jb fact

So like, I’ve been studying for like 4/5 hours and I completely forgot that the daughter of my neighbors on the floor below me was holding her birthday party.

Really loudly.

With thin walls.

And they’re playing JB’s Baby and YELLING over it.

I’m glad kids still have humor these days tbh

GOT7 as shit we said in my fangirls' group chat

A/N: All credits to my cocky/drunk self & my girls: @florenceisnottrash & @hobi-my-hubby 

JB: I swear: Idols posting Instagrams of their cats will be the death of me!

JinyoungCan’t GOT7 fucking let me live?!

Youngjae: Should I stop all my activities and only read fanfictions?


Bambam: My ass is so glorious, it deserves an award. (I’ve said that and I stand by it🍑)

Mark: And on the 7th day, god created Mark Tuan. :)

Yugyeom: I’ll come armed with my Korean fashion style… Always so on point!

- Lyly


GOT7 Scandal (read BEFORE you judge)

I could have never said it better than this wow. It’s a combination of ignorance, peer pressure, and innocent decisions that ended up bad ones. Read before you judge, people, don’t start pointing fingers right out the gate.

“I don’t know where to start. I just found out about the situation about an hour ago, and I’ve been monitoring tweets and comments on articles and forums since then. I think I’ve got the basic gist of what’s happened, but feel free to correct me if I’ve missed something.

First off, I’d like to say that I am from Arcadia (but please don’t doxx me). I recognized several people from the pictures and videos, and I know what kind of people they are. I know what circle Mark came from before he was scouted. A small portion of people from Arcadia are ABGs and white-washed, and they could honestly care less about K-Pop and Korean culture. In these past few years especially, more and more underage people have been getting turnt and faded all of the time, and they’ll rave and go to kick-backs starting from freshman year of high school. It’s the sad reality. The N-word is tossed around like it’s nothing, especially because there is virtually no African-American presence in Arcadia. Most of Arcadia is made up of Asian-Americans and elderly Caucasians. We live in a bubble of sorts and most of us have had a very different high school experience from the typical American.

Most students from Arcadia High School don’t engage in this type of behavior, at least not until they enter college, but we’re definitely getting to the point where we are like a typical American high school now, just with a huge emphasis on academia. And I’ll say it outright: people from Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley care a lot about their popularity, social media presence, and “likes.” So I’m not surprised that Mark’s friends took this grand opportunity to make their presence known to IGOT7s, knowing that their follower counts would instantly skyrocket. Joey and Jessica’s Instagrams are testament to that. As an Arcadian and a friend of Joey’s, I’m ashamed of their actions. They should’ve kept this private party to themselves, but of course they wouldn’t pass up such a goldmine for like-farming.

And apparently, their behavior during the concert was atrocious as well. They do not have experience with K-Pop concerts. For them, concerts are equivalent to raves and music festicals like Hard Summer, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, etc. It’s normal to go these festivals while drunk and/or drugged, and to go completely wild in the audience. Not to mention, wearing minimal clothing is normal as well. So I’m honestly not surprised that they were apparently drunk and acting crazily, because to them, it’s what a normal music festival is like.

With Yugyeom’s situation, it’s tough to judge. Because yes, he was technically drinking as a minor in the United States. But in Korea, he is legal. And he might not have known about the alcohol age limit in America. (Not to mention, there were other underage drinkers at the party). Of course, he should have been informed, but let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t know. There was likely a lot of peer pressure from Mark’s friends, being that it was a typical college party scene, and they probably told him to relax and take a couple of shots. As a foreigner who likely wanted to fit in with the “cool kids,” he probably took the shots. It’s funny to see your friends drunk, so the girls who SnapChatted him likely wanted to showcase this, forgetting that because Yugyeom is a K-Pop celebrity, things like this are going to heavily impact his and GOT7’s image negatively.

As for Bambam, I’m quite dismayed, but I can understand why he said it. Like I said earlier, Arcadia has a very small percentage of African-Americans living here. We do not know the trials and tribulations that the African-American community has undergone throughout centuries, because of the N-word and other derogatory terms. In pop culture, these racial slurs trend and so, because people want to be “edgy and cool,” they adopt these terms into their vocabulary. I’m almost postive that Mark’s friends were casually using the N-word to address each other and Bambam likely picked it up to fit in. In an environment like that, it’s very easy to be pressured into doing and saying small things like that. But that doesn’t excuse him for saying it whatsoever. As a celebrity with large followings in countries all over the world, it’s important to be aware of other cultures and the sensitive topics that should not be broached. The N-word is one of them. And considering that there have already been several controversies surrounding the N-word within K-Pop, most of these idols should be aware that this word should be immediately black-listed from their vocabulary. He could have used any other word in the English dictionary to address Mark while they were taking pictures, but he chose that one and I am extremely disappointed that he did. I can’t imagine how African-American IGOT7s and Bambam-stans must be feeling, to have this racial slur tossed around by someone they look up to and admire.

