Okay, I got tagged by newdisaster!

5 Random Things About Me:

  1. I have a twin sister, and we express our love by starting random slap fights and hitting each other.
  2. The worst injury I’ve ever had was skipping when I was in elementary and tripping and spraining my ankle slightly.
  3. On that note, I discovered how to skip on Halloween at a zoo. Before that, I literally could not get it down. After that, I skipped around the whole night.
  4. I was the last one out of the womb. I had to be dragged out because I did not want to leave.
  5. My sister and my’s first concert was when I was 6 (in 2006), and it was for Green Day. I have a T-Shirt from it. Our next concert was The Killers, and since then we’ve been to James Blunt and Michael Bùble’s concerts, as well as Kathy Griffin and Jerry Seinfield’s twice.

I’m going to tag everyone I can remember for this, so sorry if I forget you! :-(

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