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GOT7 Reaction

Anon: got7 reaction to their band member flirting with you and them getting jealous or somethin!

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Mark: He would laugh as if it was something simple but he would simply begin to cuddle you and cling to you whenever Jaebum would come up to talk to you.

“Baby, your mine right?”

“Mark for the last time please let go.. I just want some chips”

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Jaebum: Poor poor Jackson… he was simply messing around with you. Both of you flirting, jokingly of course. But Jaebum didn’t care, he didn’t want him near you. He would literally push Jackson off the couch and sit with you. *doesnt even say anything, just stares at you so you know*

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Jackson: If you thought you saw Jackson acting extra before…. it was nothing compared to now. Yugyeom couldn’t help but whine,

“Noona, you can’t be this pretty everyday.”

Yet, before you could say a thing you’d hear a gasp. Suddenly Jackson’s arm was around you guiding you away from the maknae.

“Jagi no you don’t need to deal with that when you got a man around”

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Jinyoung: He didn’t realize it wasn’t flirting. Mark just wanted someone to speak English with, and tell some old jokes from childhood. But to Jinyoung he thought you were flirting together, so he would just casually begin to tell you embarrassing things about Mark, ignoring mark, and would eventually ignore you too. It wasn’t until you kissed his cheek and briefly told him you were talking about childhood memories.

“I like jokes too baby”

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Youngjae: This sweet baby wouldn’t know what to do. It was kind hot that day so you came to the dorm in some shorts. Bambam couldn’t help but say something about how your legs looked as good as his. Maybe even mentioning how they’d look together. Youngjae would just sit there, maybe scoff and just play with coco. You got tired of bambam mentioning your legs so you just curled up next to your boyfriend.

“You have nice legs jagi but maybe no shorts next time? I can’t stand this”’

“But your sitting down?”

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Bambam: Jinyoung was sweetly playing with your hair while you waited for your boyfriend. While you were use to this, you weren’t use to the comments coming out of his mouth. Let’s leave it at that the man can flirt. Bambam would be quiet when he came in and saw his hyung going for his girl. It wasn’t until you left with Bam to go relax in his room that he showed his anger. Pacing around he came up with an idea,

“Babe, i love the guys but I think I’m going to have to show them that your mine.”

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Yugyeom: The evil maknae needed to learn.. so the boys came up with a terrible idea. A group chat and a bribing of you later, the plan was set into motion. Yugyeom had invited you over for movies, but he wasn’t prepared for what was to come. All the boys began to flirt shamelessly with you and the deal was to act like you didn’t notice. Yugyeom felt like he was going insane, how could you not notice. How could they all just flirt with you. It wasn’t until you and Jackson started laughing that he knew you were up to something.

“I’m not this mean to you guys”

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GOT7 Reaction to walking in on their s/o getting changed.

Hello! May I request for a Got7 reaction while walking in on their s/o changing clothes??? Thank you for all your hard work! 😊😊😊

Thank you for your request anon, I hope you like it!

“Oh my goodness,” JB would half turn around, one hand lifting to cover his eyes. He’d laugh nervously, unsure whether or not he should turn around and walk out or just stand there to wait to ask you what he wanted. “Baby, you should really lock doors.” “That door doesn’t lock.” “Then leave a sign! Anything! Bambam could have walked in on you!” JB would be so horrified at the thought he’d drop his hand and turn to look at you, and you’d have to chase him with your shirt and beat him with it to get him to run out of the room.

“You’re naked,” Mark would giggle as soon as he peeked around the door. He’d wanted to see if anyone was in the bathroom, and finding you in there he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. “Mark! Go away!” You’d hurriedly cover yourself with a towel and Mark would slip into the room, a massive grin on his face. “You know, I think you looked better before,” When you whacked Mark for his cheeky comment he’d just laugh, putting his hands on your waist and pulling you in for a kiss. “Ok that was cute, now get out Mark, I need to put some clothes on!”

