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stan uris x bill denbrough

stan remembered the summer of 1958,
he relived it every time night fell and the
wind’s whistling transformed into a haunting
flute melody. it was torture and the faint scars
that only he and the other kids could see were
the only physical remnants of his almost death.

not that it would’ve been bad. he’d already felt
like dying was the best option.

until beverly was officially living out of state and
bill, having gotten over his rose-tinted crush on
her, was standing on his front porch. and then
bill was in his room. and then bill was in his arms
and his words fell out of his mouth like a man
confessing all his sins.

bill didn’t remember the monster that was derry
and it’s sewer clown. but he remembered how
he felt during the summer of 1958. how he’d
thought bev was who his heart was yearning
for when in actuality it was another curly haired
loser. one that had methodically cleaned up
blood without batting an eye, one that had
gotten back up after being pushed to the brink.

stan had always known he loved bill. more than
he loved the others; in a UFO kind of way where
he couldn’t really explain it & at times he couldn’t
quite believe it.
bill had always loved stan. he was just unaware
of how much that love grew until he was itching
to be near him; a brush of a shoulder here, a
hug lasting longer than usual there.

if there was one good thing to come from the
summer of 1958, it was stan & bill.

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Cartoon Characters Aesthetics: Stanford Pines
       ↳ “ Remember, in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust.“

friends to lovers: newt scamander x credence barebone
   ↳ newt finds credence after the mess in new york. no. finds isn’t the right word.
      newt stumbles upon credence. no, no. credence finds him?

      they find each other. and newt welcomes credence into his outsiders club.
      credence is still doubtful, paranoid, prone to nightmares, to blaming himself
      over the little things. his “mother” is dead, but he still feels the sting of the
      belt on his hands, his arms, fire burning his insides. he’s still dying.
      then newt’s there, with his goofy smile and thirst for adventure and love
      for his creatures. and credence wants to feel that warmth. so he doesn’t
      run off (again). he stays. newt’s thankful for the company.

      they travel all over the world. newt introduces credence to the wonders
      of magic. credence helps newt take care of his beasts. newt calls them
      a family, credence never knew a family could be this kind.

      most nights they sleep in the same bed. because credence’s past continues
      to haunt him and newt “gets cold easily”. credence thinks he’s just as lonely.
      they step foot in new york after avoiding it for months. newt tells him it’s
      because he wants to go back when he’s got his book published. credence
      knows he’s doing it for his sake. so that old wounds won’t open.

      but as they sit in central park. and their faces are mere inches apart.
      and credence’s eyes close the minute newt’s lips touch his.
      he doesn’t question newt’s tenderness for him. not anymore.
      he’s not scared.
                 he’s happy.



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i wasn’t going to make one because i make a lot of these, but 2014 was such a good year for me and so many wonderful people entered my life (whether they know it or not // mutuals or a blog that i absolutely love) that i have to thank them and give them recognition :)

no order, no bolding or italics, just amazing people.

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because i love everyone on there too and i love all of my followers as well c: thank you all for making my year! hope y’all have a fantastic 2015