I’m not going to talk about Mark’s tattoo, because that’s really nothing in comparison to everything else that happened. And the whole Junior and Jessica thing is kind of unnecessary. I’m really glad Youngjae decided to stay at the hotel, because he also could’ve been easily influenced to drink as a minor in the United States, while being legal in Korea. And I’m extremely glad that JB and Jackson didn’t get caught up in anything either. Not to mention, Jackson’s probably having a hard time already with the whole support-China political issue happening. And no, I’m not going to get into that, because honestly, I am just so emotionally drained right now and that issue is a world of its own. I don’t even think I could write a well-informed post on that, because I don’t personally know the issues felt by those directly affected by this situation. And as a Chinese-American, I know Mainlanders get hated on for a lot of things and they do deserve it a lot of the times. I’m just going to respect the idols for whatever they decide to do, whether they speak up or not, because there might be a lot of things happening behind the scenes that the public is unaware of.

These past three hours have been crazy, with reading all of the articles, comments, and tweets about the Chinese politics and the GOT7 scandals. It’s just really sad that GOT7 has scandals now and that they happened in my city, because of the actions of my peers. I am honestly so done with K-Pop’s 2016.

(i might remove this post later because i really dont wanted to be doxxed, but we’ll see. so if you want this post to stay, please dont try and find out who i am. thank you.)”


Things that Scanlan currently doesn’t know:

  • Anything about the kraken incident
  • (including anything about Keyleth’s mom)
  • the fact that Vax died very very dead
  • anything about Vax’s resurrection
  • anything about hell (including the fact that Hotis is deady dead dead)
  • anything about what went down with the Trickfeet
  • the existence of JB
  • the fact that Keyleth died dead by being a moron
  • anything about Tary, really
  • the fact that Grog can read now
JB Imagine - College AU (Part 6)

A/N - Part 6 to this little series is here! An anon asked about when this part would be uploaded so I made sure to get it done quickly ready for them so as not to disappoint! I hope you all enjoy~

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Being with JB was a weird experience for you. It felt like both nothing had changed and that everything had changed. You’d still go out for coffee like you always did before and you’d both sit together in lectures and seminars, which you often did anyway. It seemed like the only thing that had changed was that you’d kiss each other every time you met or had to say goodbye. It was so clear that not much had changed when you told some of the people in your seminar and they had said, “Wait, you weren’t dating before?” Practically everyone knew the two of your were together and they shipped you both so much. A few of the girls on campus who found JB attractive weren’t too happy about it since you had ‘stolen’ their man when in reality, he had never shown any interest in them whatsoever. But even they couldn’t deny the literal heart eyes JB had when he looked at you. He would look at you as if you were the most precious thing on Earth. He adored you so much, and you adored him just as much. 

It was a common occurrence for you and JB to be sat in a cafe, drinking coffee and sharing a cookie while you chatted only to be interrupted by someone, usually Bambam or Jackson. 
“Ah look at the lovebirds! How cute are they?” Jackson said loudly as he sat beside you, his own coffee in hand. Bambam and Yugyeom, a dance student who was close with Bambam, sat on either side of JB. 
“Such couple goals! I can’t handle how cute they look,” Bambam said dramatically as he grabbed his camera and tried to take a cute aesthetic shot of the coffee cups. JB looked at you apologetically, worried you’d be annoyed that they were interrupting another one of your dates. You didn’t mind though, they were all nice lads and you enjoyed their company. Even if it wasn’t at the best of times. You couldn’t count the number of times someone had come over to visit JB’s flat while the two of you were having alone time. They were even worse when that happened. This was nothing compared to that.

