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Comfort part 6

Jackson x Series x Part 6 x Abuse x Violence x Smut x Comfort -Jackson(or any other got7 members) is NOT abusing her. x Secrets

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 This part contains SMUT


You hated facing Jackson. You just felt so ashamed and guilty.

“It was my fault.” Your voice was soft and weak, just as your soul was.

Jackson stood up and wrapped his arms around you. “It was never your fault, and it never will be. A man should never touch a woman in this way, and you don’t deserve this. You deserve so much better. You deserve the whole world.”

Jackson continued holding you tightly, trying to protect you from everything bad in the world. He was pretty sure if he wasn’t holding you, he would be out killing the guy right now”.

-I want to thank Erica ( @got7imaginations​) for the inspiration from her game to write this Jackson series- credit goes to her! Thanks doll <3


“I’m on my way” he said before hanging up.

But he didn’t make it to his car before his face was covered with a rag. Inhaling the toxic chemicals. His eyes blinked sheepishly as he collapsed back in the arms of a brunette.


Jackson opened his eyes slowly as he blinked rapidly trying to process what just happened. He wanted to rub his eyes but his wrist were being held down by a rope. He panicked trying to wiggle himself free but he failed.

“Are you done” Jb laughed, watching the brunette try to get free.

“Who are you and where am I” Jackson questioned, giving him a threatening glare.

Jb hopped off the desk he was sitting on and walked towards Jackson as he skimmed the knife over his neck.

“Welcome to hell.. But funner. Well for me” Jb smirked.

The door opened and Junior came through trailing behind him, his boss, BamBam.

“What is he doing here?” Junior mumbled to BamBam.

“He has something that belongs to me” BamBam replied.

“Jackson Wang we finally meet again. The other time we met, I ‘disturbed’ you and your lover but this time I made sure it was dramatical” BamBam smiled rubbing his hands together mischievously.

“What the hell is this” Jackson yelled.

“I believe you have something that belongs to me” BamBam said cocking his head to the right.

Jackson’s face was full of confusion as he tried to figure out what he was talking about. But he gave a smile of achievement as he stared at the boss.

The necklace..

“Jb get the necklace” Junior commanded, making Jb nod and search Jackson.

“Why do you want it so bad” Jackson hissed.

“Oh. Why do you want it so bad lover boy? You ripped it off your girl friends neck yeah? Do you not trust her? Did you think you were going to find what you were looking for?” BamBam questioned adding a evil laugh.

Jackson was silent, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say or do. What could he do, he was tied up to a chair and surrounded by trained mafia men. Even if he did get out, Jb would attack him and probably kill him so he was better off cooperating.

“What do you want” Jackson asked giving in.

“I don’t want anything. Well maybe I do. But that comes later. As of right now. You want to know something am I right?” BamBam asked getting closer to Jackson.

He leaned in to his ear and whispered something before backing away and going to his previous position.

BamBam put his hands on the side bars of the chair as he eyed Jackson, jealousy filling his mind. Jackson scoffed turning his head away from him.

“I now see what she sees in you. You know, I’ve been watching you for a while now. Your such the ladies man. Everything I wasn’t. If only I had been a good listener and good with words, I would still have had her. But enough about me” BamBam sighed changing the subject.

He snapped his fingers making Jb walk towards Jackson holding his knife to his neck again. Jackson’s heart raced faster than it ever had. He was going to die and he would die knowing he lied and betrayed you.

“What would Y/N do if she found out you killed her boyfriend” Jackson mumbled.

“I don’t care what she will think! All that matters is what would you do when you watch your pretty little girl friend leave you and run into the arms of another man” BamBam laughed.

“That’s something you know all too well huh?” Jackson grinned as BamBam eyed him the smile disappearing off his face.

“It must have hurt to smell me all over Y/N. And you’re probably feeling like a fool right now. Just” - Jackson was interrupted when BamBams fist collided to his face face making his head cock back. Bullets of sweat dripped from his forehead as his breathing hitched.

