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BTS and GOT7 Reacting to Girlfriend's Hands That Are Always Cold

Requested by @itskpoploverr 

Hope you enjoy! It will be my first time doing GOT7 reaction!~

// BTS


“Yah, jagi, why are your hands always cold? Are you getting a fever? Let me get you some mittens so you can stay warm and look cute!”

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“You’re cold all the time. You need some gloves. Here, take mine for now.” *Gets his gloves and hands them to you*

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“Omo, you’re cold! Give me your hands!” *Takes your hands into his to warm them*

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Rap Monster

“You need to keep your hands warm (y/n)~ It can make it harder for you to do anything.” *Places his hands over yours to warm them up and lays his head on your shoulder*

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“Jagi~ Your hands.” *Takes your hands, intertwining them with yours* Please keep them warm from now on~*

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“Wae? Your hands feel like icicles~” *Takes a blanket and wraps you in it when you only need mittens or gloves*

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“Did you bury your hands in snow that’s been pilling up outside? Your hands are worse than the snow, (y/n).” *Gives you gloves*

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// GOT7


“You really need some gloves or something. How about I warm them up instead?” *Gets your hands*

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“I can only give you gloves and my hands. Actually, I’ll warm them for you.” *Gives you gloves and places his hands over yours while blushing*

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“What did you do to your hands? They are so cold!” *Worried and put his hands over yours as he makes you snuggle you close*

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“Wae?” *Is quesioning your hands and just takes your hands in front of the heater and sits next to you until your hands are warm*

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*Gives you gloves* “Please warm up your hands. I don’t want you to get sick or something.”

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“Wow, your hands are so cold~ I’ll warm them up!” *Holds your hands*

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“Yah, your hands aren’t normally this cold.” *Gives you a warm cup of tea and smiles goofy while you drink it and warm your hands*

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I hope you enjoyed the reaction! Thank you for requesting~


LMFAO…Jackson looks so violated  😂😂😂

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Jjp + reader being strict parents not letting you go to a concert on a Friday night because they still think it's a "school night"

“Dad, please let me go! Everyone else is going!” you exclaimed, desperately trying to appeal to Jinyoung’s kind nature; Jinyoung simply shook his head and told you that no matter how hard you tried to argue, Friday’s were still weekdays, and therefore school nights.

“But it’s not like I have anything going on tomorrow!” you groaned, flopping down on the couch and crossing your arms angrily; Jaebum echoed Jinyoung’s thoughts and said, “You’re too young to be going to concerts like that. Do you even know what goes on in those places?”

“Now go finish your homework tonight and you can do whatever you want tomorrow, when it’s the weekend,” Jinyoung emphasized, kissing the top of your head and then nodding at Jaebum; you, on the other hand, were raving mad, and were already hatching a plan that involved Uncle Jackson sneaking you out of the house.

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

  • [At the store]
  • Jinyoung: Excuse me? I lost my friend Yugyeom. Can I make an announcement?
  • Store Clerk: Of course.
  • Jinyoung: *leans into the mic*
  • Jinyoung: Goodbye, you little shit.
GOT7 Reacts to You Grabbing Their Junk

For the lovely dead-boy-12: Could I pretty please request Got7 reacting to you grabbing that dicc through their jeans while your making out TYSM BB IM SORRY IM BEING SUCH A HO WOW ✨✨💜💜


JB: I feel like JB would get turned on instantly. When your hand grips him tight, he gonna start to pull you into his lap so you can feel just how hard you made him. Nobody can’t tell me that he ain’t going to be grabbing and squeezing your ass for revenge. 

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Jackson: This boy will get naked so fast. He’s gonna figure out what you want and make sure to give it to you just the way you like. Ugh and he knows from the moment he start kissing you, it was gonna turn into some more so it really doesn’t faze him as much on the outside, but on the inside, he’s yearning for you. 

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Mark: Honestly, Mark is nervous when you grab his dick. Like…you two were making out then all of a sudden, you grabbing his anaconda. I think he would quickly start to get into it though and when he does..boy you’re in for a long night. 

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Jinyoung: Seriously though, I think Jinyoung is a horn dog. He seems like the type that would always need some sexual release to function normally. He may not show it on his face, but he loves how bold you were being when you gripped the tent that was forming in his pants. 

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Bambam: Being the fuckboy that he is, I think he would get real hard real quick. Like he won’t hesitate to start stripping you out your clothes…maybe he would even make you give him a lap dance. But with him, kissing will always lead to sex.

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Youngjae: At first you weren’t sure if you should actually grab it without warning, but you did it anyway. And he wasn’t even surprised like you thought he would be. Y’all kissing so he barely notice until you start squeezing him harder and harder and by then, he’s ready to show you how bad you’d been.

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Yugyeom: Omg this boy is gon be so shy and awkward at first. Like he doesn’t know what to do cuz he’s never had you touch his dick before and it’s just a whole new experience. But he likes nonetheless. After he gets out of his shy mode, he’s ready to punish you for teasing him so much.

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