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So Mercs/Blackwatch AU, where Locus has an embarrassing crush on Commander Reyes.

I blame each and every single one of you for this.

Overwatch Anniversary Masterlist

Name - skin (if applicable) - emote - spray - voice line 1 ; voice line 2

Ana - Dance - Ace of Hearts - Follow me ; The adults are talking

Bastion - Dune Buggy - Robo Boogie ; Ten of Clubs ; Bew-woo bew-woo ; Doo dun dun woo

D.Va - Cruiser - Dance - Ten of Hearts - Level up! ; No way

Genji - Sentai - Dance - Jack of Clubs - I’m not impressed ; You seem nice

Hanzo - Cyberninja - Fisherman Dance - King of Diamonds - An error in judgement ; Just so

Junkrat - Running Rat - Joker - Dipstick ; Oops… dropped something

Lucio - Jazzy - Smooth - Jack of Diamonds - Everyone gets their +1 ; Have some Lucio-Oh’s!

McCree - Line Dance - Jack of Spades - Buckle up ; Next round’s on me

Mei - Beekeeper - Sunny Dance - Ten of Diamonds - I was only trying to help ; So mean! Honestly…

Mercy - Hustle - Queen of Clubs - Questionable judgement ; You’re welcome

Orisa - Dance - Nine of Spades - Satisfied with protection ; Your compliance

Pharah - Bedovin - Rocket Guitar - Queen of Diamonds - Fly casual ; Try me

Reaper - Dance - Ace of Clubs - I’ll see you in hell ; No one left behind

Reinhardt - Sweethardt - King of Hearts - Beer! ; Honor! Justice! Reinhardt!

Roadhog - Dance - Joker - I’m going hog wild! ; I don’t like talkers

Soldier: 76 - Cyborg: 76 - Dance - Ace of Spades - I’m not your father ; You’re the boss

Sombra - Dance - Queen of Spades - I need a drink ; Were you done talking?

Symmetra - Oasis - Dance - Nine of Diamonds - Setting up the car wash ; Your mind works

Torbjorn - Dance - King of Clubs - Trust me ; Hear me, baby?

Tracer - Graffiti - Charleston - Ace of Diamonds - Did I miss something? ; Too slow!

Widowmaker - Ballet - Queen of Hearts - Sorry ; What a bore

Winston - Dance - Jack of Hearts - It’s my time to shine! ; Oh yeah!

Zarya - Cyberian - Dance - Ten of Spades - Is that all? ; Peace through firepower

Zenyatta - Dance - King of Spades - Existence is mysterious ; How disappointing

Anti Rant

Ok. Lets get started. First thing I noticed.

Why did he color his hair green? Also he’s wearing a beaning to where it just barely covers his ears. But the green hair. Jack has been saying he might cut his hair and let it go brown again because ‘it’s hard to keep up’. That’s understandable, but he’s here now coloring his hair with an edit.


Look at his Banner, I’m sure some of you have noticed that’s from KILL JACKSEPTICEYE. The father of five- might be his egos. But aren’t there more? But the expert liar. That is something that struck me. Why expert? More of why even put that in your bio. What are you lying about so expertly Jack?


'The game made me do it’ and the tweet below. I am open to what game and made him do what. But the tweet below seems joking but could possibly mean one of his egos. Possibly, I’m thinking along the way so theorist forgive me.


Maybe more ego stuff? King Boy Man- Anti fly boy- Jackieboy man squid boy-? Zomboy- Rob butter boy- ?

King man boy- chase? And Jazzy Jazz- Dapper Jack?


The doctor. Fixed from what?

Rob Zombie all over. This was probably before the video he posted he used the zombie app for the thumbnail. Further deductions possibly.

Again with he doctor. What kind of stuff is he trying to drop off here? He’s lacking confidence that’s what it is and thinks it could be something else.

I’m probably overthinking a lot of these posts so forgive my stupidity. We’ll see? Why just that, Irish luck is just a saying I suppose but why respond with that rather than haha or something else? Significant? Maybe.

He mentioned something about missing Takeshis Castle. I didn’t know what that was until this came up. The first thing I though of was: Jack is the count and the challenges are his egos. From the weakest to the strongest. Anti is plowing through them to get to Jack. Whether he’s already there or he’s almost done, Jacks in trouble. And keeps showing this.