“Don’t you ever speak to me like that again!” Bam Bam yelled. A nerve was struck and his blood was boiling. Jackson just spit the blood out his mouth as he chuckled at BamBam’s response.

BamBam nodded his head at Jb who smirked. Jb slid the small knife up Jackson’s neck grinding the blade up to his cheek.

He didn’t cut him, not yet of course. He grazed his cheek as he slowly marked a print in his jaw. Jackson screamed in pain as he saw the blood drip down on his pants.

“Wait” Junior said as he walked towards Jackson, making Jb stop cutting.

“You know what would be more fun” Junior chuckled, “If Y/N could watch you get torched then she would know what will happen if she decided to run her mouth.”

BamBam nodded at Juniors idea. Evilly clapping his hands making the door burst open revealing Mark and You. You whimpered as Mark held a knife to your throat, carefully not to hurt your pretty little skin as he walked in next to Junior.

“Jackson” you screamed but his eyes refused to look at you.

“Shut up Y/N. You knew what would happen if you betrayed me but you keep thinking I’m playing games with you” BamBam yelled.

Tears streamed your face as you saw Jackson’s cheek, the mark that was sliced into it. A warning mark. BamBam always warned people by marking them, and it scared the shit out of people. 

Especially you.

Jb gave Jackson a jab hook in the stomach making his body hurl over. Blood coughed out his mouth as your eyes watered from the sight.

“Stop” you sobbed but Jb hit him again ignoring your request.

Jacksons groans filled the room and Marks grip was tight on you, making sure you didn’t try anything.

“One small mistake and you will die before he does” Mark whispered into your ear.

“I didn’t snitch Bam, I swear. Please just let Jackson go. He doesn’t have anything to do with this” You begged.

“Oh, I know babe. But Jackson took something of mine, and you know I hate thieves” BamBam said innocently as he shook his head.

Your face frowned as you saw the necklace dangling from Juniors hand and you tried to process what was now happening.

“My n-necklace” you stuttered.

“You mean my necklace” BamBam smiled.

“Wait, what is that” Junior asked examining the mark on Jackson’s arm.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Jackson as Jb cut through the fabric. You stared at the mark that was on Jackson, you didn’t know why you didn’t notice it before. You felt betrayed and used, that was the same mark Woojin had.

“You knew didn’t you” your voice was weak.

Jackson refused to look up towards you as he bit his lip. You just scoffed as you chewed your lip in disappointment.

“Knew what? What the hell is going on” BamBam yelled.

Mumbling filled the room, and silence rained down. You were in shock, you just didn’t understand. You could feel the tears fall and you refused to wipe them. You wanted Jackson to watch them fall so he could know what he did to you.

“Junior, what the hell is she talking about” BamBam yelled.

But Junior looked lost for the first time. He had no clue, no one had a clue what was going on. Except you and Jackson..

“He worked for them. The whole time he worked for them. We were being played” you scoffed.

Bam Bam looked around, he was getting irritated by the silence in the room and he threw the knife into the wall just below where you were standing.

“You mean the same clan Woojin worked for” Junior asked.

Mark pushed you away from him as he put the knife back into his pocket. You stumbled from the sudden release as you fell on your knees. Your legs were weak and your soul was broken like your heart.

“Yes” you mumbled, tears falling,

“Fuck” BamBam hissed stomping away, Mark following after him.

You heard the sirens go off and you knew, that they were here. You knew they were coming. Junior and Jb ran out of the room, trying to get to there boss before something happened but not you. You remained sitting on your knees as you looked up at Jackson.

His bleeding beautiful face. His eyes were loopy and weak. But you struggled to get up as you reached for the knife BamBam tossed in the wall. Jackson’s eyes widened as he saw what you were doing.

You limped towards Jackson cutting through the thick rope as he sprung free. Jackson quickly hugged you, placing a kiss on your forehead. But you pushed him away from you before he could do anything else.

“Don’t touch me” your voice was weak but stern enough to let him know to back off.

“Y/N. We need to go now. I understand your mad at me but this needs to wait” Jackson tried to convince you but you were to broken to listen.

