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Dear Mama, I am not the previous Anon, but due to the exchange you had with him/her I got curious to read with detail your FAQ. I discovered that your links on the Babygate are all broken because they go to other tumblr I guess you had before? Another question is: I have seen in Twitter that K may be pregnant again, but in the BabyGate I see only references to the first? can you comment in the other babies? Many thanks!

Some links may be broken but many are still intact. Much of babygate was posted on my blogspot blog and the links are still working perfectly.

I’ll go check out other links and get them fixed.

Now as for the babies. There are two girls…one born late April 2014/Dubbed Sweet Pea/Sweet Patts/RJ

#2 dubbed JB/Jellybean was born late May-Mid June as best as we know.

#3 dubbed Peanut is in most debate amongst the fandom. Some believe he was born in July. I and others disagree. Several pix of K came out in late August showing to me that Kristen was very much still pregnant. I believe Peanut was born in late August to mid-September. Sometime within a month or so of when K went full platinum. Something I don’t think she was willing to do while she was pregnant.

Yes there are a small # that think K is pregnant again and I can NOT DISAGREE more. Plenty of pix have come out from NOLA putting that to rest imo. And NO unlike some I see no evidence of photoshop in the pictures of Kristen baring her full belly!

Kristen used optical illusions via her wardrobe to trick the eye during all of her pregnancies but she NEVER bared her full belly while pregnant.

And to my prior disagreeable anon…see when you ask a question sincerely…you get a sincere response.

and just to be clear the only pregnancy that I openly discussed was the first one. After that one I was unwilling to deal with the same pregnancy policy again. Their arguments were all the same and as I discovered the first go seeing there was no point in arguing.


JbDubs - I Hate My Job

I will never not love this.


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JB Dubs “I Hate My Job” One of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. Definitely the gayest! Love it!


but have you guys seen the bloopers?!