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GOT7 won album of the year for first quarter of 2016 with Flight Log: Departure, and proceeded to give speeches in Korean, English, Thai, and Mandarin


Gaon Chart Awards: Winning Speech. 1st Quarter Physical Sales Winners.

Performance: Fly + Hard Carry

For 3rd Quarter they were 2nd behind EXO.


I’ll forever hold on this. 

Because GOT7 is not only a group but also a team, a friendship and most importantly a family.

GOT7 <3 IGOT7 Forever

GOT7 Reaction: Their s/o holding only one of their fingers instead of the whole hand


If yous are alone he’d bend down and kiss your forehead. If yous are around people he would just slightly blush.

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Just smiles at your cuteness

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He loves it and finds it so cute. He’d fanboy over your cuteness.

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You’d do this so much that it doesn’t phase him that much anymore, but a small smile can be seen each time you do it.

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*Internally screams*

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“Cutie” *internally dying*

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Focused - Mark (M)

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Summary: Mark comes home to find you studying and he gets touchy.

Type: Smut

Warnings: Smut & Language 

Member: Mark Tuan of GOT7

“I’ll be home late tonight babe, I’m gonna work on this choreography with Jackson” Mark was sad that he would be home late tonight and not get to spend any time with you, but it was his job, and he wanted to make the fans happy.

“Okay, don’t be out too late. Drink lots of water and make sure you eat.” 

“Always. Love you.”

As he hung up you sighed, you needed to finish this essay by 12 or else your professor would take your grade down and that’s the last thing you needed to happen. It was already 9:30 and you had almost 1,500 words left to type. 

“Well shit.” You cursed. To focus, you turned off your phone and plugged some headphones into your computer and played your favorite study playlist, and then got to work.

Mark arrived at home at around 11:40 and walked in to see you typing away at your computer. He set down his bag and walked over to you, pulling a headphone out of your ear.

“Babe. it’s 11:40, why are you still up?” 

“I need to finish this essay. I’m almost done. Just about 150 words left.”

You bit your lip and continued to bounce back between your notes and your essay, typing as fast as you could, rushing to get this done.

“Will you be done when I get out of the shower?”

“Yes, now go, let me focus.” 

He nodded and slipped your headphone back in for you and walked over to his dresser and picked out his clothes. He’d glance at you every few seconds to see you typing away at your computer, not even looking at the keyboard as you typed quickly. He bit his lip and watched you for a minute, so focused, it really turned him on.

Deciding against distracting you, Mark hopped in and out of the shower and when he came out, you were just emailing your essay to your professor. 


You nodded and leaned back in your chair, “Finally.”

Mark walked over to you and leaned down and softly kissed your neck. You hummed in response to it and closed your eyes, relaxing at the touch. 

“Come here (Y/N).” 

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Got7 reaction when their girlfriends misses them when on tour

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JB: *He’d smile at the texts you send him that say you miss him and his heart will slightly flutter as he knows that he’s still on your mind even if he is far away, he’d try to make you feel as happy as possible when he’s not there and just make you look forward to the day he comes home*

Yugyeom; *He’d feel so bad that you were upset over him not being there and would do his best to make you feel happy again whether it be a really long, sweet message, a funny selfie or a funny story of a prank he pulled or something that happened on tour, as long as it put a smile on your face he’d be happy*

Youngjae: *This little bean would be so sweet and would hate to see you sad over that fact that you missed him and so would send really sweet messages to help cheer you up and maybe a couple of photos of him and Coco just to add a little bit more fluff into your day*

Jinyoung: *When he had enough time he’d sit on his phone drafting out a really long paragraph to send to you telling you that you were his world, he hated sleeping in a bed that didn’t have you in it next to him and that you held his heart in your hands and that he was going to travel miles just to get back to you, however, if he didn’t have this time he’d most likely send you really cute pictures to help cheer you up*

Bambam: *Derpy selfies. He’d always brighten your mood with a derpy selfie when you tell him that you miss him, he’d also be quite sweet as another tactic to cheer you up but if worst comes to worst and none of his previous ideas helped he’d happily send you a video of him and Yugyeom pranking their hyungs*

Jackson: *Like Bambam he’d be the type to sense that you missed him and so would randomly send you silly pictures of himself and the other members telling you that he missed you too and he won’t be long until he’s back next to you*

Mark: *He’d do his best to face time you as much as possible just so you can see his face and not miss him as much, but when he doesn’t get the time to do so he would simply send you a sweet text telling you that you mean the world to him and that he’ll be home soon*


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