“Jin-Young and… Bam, I need to save them” you mumbled shaking your head.

“We don’t have time Y/N, we need to go now. Its either you or them”Jackson was getting annoyed by your stubbornness and decided to do things his way.

You could hear the ceiling cracking and footsteps from above you. You just didn’t have the strength to move. Pieces of the ceiling fell down near where you sat. Jackson shook his head taking a deep breath. He wrapped his arms around the crook of your legs lifting you as he made his way to the door.

Footsteps and guns going off, making you panic. Squirming into his body as the floor fell from above you.  You were scared, numb and worried even. Hoping no one you loved died but at this moment, Jackson was your comfort. He was your safety and him holding you right now was all you cared about in this moment.

“Youngjae is in the car waiting for us. Come on we need to move faster. I don’t know how long Mark can hold them off” Yugyeom said.

‘Is Mark is working for Jackson’ you thought.

Jackson tried his best to run out of the building but he was limping and with you in his arms. Your mind went groggy and the last thing you witnessed clearly was someone shooting BamBam.

Your heart dropped as you watched him fall on the ground. You wanted to run out of Jackson’s stronghold to BamBams side but you would be betraying him. And you would die along with him.

Jackson climbed into the black van behind Yugyeom. Your eyes were fixed on the window, seeing Mark run out of the warehouse and into the front seat next to Youngjae, your eyes closed and you felt your head fell on Jackson’s chest.


You woke up to a dark blue room, your eyes slowly looked around taking in the rooms features. You saw a redhead sitting across from you as he cleaned up Jackson’s wounds. You blinked as you sat up on the couch. Your head throbbing so you decided to lay back down.

“Your up. Its about time, thought you died on us for a minute” Yugyeom joked making Jackson punch him.

“Ouch” he winced rubbing his arm.

“What happened… and where am I” you asked.

“Our plan worked Jagi. We are safe for now” Jackson smiled at you as he handed you a glass of water.

“I don’t understand. What plan? What are you talking about?” You asked.

Yugyeom cleared his throat and stood up.

“Me and Jackson have been planning this forever. Well since that night and I knew about what happened and so do you. We witnessed what BamBam does. So I wanted to convince BamBam I was on his side 100 percent. So he wouldn’t see it coming when I betrayed him”.

“What” you scoffed, “BamBam got shot! And your over here telling me that all this time you were plotting against him” raising your voice at the last part.

“Y/N, when I saw you that night, I knew that you were a potential because you were scared and begging for him to not hurt anyone. So I had Youngjae help me…”Yugyeom trailed off.

You stood there confused. You just didn’t understand.

“But how does this have anything to do with you. Jackson”. You looked at Jackson waiting for answers.

“Mark and Yugyeom came to me that morning….and asked if I wanted to join and I said yes. But they wanted you to be apart of it and I told them no” Jackson explained, “And I had to play along, Mark called Jb when I told him I was on my way to set the plan in motion. Jb was to ambush me, thanks to Mark’s plan.”

“What were you thinking? You could have been killed! How did I get into this mess ? Mark almost hurt me badly” you yelled.

“Listen Y/N. Its best if you don’t know everything” Youngjae smiled, turning around in his chair.

“You were playing both sides” you yelled.

“It was for a good cause Y/N. At first we weren’t. We were loyal to Boss, but he got out of hand” Youngjae said, his face frowning up and Yugyeom nodding.

“What do you mean? BamBam always treated you with respect and always made sure you got first” you said to Yugyeom emphasizing the You.

“Yeah.. until he recruited Jb. Then I wasn’t around anymore so I wanted to leave like you” Yugyeom nodded. 

“I-I don’t understand. I never left. I just wanted to go outside. I was cooped up in that damn warehouse all day and I wanted to live like a normal person” you explained.

Yugyeom nodded and went towards the room. Shuffling his feet as his hands fit inside his pockets. He disappeared into one of the rooms and your eyes landed on Jackson who was biting his lip trying to think of something to say.