Buuuut anyways, that’s my Amateur theory. I know is terrible, I literally theorized as I took the pictures. So if any of you want to comment or message any mistakes, add ones, or suggestions by all means go ahead. I’m open for it all. Forgive me for any stupid ideas I had and I hope you all well!

And to survive the antiapocalypse.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) // Year-end questions about HS1 // A. When you first heard the full album back in May, what were your favorite and least favorite tracks? B. Now what are they? C. What are your favorite and least favorite that Harry has performed in concert? D. What do you think the second album will have in common with the first? E. And what do you think the biggest sonic difference will be? F. You could make a request for HS2 what would it be? (I'm asking a handful of blogs, hope you don't mind that.)

A. In May, fav ESNY, least fav Only Angel

B. Now, fav ESNY/ FTDT tied, least fav Only Angel

C. Fav in concert, the Manchester Girl Crush cover. As a live performance, the emotional nuance was perfect, the singing was flawless, and the band and audience were wonderful. Second fav performance was Two Ghosts on the first LLS (acoustic with Harry on guitar, in the pirate shirt). H was not technically perfect, and his guitar playing was rudimentary, but the performance has that special quality that pierces the audience’s emotional mantle, the reason we watch live performances at all. It’s Harry giving a part of himself to the audience, offering a glimpse into his psyche. Fav on tour? Every performance of SOTT.

Least fav: Only Angel is the least interesting song to me, the Stones-wannabe song that doesn’t push its sonic or lyrical possibilities. Harry does a funny little dad-dance that makes it fun, and picks up the rainbow flag quite a bit, but the song is still bland. Heresy here, but I don’t like live Sweet Creature (even though the staging is beautiful). The live performances show its limitations — the repetitiveness of the music and lyrics that don’t live up to the metaphoric richness of its inspiration, The Beatles’ Blackbird. Make it better.

D. HS2 will stick to rock, and I suspect not just rock but blues. Harry hints at listening to old R&B groups/ ballads like the Temptations, Harry Nilsson, Townes van Zandt, Yes, Crosby Stills and Nash, Joni Mitchell. He loves blues harmonies, those unexpected seventh chords and modulations. Harry writes really beautiful lines of melody, and HS1 (in songs like Carolina) noodles and pokes at adventurous harmonies that are almost jazzy. Bands like Jack White and The Black Keys are so good at transforming blues-rock for the modern ear, and I think Harry wouldn’t mind doing that.

E. The biggest difference, I hope, is that Harry will explore musical weirdness. I don’t mean for him to make an inaccessible art album. He has an idea of what worked and what didn’t work on HS1, what worked on tour, etc. I would love more declarative lyrics, an original and focused point of view, less homage, more originality.

I really wouldn’t mind H working with the same team again, because Jeff Bhasker produced such a brilliant sounding album, the best engineered/ mixed pop or rock album I’ve heard in a long time.

F. A request for HS2? Don’t play it safe. Don’t make an album for critics. Don’t love HS1 too much and try to recreate it. As lovely as it was, H can do more. He can do better. The standout song on HS1 was SOTT. When I first heard it, I was shocked by his level of ambition and the high level of performance. This is no-holds-barred, going-down-in-history level of pop. HS2 should always aim for this level. He can sing anything: Kanye, Rihanna, Fleetwood Mac, Little Big Town, Natalie Imbruglia, McCartney. He shouldn’t be afraid to be out there, writing rock opera ballads, electric guitar blues, slow country songs if he wants to. I would love a longer album to show off his versatility and his Byzantine, charming intellect.

Tales from the Borderlands as the Signs!

Rhys: Cancer

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Vaughn: Gemini

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Fiona: Taurus

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Vallory: Aries

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Gortys: Pisces

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Holo-Jack: Capricorn

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Vasquez: Leo

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Despite having to start off this year as shitty as the previous one ended, I know I am grateful to be able to surround myself with the unconditional love and adoration of the animals in my family. And even though I claim no ownership to three of these (the cats and rabbit) they’re all a part of me. Even Nuts, the only one I have away from home, greets me every morning and knows me apart from everyone else.