jazzing things up a bit~

Please imagine with me the jazz musician!Geno AU:

Sid decides to change things up a bit by going to a bar that advertises live music some nights. The bar has a laid back atmosphere, and no one comes up to him for an autograph or a selfie. It’s great. And the jazz band is great: lively and sensual and full of surprises.

They’re all exceptional musicians, but Sid’s eye keeps roving back to the bassist. He’s about as tall as the instrument he plays and has an easy smile. And frankly, his hands are enormous, and the way they glide over the strings is very… inspiring.

Sid comes back often enough that he becomes something of a regular, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising when one night, while the band is taking a break, the bassist slides into the seat next to him at the bar and orders a drink.

“See you in here a lot,” the man says, his voice deep and accented. He nods toward Sid’s glass. “Like the drinks?”

Feeling bold, Sid says, “I like the music better.”

The man grins, tongue clenched between his teeth in an endearing way. “Good. Always happy when people enjoy our music. I’m Geno.” He holds out one of those big hands to shake; Sid takes it, and takes in the warmth as well as the texture of the calluses.

“I’m Sid.”

“Nice to meet.”

Geno lets go and takes a long sip of his drink, and Sid watches the bob of his throat with fascination. Bolstered by the loose atmosphere, a little liquid courage, and the fact that Geno approached him first, Sid lets the wild streak he feels building in him give voice to the thought he’s been turning over for weeks.

“Are you doing anything after?”

Geno gazes at him, steady and considering. Sid lets him look, trying not to fidget under the scrutiny, more tasking than a full media onslaught. But finally Geno shrugs, and tosses the rest of his drink back with one smooth motion. “No plans later.” His smile is slow but sure, and maybe a little cocky, which Sid finds he rather likes. “But maybe you do?”

With confidence, Sid returns the smile. “Maybe. How about dinner?”

Geno hums. “Will be late for dinner.”

“Is that a no?”

“No, dinner is good,” Geno replies. “Usually hungry after set is over. I go out with band but can skip tonight.” His gaze dips briefly to Sid’s mouth, and Sid encourages it by wetting his lips. “Usually tired too, so maybe need coffee.”

Softly, Sid says, “I can get you coffee.”

Geno’s grin returns, full force. “Then you wait for me. Give you good show.” And it doesn’t really matter whichever way he’s implying: Sid believes him.

So Geno goes back to his double bass, and Sid listens to him play the rest of the set. The music ends with a dreamy, lilting sort of song, and Sid gathers up his light jacket while Geno puts his instrument away. When they step outside into the brisk Pittsburgh air, the night feels full of possibilities.

Orgasms as Offerings

The Basics

The bare minimum is quite simple. You can let Aphrodite know before you masturate/have sex or right as you climax. You can do either of these by speaking out loud or in your head if that makes you more comfortable.

So what if you want to jazz it up a bit?

Theres a TON of things you can do to make your time with yourself or partner(s) special. Here are some of the things I personally like to do

  • Bath- I usually take one before hand so I feel and smell all sexy. You can use bath bombs, bath oils, lotions, perfumes, whatever makes you feel good! You can also do this afterwards if you prefer
  • Music - Create a playlist just for your sexy times by picking the songs that get you in the right mood. This can also help people who may be self-conscious about the noises they may make
  • Sexy Clothes - I have lingerie that I wear just for this purpose but honestly it can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself. You can even just be naked! Whatever works for you!
  • Sex Toys! - And here we have my favorite! If you can, I highly recommend you treat yourself to a good sexy toy! I am not ashamed to say I have a side drawer filled with fun goodies, lol! I have a beautiful pink glass dildo that I use just for when I’m offering my orgasm to Aphrodite. She knows that, so there’s no need for me to tell her ahead of time that I’m giving my orgasm to her. I also have one that you can hook into an ipod or your phone and it vibrates along to the music you play. Its truly heavenly!

Remember though, the 2 most important things is to only do what you are comfortable with and to always ALWAYS practice SAFE SEX!! 

anonymous asked:

Jean 11 for the ask.

Send me a character and a number for a headcanon

11. Wardrobe headcanon


Jean has a habit of overusing his socks. He still wears them even if they have holes in the bottom and doesn’t remember to mend them until it’s far too late. 

He also has a bad habit of not matching his socks either, but since no one’s noticed long enough to point it out, Jean doesn’t worry about it. 


Jean is fond of wearing boots as opposed to sneakers or dress shoes. Even for formal events, he’ll try to find a way to wear dress boots with his outfit. He likes the traction and comfort in them so much that he can’t give them up. Dress shoes have a habit of hurting his feet as well. 

Jean tends to wear combat boots wherever he goes, but when he feels like jazzing things up a little bit, he can rock a good pair of Beatle boots as well. He also appreciates how Beatle boots can make him seem taller. 

The Lustrous Hair of Sam Winchester

Imagine braiding Sam’s hair.

Sam’s body lay on the bunkers sofa, his legs hanging off the end of the sofa and his head resting on your lap. The film was still playing on the television but Sam had long ago stopped watching. The hunt had been tough and had taken a lot out of all of you, especially Sam. He practically didn’t sleep throughout the whole hunt. 
Sam turned in his sleep and you looked down at his sleeping form. His face was relaxed, his mouth hanging slightly open. You ran a hand through his lush hair and he signed in his sleep. You continued to gently rake your fingers in between the smooth strands and watched the film passively. 
Your fingers began to twirl his hair and eventually you started to make small plaits against his head that stuck up at all angles.
You paid no attention to the movie on the screen and instead focused all your energy into the braids your fingers were weaving.
Sam groaned into your leg and turned over, exposing a large expanse of un-braided hair.
“Score.” You whispered under your breath, continuing on your mission.

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Ground Beef Substitute

If real ground beef is getting a little to hard on your stomach or you can’t afford to buy it, try this!

Take couscous (or bulgur) and prepare it as usual, but substitute the water with beef stock either from a can, bullion cubes, or made by combining concentrate with water. Throw in an extra bullion cube to intensify the flavor if you want. 

The resulting beefy couscous or bulgur will have a nice beefy flavor and can be used as a substitute for ground beef in most recipes. It would probably be best in casseroles, meatloaf, or tacos (after taco seasoning is stirred in of course) and it could be combined with egg whites and shaped into patties for burgers.

I do admit that this dish is a bit of a carbohydrate bomb though, so use discretion and know that it’s not really a thing to do often.

If you want to jazz it up a bit, have some caramelized onions or roasted veggies like potatoes, broccoli, carrots, brussels sprouts, and peppers prepared first to act as mix-ins.

You can also make this with chicken stock if you don’t like beef or you could take it to the vegetarian side by using vegetable stock instead.

I can also imagine this serving well in chili or shepherd’s pie too! Or topped with cheese!

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