But you marched up to him, putting your hands on his shoulders. You scrunched up your lips to say something but nothing came out. You wanted to yell at him for lying to you and breaking your heart but who were you to judge- you had helped BamBam kill his mother.

“I-I” but you were cut off by the door opening. Your eyes glued on the front door as Mark stood there, panting, his hand on his heart as he caught his breath.

Your body was lifted up as you saw yourself exiting the warehouse. The warehouse where everything started at. You hated this building.

Lifeless bodies slumped everywhere as blood leaked out of them. Your vision was dizzy but you were managing to look around as a familiarity carried you. You saw him, BamBam shooting at a couple of men who tried to shoot him first.

Their bodies fell down in front of him as he walked over them, kicking them over to the side. Junior was to his right and Jb was to his left as they guarded their boss.

But a bullet went off in slow motion. Everything froze and your eyes widened as you screamed.


BamBam fell down, clutching his side. Groaning in pain. You made out the clothes the shooter wore, black ripped skinny jeans and black combat boots.

Your eyes shut again and you opened them for the second time as you saw the fiery red hair.

“Mark” you hissed as you walks towards him, slapping his cheek.

You then aimed for his other cheek, making his head jerk back. Your other fist clenched together to get ready and punch him a second time.

“Woah, calm down” Mark chuckled, making Jackson quickly grab you by your waist to pull you away from Mark.

“Let me go” you yelled, squirming around in Jacksons arms.

You fought your way out of his grip but you failed.

“I hate you” you gritted through your teeth as Jackson tossed you over his shoulder.

“That’s okay” Mark smirked.

You rolled your eyes as Jackson led you to a room and closed the door behind him. He sat you on the edge of the bed before sighing and stretching his arms out.

“You can’t attack Mark. He is our partner and we need him” Jackson assured.

You rolled your eyes, folding your arms.

“Okay. But he won’t get away with what he did” you agreed.

“How about I make you forget about what happened today. I’m here with you, you’re here with me. So let’s make something of it” Jackson smiled rubbing at your thighs.

“No. i’m mad at you” you say harshly pushing Jackson aside.

“Listen. I can’t tell you everything. But the people here you need to trust us”Jackson spoke.

You folded your arms in protest. You wanted to give in from the pit of heat boiling at your core but you were still upset about everything.

“Ill make it up to you I promise” Jackson winked as he pulled your arm close to him.

A light chuckle vanished out your lips as you nodded. Jackson lowered himself down to your level as he kissed your lips. His lip swallowing yours so viciously as he grabbed the back off your neck to pull you closer.

You moaned at his touch as his teeth bit down your tongue and lip.You felt your body heat up from his touch. But it just felt so wrong. The timing was just so wrong.

“Jackson I can’t” you sighed pulling away.

What were you doing? You wanted him.

“Whats wrong Y/N?” Jackson asked, cupping your face to look at him.

But your eyes couldn’t look directly into his. You looked away, at the floor.

“The timing Jackson. I watched BamBam get shot and I’m safe but hes not. I’m about to have sex knowing he’s hurt” you shook your head at the thought.

“You still love him don’t you” Jackson asked, his voice sounded hurt by the thought of you with another man.

“He was my first love. Of course I will still love him. But I’m with you now. So don’t worry so much” you tried to comfort your boyfriend.

“Help me not worry so much” Jackson said in a soft but needy tone.

You cupped his face placing a kiss to his pouting lips.

His hands rubbing over your clothed body. Pulling off your shirt, you heard a ripping sound but you didn’t dare say anything. Jackson tossed it on the floor. He went to your other clothing you had on to do the same to them.

You broke the kiss to fumble with his jeans and belt. But his lips weren’t trying to be neglected, they met yours again and kissed you harder. You moaned against his lips. Jackson lifted your legs away from you to pull your pants off to toss them on the floor with the rest of your clothes.

He pulled his pink shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor with your clothes. His body leaned on yours to press you on the bed. His hands pinned yours above your head as his hardened member thrusted over your panties.

“Jackson, no teasing please” you whinned, pushing your hips further into his as your back arched off the bed.

