So. Instead of feeling useless and bored, I decided to make a holidayish follow forever. Woo! All of these people are smart and funny and talented and kind and just plain fresh to death. You should most definitely check them out. Hover for love rants.


So, yeah. There are so many people who are occurring to me and she totes be on this list, but I gots to go watch The Fox and the Hound with my siblings. Just know…I love you all! Warmest wishes. Aha :) ! x 

follow forever

People I talk to and love more than I love other things - Brilliant people who are brilliant, hilarious, and altogether quite impossible to describe. 

People I don’t talk to but love more than I love other things - Brilliant people I look up to who just so happen to have quality blogs.

Other things - Er…other.

Alexis - I wasn’t sure where to put her since I do talk to her on Twitter occasionally, so special category. These three of her blogs are three of my favorite blogs and she’s a brilliant person.


i seriously cant be trusted with watching movies anymore… i watched the rent broadway thing, and now i cant stop making pictures paroding our group to the characters of rent…

and i dont have nor know how to work photoshop, so i have to make everything on microsoft word…. 


i was just listening to the song, and the pictures came up, so i made a movie…

i enjoyed it. ^_^

if you could see me/ whoever i am/ its not like the movies/ its not all skin and bones/ so come on love/ (come on, come on, come on, come on all)/ nah nah nahnahnah nah nah/ i will not let you go.

If you go back to the beginning of the etymological history of the world charisma, going through the Ancient Greek words khárisma, kharízomai, and kháris, you get to khaírō. Khaírō is a word that basically means “I am happy.” There is no better word to describe Jasmine Blue.
Jasmine is an amazing woman full of hope and joy and fire. She’s the sort of person who will forcibly reach inside of you and pull out what may not be your best side but that which is most certainly your bravest. She is the fire at the end of a tunnel you didn’t even know you had entered. The flame that may dim, as humans do, but is remarkably eternal and bright regardless. If you meet her, she will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. And if you lose her, you will undoubtably be left with a horrifying gape. She is inextricable in her boldness, impressive in her passion, talented in her arts, and she is my best friend. Has been for over seven years. And today is her eighteenth birthday. She is an adult. She’s reached the age of majority. She can drink in almost every country save for the US. She can vote. She can not only go to strip clubs, but be the stripper. She is eighteen years of age or older to call. And that is ridiculously exciting. Because it’s another stepping stone in her magnificent life. She’s already done so much and she will do so much more. Her name will be in lights. She’ll continue helping and inspiring people and ideas. And she will continue to be khaírō incarnate.

Happy birthday, crazytop. You are truly magnificent and I love you more than I can say. It may be that I am not myself luminous, but you are. And I would not rather be anyone else’s conductor of light.


so i went on this fecking vacation with my friends. (this is my face now

it’s been a long fecking trip.)

and i finally get internet access, because the fecking airport SAYS there’s internet access, but only NOW do i actually connect, like, FIVE SECONDS before i have to get on a plane, and i find that i have FOURTY SEVEN messages on tumblr from my sisters.

sisters… WHAT THE FECK?!

me and my turtle accept this challenge, and will proceed to answer EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS….

when we have the time.

until then, f- you guys. you’re all jerks.

random gif thing

i’ve been waiting for this moment.

the moment when i finally have enough GIF’s to do… a gif thing! YAAAAY!

5th gif is how your life was 5 years ago: 

18th gif is how your life is at the moment:

24th gif is how your life will be in 5 years:

12th gif is your first boyfriend:

8th gif is how your first relationship ended:

78th gif is your future husband:

32nd gif is you on your wedding day:

21st gif is your mother in law:

56th is how you react to finding out your pregnant:

14th is how your sister reacts:

42nd is your mothers reaction:

63rd is your first child:

15th gif will show how many children you will have:

27th gif is your family pet:

81st gif is your reaction to your kid leaving home:

Last Gif is you on your death bed:

im not even gonna bother going back to try and explain this…


Happy Valentines Day to my valentines, Katie and Jasmine.

I love both your faces a hell of a lot.

Jasmine…six whole years. I love you. Like, seriously? There are 13 pictures of you on my wall. And that’s not even including the photo strips and the drawing. I can’t wait for the summer when we will be together again for always. Mexico Viejo, getting lost, having new songs, our reading/nap days, and all of our other adventures. You are the best best friend anyone could ever ask for ever and I freaking love you.

This is our gif.

Katie…future doting husband of mine. I love you. You share my love of Harry Potter and nerdfighteria and nerdy things and Sherlock and I LOVE YOU. SoP, the Wrockstocks that weren’t, you have to go to LeakyCon, and the Christmas presents and letters and everything. You are my division. One day I shall randomly show up at your house and we will watch all the Supernatural. You are one of my best internet friends and I love you.

And this is our gif. Just ‘cause.

I LOVE YOU BOTH. WOOT WOO. <3 <3 <3 <3