As the five of you sat and talked, Jinyoung then came to join you all. Over the time you had known him, Jinyoung had quickly become one of your closest friends. He sat beside you and joined in the conversation, glad the attention was on yours and JB’s relationship rather than his own. Noticing how happy he was to discuss your relationship, you made sure not to leave him out. 
“So Jinyoung, how’s everything going with Mina?” You asked, sipping on your coffee as you looked at him innocently.
“Fine,” he responded, looking at you with an evil glare as he prayed none of the others would add on to the conversation. 
“Oh, Jinyoung do tell us all about Mina,” JB then said, grinning at you as he realised that you had planned the subject change in his favour.
“I don’t have much to tell really so I’d appreciate it if you dropped the subject.”
“Aw, come on! Just tell us something!” Yugyeom begged him. 
“Yeah, like have you got it in yet?” Bambam asked, winking at him. Under the table, you kicked Bambam’s leg and scowled. 
“That’s my roommate you’re talking about there. And I was thinking more along the lines of, have you asked her out yet?”
“Yeah, we’re going out together at the weekend. I won’t tell you any more than that since i know this lot will try and find us to tease us or something.”
“I totally understand. Interrupted dates are the last thing you want,” you replied, looking around the table at the four boys who had all done the exact thing you described. 
“Oh, (Y/N), our lecture on Victorian poetry is starting in about 20 minutes,” JB said as he saw the alert on his phone. 
“We better go then. I’ll see you all later,” you said as you left the table, JB’s hand in yours.

Even if they could be annoying by crashing your dates, you did love being friends with all of them. They really did care for you and liked having you around too. They especially like the fact that JB had softened up ever since dating you. He’d always be intent on keeping up his ‘chic and sexy’ persona but hadn’t cared about that reputation as much ever since you started dating him and had told him you much preferred his softer side. Despite his appearance, JB really was a total softie. There’d be nights where he was staying over at your flat for the night and he’d be sat on your bed cuddling you as you typed up an essay, his chin resting on your shoulder. He would watch you type and come up with new points to write about and would often kiss your cheek softly as a form of encouragement. Then, as soon as you typed the last word and clicked save, he’d be pulling you down onto the bed for a proper cuddling session. The first time he had done it, you were in total shock because of how soft he was being. But now that you had gotten used to it, you would be more surprised if he didn’t do it. Even though he was soft as anything, there’d still be many nights where he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and would be constantly feeling you up while you wrote your essay, waiting for you to be done so he could finally get what he wanted. Those nights were just as fun since JB always knew how to get you feeling just as needy as he was with only a few simple touches. You always knew you were in for a good night when JB was staying over and neither of you had any morning lectures to go to.

When people trash-talk Jacqui Briggs ...
I can’t

Justin would normally go back from studio late nights. It kinda depended on how the work was going or what Scooter expected of him. Anyways, it was sort of amazing how much passion and dedication this boy would always show towards music. Lyrics, beats, production. He would try to get involved in every little process, trying to be a part of what he created as much as possible.

Sometimes, Justin would be really frustrated. Mainly, because people were against him producing his favourite R&B, or just ‘cuz he felt like he is being able to do more than just mediocre pop songs with cheesy lines, with a boring, annoying chorus. But than, some days he would be so happy, never shutting up about the session he just finished. And, this fact was comforting, considering how hard it was to get the happiness out of him from time to time.

Therefore, after analysing those facts, for JB to come back like this was rather (more than) unusual. As soon as his posture entered the house, there was this very odd tension in the air. His face seemed so empty; there was no sign of any certain feeling upon it. This was concerning, but knowing the fact that he absolutely hated this “are you okay?” questions, I just stopped right there, sending him the nicest smile I owned.

'Hi, my sweet, vanilla muffin!’ I said in the most baby-alike voice I had, moving to my left on the couch, to leave him some space.

“Hi.” Was his only response, as he gave me a little, clearly fake smile. Once again, this only showed me that there’s something wrong on-going and it is being kept as a secret, which was really infuriating. I was cuddled up to him, my chin rested on his shoulder, and although it didn’t seem like he minded. he certainly looked like he did.

'Um, how was studio? Did u finish that ballad you told be about the other day? How’s Scooter?’ I showered himself with questions, hoping that he might appreciate me trying to act as everything is okay.

'The studio was fine.’ He shrugged his shoulders, placing his legs on the coffee table in front of us. I tried no to show my short tempered tendencies, trying to be more understandable of him. He carried a lot of pressure just by himself and it was really upsetting knowing that no matter how much you would try, there was really no way to help him out.

