Youngjae can’t bear to see his man kissing other girl ~ My baby is still a kid…don’t show him TT_TT …2jae is being real~ 

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person: how much of got7 trash are you?

me: *looks off in the distance* hella.


This couple is on point again~ 

“JB: Youngjae has becoming more and more like me” awww

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GOT7 reaction to you eating last piece of pizza

Anon said:  Reaction GOT7: when you (Girlfriend) steals the last piece of pizza, i love your blog btw keep that great work up! (im sorry for my bad english ._.)

- Thank you so much and thank you for the request <3

Jackson: *looks at you* 
“Aaaay what if I wanted that last piece?”

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Mark: *licks his lips* *watches you eat the last piece* *little bit sad*

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BamBam: “Jagi I wanteed the last pieceee” *shouts in frustration* *acts crazy* *lmfao*

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Youngjae: *laughs*
“Will you give a bite of the pizza?”

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Yugyeom: *just watches you eat the last piece he wanted to eat*

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JB: “Save a little for me,okay?” *smiles*

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Jr: “Give that piece to me” *tries to make you give it to him but you just eat it* *looks at you*
“Why?” he said

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Bum (pt.1) I always post at 1 am 😂

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