His hand pressed down your thighs making you fall flat on the bed. He then rubbed his fingers over your panties feeling your wetness soak through your underwear. You whimpered from his touch.

“You know what I want you to do for me babe” Jackson smiled.

You didn’t reply just hummed and threw your head back.

“Tell me how much you love it when i’m inside of you” Jackson begged you as his hand rubbed down your body.

You bit your lip thinking about how good it feels when he’s thrusting inside of you.

“Jackson please” you begged.

“Say it”. He cocked his head to the side as he waited for your answer.

His eyes were dark and his grip was tight on you so you couldn’t back out. All you could do was whine and fuzz.

“I love when your inside of me Jackson” you cried.

A smirk was placed on his lips as he kissed your lips and bit your bottom lip before you could kiss him back. You whinned from the loss of his lips on yours.

“Now, I want you to scream as much as you can” Jackson said licking his lips.

You nodded waiting for him to thrust into you but his lips found your clit instead.

You gasped under your breath as your hands found his hair tugging at it hard. You back arched more as his hands squeezed into your thighs, sure to leave a print. You moaned aloud from the pleasure, as his tongue flicked at your clit. He sucked harshly as his fingers slowly thrusted inside of you.

You mouthed cursed him name as you closed your eyes. Your thighs shook under his touch and you knew you would come any minute. But you were wrong because Jackson stopped and licked your juices off his lips and fingers.

“Jackson why did you stop” you pouted.

His eyes stared deep into your soul and you felt a sharp pain and then pleasure took over you. His hands tied your ankles to your thighs as he thrusted inside of you. You felt pleasure you never felt before but it hurt a little. You could feel him in your stomach and your loud moans filled the room, sure everyone can hear you.

“Jackson, s-slow. Go sl-slow” you moaned.

“You want me to go slow babe” he asked as he went deeper inside of you.

“Oh… yes please. Slow” you moaned.

Jackson went slower feeling your orgasm shudder around him. You heard him moan from above you. Your lips were dry and your moans were louder by every thrust.

“Why do you feel so good” Jackson groaned as he pulled out of you, his warm liquid spilling out to fill your thighs.

“Fuck” he hissed.

You laid on the bed panting as your legs quivered. Jackson smiled kissing your forehead as he climbed on you and wiped you with a piece of a cloth. He disappeared out the room, grabbing two towels on his way out and going into the other room which was attached to the bedroom you were in.

You sighed, turning over in the bed, feeling the uncomfortable wetness between your legs making you groan. Your body was lifted up and you panicked until you smelled Jackson’s blissful smell.

“Just relax” he smiled leading you to the bathroom.


“Y/N, come on get up. We need to move” BamBam roughly shakes your sleeping body awake.

“Whaa. Why” You groaned.

“Y/N. Come on we need to go now” Bambam said again shaking your body.

Your eyes jolted up as you let your boyfriend pull you off the bed and out the door. You ran behind him as his hand was firmly holding your wrist. He pushed the door opened as he saw Junior standing near the car.

“Get in now.”

You obeyed the orders climbing into the backseat of the car as BamBam slid in next to you. The door slammed shut and Junior climbing into the front seat with Yugyeom, whose face was not visible to you. You never understood why he covered his face in front of you.

“What happened” You asked, hoping to get answers but no one said anything.

BamBams hand grabbed yours, interwinding them and bringing your hand to his lips as he placed a soft kiss to your shaky hands.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, just know as long as your in my care your safe.”

You didn’t look his way, you just stared out the window as the car speeded down the dark streets. Your eyes were forcing themselves to stay open as you tried to make out the conversation they were having.

“We need to relocate.”

“Boss. We have a emergency cabin just in case, we can go there.”


Your eyes opened quickly. Looking around the semi dark room you felt Jackson’s presence next to you. Slowly slipping out the bed you quietly got dressed leaving out the room. You were startled when you spotted Mark on the couch, a glass of liquor in his hand as he stared you down.

“Where do you think you are going?” he asked.