'You hungry, babe? I cooked your favourite pasta today, wanna try?’ I asked, once again in a a really polite manner. My head bowed to the side, looking at my boyfriend with a gentle smile. It took him some time to actually acknowledge my presence, he licked his lips, swinging his head around as he looked ad me with this bored expression. If the situation was different, I would probably took an offence in the way he kept on staring at my persona.

'Yeah, I can eat.’ He did that thing with his shoulders once again, getting up as soon as I reached out to touch his face. Was the problem in me? Was he annoyed by me? Did I do anything to make him this way? It made me sad now. And realising, he had such a big impact on my mood was quite concerning. It was almost like we were some kind of connected, we felt each other’s pain. And knowing that we were in a serious relationship, it was suppose to be normal. But still, the idea of him being to destroy myself so easily was frightening.

I followed Justin to the kitchen, fixing my, actually his, shirt on myself as I moved to the counter. Everything was already prepared, all I needed to do was pour the dip on the top, add cheese and leave my boyfriend to mix the food the way he liked it best, he could be really picky with his meals if he wanted.

'Thank you.’ He simply said as the plate was now in front of him. Sending him a little smile, I sat right opposite, on a rather big chair, dangling my legs as I got on with my own meal. The silence was almost murderous, however if he wanted to keep it this way, I respected it. There were so many things on my mind, not only Justin related, so I just got on with them, trying to make some sort of brain diary to plan the upcoming events.

'I can’t.’ A silent mumble reached my ears, which woke me up from my moment. I raised my eyebrows, putting my sight right on a boy in front of me. His hand was shaking, you could see the fork moving up and down in a quick speed. All of sudden he looked pale; his face showed so much pain, and I was unsure whether it was an emotional or a physical one.

I did not hesitate for long, getting up from my sit and walking over to him. 'I’m so sorry, Y/N.’ He said, not taking his eyes from the plate still full of food, and it was heart breaking just to see him in this state, he did not need to feel guilty for not eating.

'Shhh, baby don’t worry, okay? I will help you out, just stay calm for me.’ I whispered right to his ear, helping him to get up and place his left hand around me, so he has some more help with keeping the balance.

Justin was definitely destroyed by fame in so may ways. He tried so hard, so many times and he couldn’t please everyone, which fucked him up to the point where he would just stop with all the feelings. The careless behaviour, that would be just a sight of suicidal propensities became even more obvious until something major happened and literally exploded, making everyone finally realise that he is a human being. And now, now that all the people thought “Oh yeah, Justin Bieber improved, didn’t he? He ain’t that spoiled fuck he once was, right?”. But really through, this 'spoiled fuck’ never was one. It was, and still is so fucking annoying, how you can just simply judge someone you have never met. You see stuff and you come up to the worst conclusion possible without trying to understand. Shit, most of the time you have the wrong info as well, but who cares, right? You broke a human being and you did that for your own, sick entertainment. And, that is an actual fact.

'I feel so, so, so bad.’ Was what he kept on repeating all the way up till we reached our bedroom. I helped him lay down, take his shirt of and undo his belt and button, to give him as much physical comfort as possible.

'I’m here, you’re not alone.’ I said softly, placing my body next to his. One of my hands landed on his torso, massaging delicately his skin, as the other one rested on brunette, thick hair of his, rubbing his head. He needed so much love at the moment. This was the only way to prevent him from having a panic attack that I could just smell coming.

'It’s so hard. I feel like I’m gonna collapse any minute. I love too much and I care too much. I try, and try, and try, and I can’t. I want to feel good, I want to end with those moments that are literally killing me, I just cannot.’ He sobbed silently, letting the whole volcano of tears stream down those beautiful, precious cheeks. My lips travelled to his face, giving it slow kisses, in the way that always made him feel a lot better.

'You’re so brave and strong. So pure, polite. So lovely, caring, helpful, grateful; so worthy. I love you so much. So many people do. We are so proud of you. It’s okay, cry for as long as you need. I have my eternity to make sure you will be okay. I’m not going anywhere, let it all out on me, let me love you the way you can’t love yourself now.’ My words flew straight into his ears, as my mouth left subtle kisses around that area of his face.

'I-I love you too. I love all of you. So much. T-Thank you…so much.’ He said after a long break of just crying and whimpering. It could be hours that passed as the position of moon outside the window was now completely different. But I did not mind. I was willing to have him being vulnerable for as long as he needed. Because you know, I don’t think he often had a chance to be that, feel that.