Jackson hadn’t been paying the slightest bit of attention as he walked into your room and over to your wardrobe. When you walked out of the bathroom in your underwear, dress in your hands, he’d shriek and fling himself at the wall as if he could somehow melt through it. “My eyes!!” Jackson would cover his hands and scream again whilst you watched on in an unimpressed silence. “Ever heard of knocking, Wang?” “Every heard of clothes, Y/n?” “What, you don’t like my underwear?” Jackson would peak through his fingers, lips pursed, his cheeks a little blushy. “Oh well yes, it’s a very nice set. Good choice, baby.” He’d do an awkward sideways shuffle from the room, his hands still over his eyes.

“Ah, my goodness, I’m so sorry.” Jinyoung would panic when he walked in to find you changing. He’d bow as he apologized and wave his hands, trying to show that it was an accident he was there. He’d keep apologizing as he turned around, fumbling for the door handle. He’d stumble out of the door, trying to keep it as closed as possible so no one walking past could see inside. Knowing you wouldn’t lock the door, he’d stand guard in the corridor, his head in his hands. “She’s going to think I’m a pervert… she did look cute though… I like the skirt she chose…”

Probably the most stunned. When Youngjae found you in the state of just pulling on your jeans he would freeze, his mouth hanging open, his hand still on the handle of the door he was holding open. “Youngjae! Don’t just stand there, get out or in and close the door!” Since one foot was already in the room it was easier for Youngjae to just step forward and he closed the door quickly. As soon as he turned to look back at you he would blush and lift his head, staring obviously at the ceiling. “Do you know where my headphones are?”

“You don’t wear matching underwear?” Bambam would pout but his sudden comment would make you scream. You had no idea he’d walked into your bedroom, and hearing his comment on your clothes had you crouching down, your arms wrapping around your body. Your panic passed quickly, soon replaced by anger. “What are you doing? You think it’s easy to match your underwear? You try when a bra costs crazy amounts of money!” You’d pick up the nearest thing to you (a shoe) and throw it at him, aiming for his head. “I’m sorry! I thought all girls matched!” Bambam would dodge your shoe, laughing. “That is childish,” when your next shoe hit him in the stomach Bambam would turn and flee from the room.

“Oh, haha, didn’t know you were in here honey,” Yugyeom would turn awkwardly towards the door that he had just closed, one hand pressed to his blushing cheek, a big grin on his face. “You don’t have to go Yuggy, I don’t mind changing in front of you.” Not wanting to seem rude and ignore you, Yugyeom would pivot around and clasp his hands behind his back. He wouldn’t want to stare at you, so he’d just rock back and forth on his feet. “Did you want something, Yuggy?” “Oh yeah, just some socks.” “You can get those whilst I’m changing, you know?” “Right,” Yugyeom would shoot you some finger guns and then awkwardly skip towards the dresser to retrieve his socks, and then he’d return to standing awkwardly, now inspecting his socks.

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Worried About Mother | GOT7 Reactions

Mark Tuan

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Mark had noticed you were off lately, he would ask you what was wrong but you wouldn’t tell him not wanting to scare him off, you didn’t want to tell him about your mother and how you thought she was using drugs once again.

So one day he had enough, he gently sat down next to you on the couch asking you to be honest with him, that whatever it was he wouldn’t judge you about it and he’ll help with whatever he could. He just couldn’t stand to see you in a constant inner turmoil.

Knowing he was right you slowly told him about your mother’s drug use, how it had become excessive, how she went to rehab to recover and lastly about your suspicion of her using drugs again.

Mark pulled you into his lap holding you tightly and kissed your forehead. 

“Then tomorrow let’s go over and show her our support.”

Im Jaebum

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He was shocked when you pulled him aside, finally wanting to tell him about everything, all he knew is it was about your mother, you kept him in the dark about everything else concerning her.

Sitting next to him you explained how one day she started using drugs recreationally, then it became a habit that you confronted her about whilst she was under the influence once, but that only angered her and in spite,  she began to use some drugs that were stronger than the last. You had to call some family members that would help you get her into to a rehabilitation center, your mother got better, she messed up yes, but she is only human, it had been awhile since she had even thought about using drugs.

You sigh before telling him the final part, the part that made you want to tell him about your mother’s drug use in the first place, you told him how you had a suspicion that’s she was using them again.