You rolled your eyes making your way passed him, but he pulled your wrist back, pushing you against the corner of the wall. The glass in his hand was sat on the counter as his other hand cornered you. His tall figure standing over you- an angry look in his eyes.

“Mark move” you threatened trying to find a way away from him.

“You know you’re the dumbest girl I’ve ever met. I stayed around watching you for so long, hoping you would have the brains to figure it out but I was wrong” Mark scoffed shaking the hair out his face.

“What the hell are you talking about” as you spoke he sensed the anger in your voice, which made him continue to smile devilishly.

He didn’t say anything just laughed and walked away from you. He sat on the arm of the couch as he stirred his drink around.

“If you want to go, leave. But you will be dead before you reach that cabin” he mumbled.

“What are you talking about. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was coming to get water” you lied, swallowing your spit.

You reached for a cup and filled the cup of with the running water, quietly drinking a sip. Then turning to Mark as you fake smiled.

“How naive can you be” he chuckled.

“Excuse me? If your going to keep insulting me, I’ll make sure Jackson knows everything” you threatened glaring at his tall figure.

“Go head. But I doubt he will believe a word you’re saying. Your lucky he’s even still with you. He probably only has you around for the sex. I mean him and BamBam are at a war right now over you so why would he just. Let. You. Go” he laughed, pausing between the last three words.

A slap was pressed against his face. Your eyes were dark and angry. Mark didn’t say anything as his hands rubbed the red flesh that appeared. You went to hit him again but his reflex grabbed your wrist, squeezing it. You blinked nervously as you watched Mark tense up.

“I’m getting sick and tired of you slapping me” he paused letting out a warning laugh as he threw your hand down.

You gulped taking a step back from the frightening man. But you refused to let him see you this way. You straightened your posture and cocked your head to the side.

“Well I’m sick of you and your dirty lies” you shotted back, but only earning a quiet chuckle from him.

He cornered you making your hands palm the wall for support as you licked your lips. His hands skimmed through his hair as he eyed you dangerously, his eyes were filled with something you couldn’t explain and it scared you. You could always read everyone’s expressions but not Mark.

Mark intimidated you.

“You have no idea what I could do to you and you know, I’ve been around BamBam enough to know what you like or don’t like. But hit me one more time and I swear to god you’re in for it” his voice was calm but warning.

You nodded slowly, showing him you understood. In a flash his eyes weren’t dark anymore but you had to much pride to let him get the last word.

“Do I intimidate you Babygirl” Mark asked raising an eyebrow seductively.

You rolled your eyes at him. You couldn’t understand why Mark found you so interesting. He could toy with you all day and you would let him because everything he said got under your skin. You always had a problem ignoring people like Mark.

“You’re still going to pay for shooting him. I saw what you did Mark” you stiffened as your eyes glared at him.

He looked at you, he didn’t take you seriously. Perhaps it was the fact that you didn’t look bold enough or he didn’t see you as a threat. You were just some girl he could have his fun with. You gave him something to be interested in. He loved how riled up you got when he gave a snarky comment.

“But who’s going to deal with me? You? You couldn’t even tame your boyfriend much less me and I’m not even sleeping with you” he laughed as got up from the chair pushing pass you to put his cup in the sink.

There was no comeback instead you froze. Did he just say that to you? You let out an exhale as your heart fell into so many broken pieces. You just couldn’t quite process that he just said that.

Its as if he could sense your discomfort, that he changed the subject. He wanted to apologize not expecting it to come out as harsh as it did. But instead he held his tongue.

“You have other things to worry about then taming people. Like Park Jin-young or is it Junior.”

You ignored him, grabbing you’re barely touched glass of water and going to sit on the couch. But Mark kept talking trying to get a reply from you, leaning on the sink counter as he faced your side.

“I honestly don’t know why you stayed. I mean look how he treated you. Did you even know?” he asked giving a light chuckle as he looked your way.

You couldn’t keep quiet anymore. What was Mark rambling on about that you didn’t know.

“What are you talking about” you muttered.

“Did you know that Junior wasn’t your brother.”


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