes youngjae hair leaving soft kisses on his forehead* you're an amazing performer babe don't doubt yourself
  • Youngjae: just promise you'll stay by my side during the performance please I need you
  • JB: *puts finger under youngjae Chin tilting his head to face him* forever and always choi youngjae
  • Youngjae: *giggles and pull JB in for a kiss* that was so cheesy Im jaebum
  • JB: shut up you like it that's why you're all red now *pokes youngjaes cheeks