Once you had finished Jaebum took both of your hands in his and kissed your knuckles.

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s ask her first, then we’ll see how we can help.”

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The Assistant

Part 1/?

Pair: JB x Reader

Genre: I Don’t even know, some angst, some fluff

Summary: You’re an assistant for a music company, you absolutely hate it, but what happens when a new group comes around and changes that, especially the leader of that group. 

“I’m sorry miss y/l/n but if you can’t get here on time you can’t have this job. Don’t you understand that this company runs a tight schedule and we need everything done on time.

Your stomach dropped. You couldn’t loose this job your life depends on it.

“Mr. Park and I can assure you this will never happen again, my dog got sick and I had to take her to the vet and they took longer than expected. I promise I came as fast as I could” You said with a pleading look.

He sighed. His stern face turned soft for a moment. 

“Alright miss y/l/n, I’ll let this slide this one time, but only because it was about your dog. If this happens one more time, I’ll have no choice but to fire you. Do you understand?

“Yes I understand Mr. Park. Thank you sir.” You said, relief washing over you. “Oh and miss y/l/n?”

“Yes sir?”

“Take care of your dog”

“Will do sir” You said and walked out of his office.

 You were about ready to cry. You so desperately wanted to go home but you were stuck at a job that you almost lost. Working at A music company wasn’t easy especially if you are the assistant of basically everyone. Well technically your only assigned to Mr. Park Jinyoung but everyone uses you it’s always the same. 

“Y/n do this, y/n do that.” As if they can’t do it themselves

You sat down at your cubicle and sighed. You hope you don’t work there forever

“Tough day?” 

You jumped and turned your head to see your coworker Jackson,

“Can you tell”

“Oh come on y/n you just need to endure 1 day and we’re free! Hey there’s a nice coffee shop I would like to try want to come with me?”

The offer seemed tempting, wondering if this was sign to relax and take a break. Jackson was a nice guy a nice friend too. what’s the worst that can happen? 

You smiled, “Sure" 

Jackson smiled at you, “want to go after work tomorrow, it’s just a walk away" 

Before You could answer Mr. Park walked in and motioned you to follow him. "Sounds good Jackson, I have to go,work is calling once a again. You said as you walked up to Mr. Park. 

Miss y/l/n I need you In here, we have to introduce a new music group and welcome them to the company. Make sure to leave a nice impression.” Mr. Park said and led you to the meeting room. 

 In there you were met with 4 incredibly gorgeous boys. But your eyes were glued to a certain someone. He had piercing eyes and a smirk to go with it. He was hot you thought. He must of noticed you staring because he smirked even more while staring at you.

You blinked, you had to stop looking at him, you don’t want to cause anymore trouble.

“Miss y/l/n this is GOT, we will be representing them and we have to have everything done before they debut in 2 months.” Mr. Choi said

Two months was he serious, more late night working and living of coffee this was going to be a nightmare. 

He must of noticed that your face fell because he said, “I know it’s short notice and you’ll probably be stressed but there’s nothing you can’t do.” 

He didn’t wait for your response and continued, “This is, Bambam, he’s the rapper of the group,” 

He grinned and waved, he was cute, he seemed like that kind of person that would always be happy.

Mr. Park, continued to the next boy, “This is Yugyeom, he’s the maknae of the group and a vocalist.”

He smiled shyly obviously flustered. You could’t help but smile back.

“This is Youngjae, he’s the lead vocalist.”

He smiled big. He was a literal ray of sunshine.

Then Mr. Park went to the one I had been eyeing and the one that seemed to intrigue me.

“This is JB, he’s the leader of the group as well as a vocalist,”

He smirked at you, but other than that you couldn’t read him, he seems like a mystery that is just waiting to be solved.

“As of today, you will be working for them too

Right as he said that, I saw that JB winked at me.

 This was going to be interesting.


Hi this is Adi, this is one of my fist chaptered fics and I know that isn’t best but bare with me. This is pretty short but following chapters will be longer I promise. I also take requests if you want to message me, I promise I don’t bite. I also want to write reactions so request anything but at the moment I will not do smut. Thank you for reading

Got7 as Cats


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